Rangrasiya Written Update 14th May 2014 ~RudraParo spends quality time

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Pretty fast passed episode. It starts with Maithili given the eyedrop to Rudra which the doctor asked her to put every hour. Rudra asked Maithili to inform him about his wife if she ever gets into trouble. He also apologized to Laila for not believing her about the information on the presence of Thaku's men near Laila unaware that it was her plot so that Rudra doesnot throw her out of his house.


Rudra met Paro in the room and started to undress himself after checking paro who was unable to see anything happening around her with the strip of cloth on her eyes. But Paro sense what Rudra was doing and felt awkward. She also tried to stop him but he didn't listen and changed into his pyjamas.


Rudra asked her to open her eyes so that he could put the drops when she told him that she doesnot need his help and that she can take care of her. Rudra scolded her and made her open her eyes. The medicine started to burn her eyes when she started crying. Rudra tried to make her stop crying but Paro was paro she continued too and accused Rudra for being rude to her like a child pouting her lips. She told him that he can only scold her and can never make her laugh. Rudra started singing tum paas aye in his besura tone and paro started laughing. Rudra also told her that he apologized to Maithili for his behavior almost shocking paro. One he did her patty he asked what would she like to eat. She told him she wasn't hungry and that she made aloo ki sabzi for him and he should eat that in his dinner.


Rudra left the room. In the dinning table when Laila was about to serve him food doing a little jig that Paro did not come with Rudra, Rudra stood up abruptly serving himself what paro made for him and made his way towards his room stating that he would like to eat with his wife. His father was really happy to see changed Rudra and teased him saying was it a fact that Rudra was carrying one plate which meant they were going to have it in one plate or was he hallucinating. While the other members were mushing over Laila was furious by this act of Rudra and suddenly lost all her appetite.


Rudra entered his room and placed the plate infront of paro. Paro refused to eat at the beginning and when Rudra made noice as if he was gone but in reality he sat on his multigym paro started blabbering to herself. She told that Rudra's anger always sat on his nose and that he was an arrogant man who cares a damn. Rudra could only watch and admire her wife's beauty and innocence.


When the breeze meshed up her locks he came near her and tugged it with her hair. Paro felt his hand and her breath became choppy. Slowly he caressed her cheek and paro caressed Rudra's strong arms feeling every texture of his skin. Rudra felt like kissing her then and there but there trance broke.


Rudra fed her and she asked him to taste the aloo ki sabzi and let her know how it was. When Paro realized it was burnt she panicked.


On the other hand Laila and Mohini had heated up discussion and they swore to each other that if any of them fails in the mission the other one have to do what the other will say.


Laila was about to go to Rudra's room when Maithili stopped her on tracks and asked her to give Rudra and Laila sometime alone. But mohini arrived on time and took away Maithili so that Laila can do what she intended.


While Paro was panicking Laila entered their room and gave her water and told her that rudra loves burnt food and as Paro was new so she did not know about it but Laila who knew about Rudra for long knows Rudra's likes and dislikes. The episode ended with Paro hearing it went into her deep thoughts.

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Thanks for the update..Smile
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Thank you so much for the update.
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Thank you so much for the written update:)
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Thank u so much for the WU..
Lovely episode
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Thanks for the WU. Nothing was written about the precap?
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Thank  u 4 WUSmile
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thanks for the WU Smile
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