Ye Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2014 Written Update

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Ye Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts when Raman makes Ishita jealous by how he holded Sona's hand and he saw Sona had tears in her eyes and then I understood that Sona loved me. Ishita takes her hand from Raman and says this is my hand not Sona's hand. Raman says I know, why you are irritated? Ishita says I'm not. I really don't care. Raman tells Ishita to learn lying from him, there is no Sona. You are burning like corn, I was joking. I know only one Sona, she is my friend's wife, a writer. You girls get fooled so easily, I was making you get rid of boredom. She says nonsense, atleast my Subbu was real, not an fake character like Sona. She leaves. Raman says she got jealous, Madrasan. LOL

Raman calls Mihir but Mihir is busy with Trisha at a dinner date and Trisha says pick up and talk to him. Mihir said no Raman will give me a lecture for lying to him, I set a dinner table for Raman and Ishita; there is no meeting. Raman calls Mr Mehta to apologize for not attending the business meeting and Mr Mehta is surprised to know there was one when it was a lie. Raman starts thinking so Mihir lied to him. Raman tells Mr Mehta oh I'm sorry I was calling someone and called you accidently.

Raman ends the call and says foolish Mihir was fooling me. Ishita stands in the balcony waiting for everyone. Raman goes in the kitchen and says I'm hungry and there is nothing to eat. Ishita says shall I make anything? Raman complains saying now this is my life, have to eat food cooked by you, what kind of life I have? Ishita says what is there to complain so much.

The power goes out. Raman says it's the worst day of my life. Ishita says calm down, I will go find the candles. Ishita slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock.

Do haseen tan man ka ye haseen bandhan hai...plays...

Ishita says sorry. Raman says I will bring candles. Ishita asks how, nothing is clear. Raman says I have light in my phone.

Ishita says be careful. Raman says it's my own house, I can walk closing my eyes. Raman falls. Ishita asks what happened? Raman says my phone fell. Raman lights the candles. Ishita asks what to cook. Ishita says then order food. Raman says how to order, the door is lock. Ishita says only suji is here.

Raman says it's better than to die hungry. Raman helps her. Ishita goes to bring knife and cuts her finger. Ishita says see blood. Raman says I have to die hungry now. Raman said If blood comes out more you will die. Raman takes Ishita's hand and ties it with his hankerchief.

Yeh Hai mohabbatein...plays...

Raman says move and tell me what to do. Raman cuts the vegetables and onions.

Ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar... plays... She smiles seeing him cook. They made Suji ka Ukma.

A thief gets in Bhalla House and says power always goes in Delhi, lets start. The theif knows that Bhalla family went out and no one is at the flat 302. Raman says I don't like this Ukma. Ishita says its yummy. Raman says put Makhan in this. Ishita says don't make it Punjabi. Raman says fine, I m dying with hunger. The thief got inside the room. Ishita says did you hear the sound. Raman says maybe something happened outside. They hear the sound again in Toshi ji's room. Ishita says it is maybe a thief. Raman says maybe. Ishita says then go and see. Raman says if he attacks me. Ishita says are you afraid, that he can be taller than you? Raman says you are forgetting I saved you from goons. Raman mumbles saying I'm more scares of her than thief, thinking to pay him money and ask him to take her. LOL She says go and see. Raman says yes I am going.

Raman comes in the room and asks who is there.The thief hides behind the curtain. Raman moves the curtain and asks who. The man says thief. Raman shouts save me and jumps on the bed. Ishita hears him. The man says I look dangerous but I'm clean at heart. Raman says I am afraid of cockroach, not you. The man says kill it and Raman says ok lets both of us kill it and the cockroach runs away. Raman asks you are a thief. The man says yes. Raman asks how did you come in. The man says by the pipe outside thru the window. Ishita says don't take his interview, just call police. The thief says she is right call the police. My wife makes me go to people's houses and steal stuff, she does not let me sleep at night. Call the police and let me go to jail. Raman says don't call him thief, whats your name. The thief says Sadhuram. Ishita says you are sharing your pain with him. Ishita is surprised and says its something wrong, you don't talk normal to normal people and sharing problems with a thief, you need a psychiatrist. Raman says every man needs, as their wives made them worse than dogs.

Ishita leaves. She plays the radio. She hears the RJ talking about love and asking the listeners to share their newly married stories. She is shocked to hear Raman on the line talking to the RJ. Raman says there is no love after marriage, a man can't be happily married. She says is this Raman? Raman says his wife is a lecture shop, their likes does not match. Ishita calls the RJ. Ishita tells about the man who is blaming women, he is Mr Kud Kud Kumar. She says I will give an example. Ishita tells the thief story. Ishita says what will a wife do if a husband is like this. Raman says she talks to much, she got verbal diarrhea. LOL The RJ stops Ishita sn Raman with their arguing. Raman and Ishita come to confront each other face to face in their bedroom. Raman comes back and sees her behind the curtain. Raman sees the rod falling and runs to her. Raman gets hurt and saves her. They fall and they get wrapped in the curtain. Raman says my hand is stuck. Ishita says so is mines.

Yeh hai mohabbatein...plays... as they have another eyelock. (wow 2 eyelocks in one episode)

Raman and Ishita are in their room. Raman moves Ishita's hair and applies balm on her neck. Simmi comes and is shocked to see them so close.
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thanks for a nice and quick update.
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Thanks for the WU. Smile
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Thanks for the WU...much appreciatedBig smile
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Thanks for the Written Update
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Thanks for the update...!!
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Thanks for the update
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Ye simmi ko koi manners nahi hai kya... door knot karna chahiye tha... 
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