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Note: This is not remotely appropriate. It was inspired by another trashy romance novel I was reading- It's mature. Definitely so- so please, proceed only if you're comfortable with mature content. I hope you like it!


He swore mentally as she stepped out of the bathroom, clad in a simple royal blue cotton ghagra, the white lace of her blouse teasing him with the seemingly infinite holes.

This girl would be the death of him.

His hands stilled on the stubborn button that refused to close, his eyes following her as she dropped her hair from the bun and stepped up to the large mirror in their room. It tumbled down in waves, falling all the way to her waist and rubbing against the skin he had dreamed of kissing more than necessary.

He was attracted to her, pulled towards her by a force he couldn't comprehend. Simply seeing her would send shivers of desire through his veins, making his pants tighter and his days infinitely longer.

His eyes followed her hands as they reached up with the plush towel to rub her hair. Her brow furrowed and she bit her lower lip, making it seem pinker and fuller, practically inviting him to suck it between his teeth.

His eyes fell to the single drop of hair sliding down her neck, escaping the thick confines of her hair. He was hypnotized, his eyes following the water until it slipped beneath her blouse into her cleavage.

He gritted his teeth and groaned, smacking his hand against the pillar next to him and sending the button flying to the floor.

Their eyes met in the mirror, heavy and colored with the intense attraction swirling between them. Her hands stopped the rotating, repetitive movement of the towel, and he could see them shaking slightly as she sucked in a breath, swallowing deeply.

A round, transparent globe of water slid down her neck, halting just above her collarbone. His throat felt parched, his lips chapped and his head spinning.

He took steps towards her involuntarily, stopping just behind her, a hair's width away from the tempting skin. His hand reached out, sliding between the fluttering duppata and resting on the warm skin of her waist. He felt her erupt in goosebumps, her breath coming out in sharp gasps.

His hands slid up her stomach, caressing the curves of her breast. He felt them tighten under the brush of his thumbs, a satisfied sigh escaping her lips as they parted in pleasure.

He brought his lips down on the curve of her neck, reaching the tip of his tongue out to lick the rogue water off of her skin. He felt a generous amount of goosebumps erupt against his tongue, her entire body trembling in his arms.

He brushed his tongue against her clavicle, the sheen of sweat causing a distinct saltiness to mingle with the sweetness of her skin on his tongue. He continued across her neck, placing open mouthed kisses against the sensitive skin as his taste buds reached out over and over again, attempting to memorize her flavor.

She grasped his shoulders tightly, her nails digging into her biceps as she tried to steady her weakening knees. He was relentless, his hands pulling her hips into him roughly as he pushed her forward against the dressing table in front of her. Her hands flew from his shoulders to brace herself against the table. His hands reached around her easily, sliding between the cloth of her blouse, the heat of his hands causing her to moan as he cupped her.

Her gaze fell from his in the mirror, her eyes glassy with lust and desire as he suckled on her pulse point, his teeth marking her as his. Her head fell back against him, her eyes fluttering shut as her hands turned white from her tight grasp on the ledge of the table. He could feel her pressing her legs together, trying to tame the heat he knew was coursing through her.

He abruptly pulled his mouth away, causing her to mew with displeasure. She arched into his touch, attempting to alleviate the pressure inside of her as his hands brushed roughly against her skin. Her eyes were still closed, her breathing heavy as she collapsed against him.

He brought his lips close to her ears, brushing his stubble against her ear as he murmured into it.


His tone was gently commanding, entreating her to give into her desires.

The shocked, drugged hazel gaze met his own darkened eyes. She shook her head in a negative, her cheeks flushing to match the color of her blouse.

He stepped further away, taking the heat of his body away from her. She shivered as the cool air washed over her, her eyes begging for him to finish what he had started.

"Watch, Paro."

He could see the conflict in her eyes, not wanting to give in to his commanding tone. She didn't want to be ordered to do something, to be coerced into giving into his pleasures.

"Watch me take you, Paro."

His tone softened, turning husky and seductive as he stepped closer once more, taking her lips in a gentle kiss and turning her head to face him. Her resolve weakened as she gave in, allowing him full access as his tongue caressed hers, relishing the sweet taste that defined her.

She opened her eyes as he pulled away, gazing into the mirror as he slid down. Her lips parted in a low moan as his hands slid down her waist, resting on her thighs, grazing them gently in a soft, circular motion.

He tugged roughly at her ghagra, allowing it to tumble to the floor as he dipped between her legs. His tongue brushed against her tentatively, slipping in between her. He heard her softly gasp, stumbling slightly as the sensations overwhelmed her. He stroked her gently, tasting her with the passion of a connoisseur. Her breath came in quick gasps as he continued his ministrations, her moans breathy as her hands tugged at his hair.

He felt her shudder against him as the sensations reached a peak, his name a cry on her lips as she watched herself come undone. She collapsed against him, sliding to the ground, her body trembling from his attention.

They stilled for a moment, their gazes locked. Her eyes were cloudy from him, her hands entwined around his shoulders as they stared at each other.

With a swift move, he swept her up into his arms, carrying her towards their bed and placing her down, right in front of the mirror.

Breakfast could wait.

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Damn son.

Damn damn damn. That wasn't trashy, it wasn't badly written.

What the hell was that Choti? WOMAN, I normally never open the mature stuff because it's just I don't know man. BUT what the hell was this? I certainly wasn't expecting this, my my Choti what have you been hiding ROFL the besharam in me expects more of whatever this was LOL

I liked it- heck forget liking I loved it. I've read your stuff and I know you don't go to this level of mature but damn damn double damn! It's hard to write mature stuff because it can go two ways either it will become fluff or it becomes dangerously bad- like real bad- 50 shades grey bad.

But this was exquisite, not one bloody dialogue but you've reached perfection with this.


There were dialogues, dialogues like "watch". How could you do this to me Choti? *crying* yes I love rudra, I do not feel shame in loving a fictional character. Edited by curledup - 2014-05-11T18:49:44Z
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Posted: 2014-05-11T18:52:00Z
"Watch Paro" he said.

HE SAID THAT BECAUSE YOU MADE HIM SAY THAT AND NOW I CANT SLEEP because I'm on a fluffy cloud called Rudra.
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Posted: 2014-05-11T19:16:05Z
Damn damn this was just too damn good hot and what not
You defo have to write more!
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Posted: 2014-05-11T19:30:31Z

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Posted: 2014-05-11T19:39:31Z
simply superb
loved itc
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Posted: 2014-05-11T20:18:53Z
I think I feel very warm right now! Embarrassed
I really want to read whatever book inspired this story! Wink
Another fantastic little piece of writing.
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