Rangrasiya Written Update 13th May 2014:PaRud closer Laila jealous

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Posted: 2014-05-13T11:37:02Z
Rangrasiya Written Update 13 May 2014


Mythali apologies to Paro and says she is responsible doctor comes and checks her eyes.Mohini asks Laila whether she did it and she says  no but Mohini knows it is her  Doc says its chillies in the color water and how they were playing with that and Mohini hides it saying maybe chilly powder fell in colors glaring at Laila who whispers its your DIL who did it.Doc says it will take two days and asks them to be careful. Laila says  I will be your eyes for 2 days  Mythali wants to ring up Rudra but Paro stops her saying its his 1st day at BSD don't disturb.

Aman catches and brings a man who is caught fighting with his neighbor and who was searching for his camel Aman tells Rudra that his camel  has been trained to take material across the border on its own.In the enquiry the man says Tejawat's  men wanted to get some work so asked  me  search my camel from me Rudra says aloud  so Laila is telling the truth and tells Aman to increase the vigilance near the border as they may attempt something.

Laila is taking a bandaged Paro who wants to make food for Rudra and Mythali stops her from making saying she will do . Laila says she wants to make aloo curry and dal Roti  for her husband Mythali says how you know he likes it and Laila says Bhabhisa  I have been working as an informer for long so I know and observe lot of things and tells Mythali I know a lot about you also. Laila says I will put a chair in the kitchen and Paro says ok. Mythali says why are you still angry with me and  Paro says no jija because Laila wanted. Mythali says now Laila has become your good friend and because Laila wanted you did and Laila comes and takes her to the kitchen and says I will be your eyes and hands you just order and I will do the rest.

Mohini is packing things for Sumeer talking to him on the phone and Danveer comes and stops her Mohini supports Sumeer and tells him all because of your brother and his son. Danveer says if you want you take but he will never come back to his house .Mohini crying my child. Laila listens to the conversation and thinks now I know her weakness and it will be useful for me.

Mythali taking Paro to her room says you made curry but I can't smell. Paro teases you are jealous of Laila .Paro tells something has changes in my relation with majorsa has changed and does not hate me he is still angry before but now he is softer and and Mythali says how she can be so good.Paro says how strange everything happened in my life till my marriage to Majorsa. My life is my marriage is not like a fairy tale but I have to take care of everything and maintain relations we women have o do it

She tells Mythali and then remembers her oath to God Shiva and suddenly she becomes very sad. Mythali says how you will go ahead with this Laila  Paro says why Mythali says something is very wrong with Laila and as Paro defends her Mythali says  she has a strange hold over Rudra Paro says she lied  about aarthi but still I don't have any bad impression on her as she also apologised. Mythali is still not convinced but Paro has all good thoughts and Mythali goes asking her to take rest.

Rudra comes from office and the precap scene. Laila tries to talk and Rudra sees Paro and says Paro leaving Laila's hand . Paro comes and she slips and Rudra holds her  and asks what happened he is very angry  he calls Sunheri and calls Mythali and asks bhabhisa and asks what happened  whether doc has seen. He scolds  all  Mythali cries and says my fault Mohini says all were playing starting with Paro  including Laila.He scolds Paro if anything happens to you then what would have happened to me then changes his words if before Telawat has been caught and the  social reform people will come again. She goes refusing when Rudra tries to take her and again stumbles he catches hold of her waist and takes her Adding  to Laila's jealousy and  Mohini's annoyance. Inka saath  song in the BG

Paro cries and  Rudra asks her not to cry as the salt in the tears will burn her eyes more to stop immediately. Is it paining why this happened what will happen to me if anything happens to you asks Rudra. She says why did you scold Mythali jeja it is not her fault all of us are to be blamed. He says teek hai and not able to see her tears

Mohini tells Laila you put chilly powder in Dhua Kumari's eyes  and made her blind Kumari to separate from her husband and I brought you to hoodwink all and put mud in every one's eyes but you put chili powder in Paro's eyes .After that Rudra (that camel) came he is only bothered about his wife always near her as if he is the only man in the world who has a wife.

Laila simmering with jealously plans that she will make Paro's life miserable and remove Rudra from her life.

Precap  All at the dining table and Rudra gets up with food Mythali asks what happened you said Paro is not hungry he says no I will feed her. Dilsher says good this accident happened my jungli Rudra is trying to be a good husband and Laila is burning with jealousy



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Posted: 2014-05-13T12:05:45Z
thanks for the WU Hug
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Posted: 2014-05-13T13:57:26Z
Awesome Episode Clap love is in the air between rudra & paro, he was gonna say it but he back off quickly Embarrassed but rudra will as he will take care of her well Clap which is  Thumbs Up , Heart rudra & paro Heart
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Posted: 2014-05-13T14:36:18Z
Thanks to the written update, I'm able to understand what is going on in the serial.
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Posted: 2014-05-13T16:55:02Z
thanks for written update
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Posted: 2014-05-14T01:04:55Z
@PutijaChalhov: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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