|Nuisance|- A short OS.

Posted: 2014-05-13T03:24:34Z
After watching yesterday's episode I was pissed off so bad and unhappy with the scenes since they seemed a bit forced, random and out of the blue. And now I want Laila out of the haveli ASAP! Can't tolerate her anymore. Ignore my bak-bak and here is my OS how I want Rudra to ousted Laila! Please leave your likes and comments.

"Ahh! Jija my eyes! They are burning." Paro's heart-wrenching cries and screams filled the house. The happy and joyous moment turned gloomy in a flick of a second and all the credit goes to, Laila!

"Paro!" Maithili and Sunehri freaked out the moment they saw Paro crying in agony and somewhat they held themselves responsible. One of the workers got a bucket of chilled water for Paro so that she can wash her face which might give her some relief. 

"Bai-sa please wash your face." Maithili said in a concerned tone. There Sunehti constantly cried and was by Paro's side trying to console her. Laila and Mohini stood there and was making a mockery out of her painful situation. There Paro constantly splashed water on her face but it went in vain. Paro started to yelp more in pain. Seeing the situation going out of their hands, Sunehri quickly called the doctor while Maithili guided Paro till her room.

Laila had a victorious smile on her face as according to her vicious plan now she can spend more time with Rudra and no one come between them. It seemed like Paro's agony was like an ointment to Mohini's wounds. She enjoyed the situation fully and gave Laila compliments for hurting Paro this bad.

Soon the doctor arrived and checked her eyes properly. He tied round a bandage on her eyes and said, "The water on her face, had chilli powder mixed and as a result her eyes are burning. Nothing serious had happened but she has to keep on this bandage for a while." The doctor explained them the rest of the instructions and made his way out of the house.

As soon as it was evening Rudra entered the Ranawat premises. Laila faked not to see Rudra and bumped into him and she was about to fall when Rudra held her hand but when he saw Paro he left her hand immediately for which stumbled and almost fell down but thanks to Mohini she didn't fall as Mohini held her hand and made her stand straight.

"Paro, what happened to you?" Rudra said with outmost concern. Seeing her in this condition Rudra's heart clenched. "Nothing Major saab a small accident took place." Paro tried to put an end to the conversation when Sunehri interrupted in between. "No bhai-sa! Let me tell you what had actually happend." Sunehri stated the whole events and also blamed Laila for Paro's vulnerable state.

Laila gulped in fear as she thought Paro will handle the situation and she thought Mohini has a good grip on Maithili and Sunehri but her plan just back-fired her. Rudra's rage knew no bounds and without any argument or listening to any of Laila's pleas he called a BSD officer and asked him to take away Laila and keep her in BSD HQ as she is a victim. Finding no other way Laila left and Paro being blind-folded couldn't help her. Finally Rudra let out a sigh at least the nuisance had left his house and he went to his room along with Paro.

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Would love to see that !!
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Posted: 2014-05-13T04:06:41Z
Originally posted by Jaz1990

That was awesome !
Thanks Big smile
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Posted: 2014-05-13T04:48:29Z
simply brilliant
loved it-
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Posted: 2014-05-13T07:16:23Z
Originally posted by IsleOfCapri

simply brilliant
loved it-
Thanks :D
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Posted: 2014-05-13T07:55:16Z
cool...thank god that witch is out of the house...wonder who will throw out the other witch...
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Posted: 2014-05-13T09:07:56Z
Interesting OS
would love to see this happening..
thanks for PM
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Posted: 2014-05-13T09:42:58Z
Originally posted by katj

Interesting OS
would love to see this happening..
thanks for PM
Aww thanks dear.
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