Rang Rasiya Written Update 12 MAY 2014;Laila takes Revenge,

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Rangrasiya 12 May 2014


Mohini says sometime back I saw this slip near the mandir how it came there and Rudra reads it and Mohini tells Laila this is the same aarthi wordings which you sang. You said you know it so how come this slip Laila glares at Mohini. Rudra reads and immediately asks her to get out. Laila says just because of arthi slip he says all because you are telling lies and as Paro ties to stop Rudra does not listen. Laila says when you asked me to bring news I put my life in danger to get it then she asks why don't you believe me now and what have I done that you don't like me and keeps on askinghim what I have done and starts crying.

Paro  persuades Rudra on Laila's behalf but Rudra does not believe and scolds but Paro argues on Laila's behalf and asks her not to tell lies, she asks Rudra to give her another chance. He is angry and goes without eating and Laila cries crocodile tears and says sorry to all. Mohini asks Rudra she sang even if she did from a slip.

Mohini asks Danveer to speaks not to speak on Laila's behalf and to let her stay as his brother also said he has no objection for Laila staying. Mohini does lot of drama and tries to saying that Sumeer suffered Dhanveer says don't take his name She asks Dhanveer not to interfere in Laila's affairs.

As Mohini goes Laila  threatens her not to interfere in her affairs or she will see the end of her and leaves as  Mohini looks draggers at her.

Rudra comes and searches for his phone Paro says it is there a slip is there saying drink your tea 1st then you will get your phone he says he does not need but then stops and drinks tea and then after he drinks she gives his phone and stops him she wants to do Aarthi Rudra  shouts does Aarthi as Rudra asks her his phone she gives after she tea and wants to do tilak as she is going in his uniform after a long time and as she does she lifts his right hand and keeps it on his  head and does tilak( RR tune in the BG) and says Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat may you get all success and progress more . He says if you want anything and do as I says and ask Laila to go she says let her stay till she is recovered. He goes out she says don't be angry with me and as if he goes out  with anger  it is bad omen to go out in anger He goes and she runs behind him and the women are all pounding chillies  as she goes and watches. Laila says are you watching for him to turn he will not when he goes out he is like stone and he will not turn Paro  Laila  says don't have  any hopes he won't turn.At the door he turns as the sun falls in his eyes and Paro smiles and waves bye looking at him Rudra then smiles a bit looking at Paro and Laila is fully jealous.  Paro thinks he smiled looking at me he turned and smiled he is not a stone and Laila has draggers in her eyes. Paro runs to Mythali  and says I feel like dancing and singing and Mythali says then why are you waiting and she smiles and sings on Tumare sang dhol baje and  Sunheri and they both dance Paro is very happy. Laila in full jealous mode. She thinks you don't have the right that he should look at you.Laila takes some chili powder and puts in some liquid and keeps stirring it and she also goes and dances with Paro and all clap as they both dance one after the other

Laila slowly gets the vessel with liquid mixed with chily powder and paint as  Paro is still dancing she gives it to Sunheri to give it to Mythali to pour on Paro and then Paro starts screaming and Paro shouts my eyes are burning and Paro is crying and Laila says now your eyes will burn as you tried to take away my lover from me.

Precap Rudra comes and Laila pick up a plate with unripe mangoes and deliberately dashes against Rudra who catches her hand and sees Paro with her eyes tied with bandage.


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Thanks a lot 4 the wuSmile
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thanx fr d update Smile...
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Thank you so much...
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thank you so much for covering up for me today! Hug
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Thank u so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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Thanks for the update !!
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parud and laila are aweosme...
all the three actors are fabulous !!
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