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Hey guys I know its been a long time since I continued my story but I had my finals so i was busy, Hey guys guess what I'm graduating next week, i'm sooo happy.Big smile . hey u all r invited. Ok. After next week I'll keep posting regularly. Here's Part 1-5. You probably forgot the story by now so just read over the first 4 parts. thanks 4 all ur support.


Angad has just ditched Kripa, Naina has fixed Angad and mishty's wedding.  Kripa HATES Angad.

This scene is three days after Angad-Kripa break up

In the morning Angad is walking to his car ready to go to the studio. (Angad and Kripa don't talk to each other. They still have recordings together, and even Naina can't stop it because the audience love Angad-Kripa's jodi. Kripa can't run away either cause she is bound by the contrack)

Out of his everyday habit (Kripa and Angad were together for some months so its hard to break habits.) he waits for Kripa to come, he forgets that he broke up with her, after five minutes he gets annoyed and goes to the outhouse. He knocks on the door and yells "Kripa yaar what the hell, just because I love you doesn't mean you can keep me waiting for so long." There's no answer. Suddenly it all comes back to him and he thinks Angad what the hell are you doing, Why are you waiting for her. Waiting for that stupid girl who thought that she was good enough for me. Anyways Lets go Angad. When he says this something hurts in his heart.  While he is driving he keeps on looking at the empty seat and imagines Kripa sitting in it. He feels really annoyed at himself.  Finally, he reaches the studio, he doesn't see Kripa. He asks everybody at the studio, they say that she hasn't arrived yet.  He gets all worried about her and thinks where could she be. She wasn't even in her room.

After like 30 min. Kripa arrives with Prithvi.  Angad gets all jealous seeing them together. Prithvi drops her off and leaves.  She goes in the elevator and who else but her Angad is waiting for her inside.  The door closes and she sees him she remembers how he betrayed her. She gets a hurt expression on her face. He asks her : "Why the hell are you so damn late" Kripa doesn't answer. So he repeats himself, she still doesn't answer. He gets mad and grabs her by the shoulders and says, "when I'm talking to you, you answer back alright. I don't take this crap from anybody. Now tell me why you were so damn late, and what you were doing with that Prithvi." She gets equally mad as Angad, and frees herself from his arms, and yells: "Why the hell do you care, I can be here anytime I want. I can be with who ever I want. I'm not your property and you have no right to ask me anything" Suddenly the lights go off and the elevator stops like it had done the other day.( yes yes I know I'm too filmi)  Kripa looks at Angad angrily and says, "Just because I fell or that earlier doesn't mean you can fool me again. Meine ek baar galti ki thi tumhe samajhne mein, who galti dubhara nahi karoongi." Angad feels hurt listening to her last words. Angad says, "I don't have time to waste on you and I wouldn't be stupid enough to waste my precipous time on trying to scare you." Kripa gets really mad at this and says, " Oh yeah you surely had time to play with my emotions." Angad feels guilty and doesn't say anything. After a while he says, "look, I swear I didn't do anything to the elevator." Kripa laughs sarcastically and says, "You expect me to believea man who takes nothing serious in life, who is a cheater, a liar, and a fake." Angad yells: "SHUT UP" enough of this Ok." Kripa gets scared and doesn't say anything. Both of them are silent and Kripa starts pushing buttons. Angad gets irritated and says "Stop that its not helping." Kripa says " atleast I'm trying unlike you." Suddenly Kripa feels weird and faints. Angad at first thinks that Kripa is trying to get him back for the joke. But after a while he gets really worried he yells "Kripa Kripa are you ok whats wrong" He shakes her. She is lying in his lap. She wakes up after a while. He says, "R u Ok" she doesn't say anything and pushes him back. Angad lets out a sigh of relief.



Angad is really happy to see that Kripa is Ok. He feels a bit weird that why he got so worried about Kripa. Kripa who still feels a little shaky falls back and faints on Angad. Angad gets really scared. He is holding her in his arms. And just on time the elevator starts to move again.  They go up then come down again, kripa still in Angad's strong arms(awww). He picks her up takes her to his red car, then he drives off to the hospital. He takes her to the doctor (don't worry u guys it's not what u think).  The doctor does her check up. She regains consciousness, she's all like "where am I" The doctor says you had fainted so your boyfriend brought you here. Kripa is like my boyfriend then she looks at Angad.  Angad asks the doctor what's wrong with her. Dr. says its nothing serious right now but it can turn out to be if she doesn't take care of herself. She has become very weak, and doesn't seem like she's been eating much. She's really stressed and depressed. All the thinking and not eating is effecting her health. (sorry guys don't know how doctors be talking). The doctor then asks Kripa is there something that has been bothering you lately. Kripa and Angad look at each other, he feels guilty. She says nothing. Doctor says ok and tells Angad to take care of Kripa and make sure that she eats food tonight and takes her medicine. Angad says ok. Kripa gets up, Angad goes up to support her but she pushes him back. She tries to walk but she feels shaky and kinda falls on Angad. (hey guys I don't know the symptoms of depression and weakness so I'm just making it all up) He just holds her and says SHUT UP and walks her out without caring about what she says. Kripa feels his touch. They go to his car and he orders Sit, she remains stubborn and says I don't need you, I'll take a Taxi home. He again forces her in the car. He is careful not to hurt her when he grabs her and forces her to sit in the car. (awwww) In the car the punjabi song Kanu Mein Kahaundi Bewafa is playing by BALLY JAGPAL ( I love this song)

Hey How you doinIts oracle  becomes the last nightAs though love inI know it's hurt was a damnbut i am your manbecuase you can seewe was meant to beIts like words of a feather babyYou did everything it mattersI know i make you crybut i am telling you why Tak lan mein tenu kite sohneyaVe mere ruk jande perchit karda ve meraghut bhar lawan teraAuokhi hogi katni ve sathon raatve koi pichle janam disadi tere naal hai ve tere naaltere naal honi gal baat ve koi pichle janam di Rab di sohn tenu mili aa jaroor vetan hi ruk jaan per hoke majboor vekidan tenu mein bulawan ghut seene naal lawankahton rab ne banayee vakh jaatve koi pichle janam disadi tere naal hai ve tere naaltere naal honi gal baat ve koi pichle janam di  Dil diyan galan kite dil ch na rehan veseene naal laa la tenu nein sade kehan veEhna aakhiyan ch vas kujh sanu vi tu daskite ho naa jawan channa barbaadve koi pichle janam disadi tere naal hai ve tere naal tere naal honi gal baat ve koi pichle janam di  Sohneya ton bina rabba rooh sadi kali veGhamma de Jhana de vich jind rul chali veMenu apni bana le seene ghut ghut laa lekiwen hanjuan di rokan barsaatve koi pichle janam disadi tere naal hai ve tere naaltere naal honi gal baat ve koi pichle janam di  Angad keeps looking at Kripa and he slowly says Kripa I know u hate me but please look after yourself. Kripa doesn't answer. He then turnsaway feeling mad at himself and thinks Angad what the hell r u doing u hate this girl. As they r driving they reach the beach where they had spent their first date together. It brings back happy yet painful memories. Kripa gets tears in her eyes. When Angad sees this he cant control his emotions and it brings some tears in his eyes too. Kripa gets mad and says Angad why r u doing this to me. Why. First u leave me deserted at the point of my life when I needed you the most, and now you're acting like you really care for me. Why? What do you get out of it? Please just leave me alone and let me live my life in peace. Free me from this contract in which I have to see ur face everyday. Angad's heart fills with pain when she says this. He's still ignoring his real feelings for her. He starts driving really fast and says u actually think I care bout u now. I don't give a damn. Im just doing it for my show cause ur the other lead. Kripa gets pissed off by hearing this and says stop the damn car. He doesn't stop. He says Angad Khanna does what he wants to do. They reach the house and Kripa goes into the outhouse while Angad goes to his room.They both try to sleep but can't.Kripa(thinking, trying to be strong): Angad tum chahe jitna bhi mujhe todhne ki koshish karlo I'll not break down. You were my life but now I don't give a damn about you (she can't control her emotions and starts to cry) why did you do this to me Angad. I left my whole world for you. I did everything for you. Why Angad why?Angad (thinking): Kripa now I've taken my revenge. You were stupid to think that you were good enough for me. He tries to sleep but the time he spent with Kripa keeps coming back to him. He sees her happy face and then sees tears flowing out of her eyes. He gets up to wipe them away but realizes that she's not there, he was just imagining. He thinks: Kripa leave me alone. Damn why can't I get u out of my mind. GODDDDDDDDDDDD. Why can't I see tears in her eyes. And to think I gave her those tears (tries to b tough again) But good she deserved them, she had challenged Angad with that slap. He tries to sleep again but can't stop thinking about Kripa's crying face. Then suddenly he remembers "Oh shit I forgot to give Kripa her medicines they're still in my car." He gets up, runs to the car (cho chweet, oh by the way its really late in the night) After he gets the medicine, he thinks I wonder if Kripa ate anything for dinner, so he goes to his kitchen, grabs some food and goes to the outhouse. He knocks on her door for about a minute. She gets up thinking who could it be this late(she should be used to this by now) she opens the door and is shocked to see Angad there, she says what the hell r u doing here, he doesn't bother to answer and just goes inside and makes himself comfortable. She asks him again. He replies I'd forgotten earlier but the doctor told me to make sure that you eat your food and take your medicines tonight. So I'm just here to make sure. Kripa gets mad and says I need need your false sympathy, I can take care of my own self. Just as she says this she trips over and falls on Angad (lol) he catches her, he's like really. She feels a bit embarrassed and yells LET GO OF ME. He says today u're eating and infront of me right now. You should consider yourself lucky that Angad Khanna brought u food today. She says I already consider myself lucky that I found out Angad Khanna's true face before it was too late. Angad gets mad goes to her puts his finger on his lips and says very slowly basically breathing on her face I don't wanna hear one word out of your mouth. Kripa gets scared and does what he tells her to do. Angad takes her hand, walks her by the bed makes her sit on it. He sits on the floor and puts the food in her mouth (awww).  



Kripa just looks at him while he is feeding her, while tears keep rolling down

 her eyes. Angad wipes them away. Then he gives her the medicines and makes

 sure that she eats it. Then without saying anything he just leaves. Kripa is left

 speechless. They both have trouble sleeping cause they are thinking bout

 each other. In the morning Angad wakes up and goes downstairs, the house

 is being decorated and there r lots of people walking around. Angad goes up

 to his mom and asks "what's goin on mom" She replies "Don't tell me Angad

 that you forgot. Don't you remember its ur and Mishty's engagement next

 week, and I have to get started early after all it is angad Khanna's engagement

 and the whole world will see" Angad is shocked, but then realizes it was him

 who had said yes to his mom just to make Kripa jealous. He feels weird.

 He goes back to his room and gets ready. While he's leaving his mommy

asks him "where r u going beta" He says to the studio. She says "don't u

 wanna go shopping for your outfit that ur gonna wear at the ceremony."

 Angad just ignores her and leaves. He goes to the studio and sees Kripa

 practicing beforehand. Since they r both early nobody is in the recording

 room. Angad looks at her while she is singing "Hamesha tum ko chaha"

from devdas. She opens her eyes and sees him standing there. She asks him

"what r u doing here so early" He looks at her and says "I couldn't sleep"

She gets worried and slowly asks him "whats wrong." Angad is surprised and

 says "I thought u hated me why r u worried all of a sudden" Kripa replies

back "I don't care about u, I care about the show, cause ur the other lead"

(ohhh that's what u get) Angad feels hurt. He says " Kripa u know v have to

work together and since v r partners v need to get along with each other. I

know u hate me but v have to get along with each other .  V have to go for

the tour tonight and v can't let the world know wat's goin on between us"

 (he says this very sweetly) kripa says "Our relationship is only gonna be

 professional" Then people start coming in and its time for their recording.

The sing the song " Tere naam" Afterwards Mannan comes up and asks them

 if they r ready for the tour and tells them to go home and get their things

 packed. He asks Angad " Can u and Kripa go in your red car like u did last

time" Angad says "yeah" Kripa just looks at him as the memories of their

earlier trip come back to her.  Mannan also says "Dn't worry Angad u'll

be back on the day of the engagement" Angad looks at Kripa she looks away

 with pain in  her eyes. Angad thinks "Angad isn't this wat u always wanted,

to give her pain. Then when she is in soo much pain why do u feel her pain,

 why can't u see her like this" He's really confused about his feelings. They go

home and pack. In the evening he waits for her by his red car. She comes

with her bag which is too heavy 4 her. He sees her struggling so he goes up to

 her and lifts the bag out of her hands. He takes it and puts it in the car.

 Then he opens the door for her (awwww). They leave. In the car hella

romantic songs are playing. They don't talk to each other. Then after like

5 hours its late in the night and they r still driving. Angad feels hungry.

He looks at Kripa who is sleeping. He can't control his hunger so he

stops at a Dhaba. He tries to wake her up but she doesn't. He lifts her hand

 to wake her up but feels it burning. Then he feels her forehead, she has a

really bad fever. He gets hella worried. At the Dhaba he asks the owner if

there is a hospital nearby. The owner recognizes angad and says no but v

 have a guesthouse and it would be an honour to have a celebrity like u at

 our guesthouse. Angad says thanks. He goes back to his cars picks up Kripa

 and tales her to the guesthouse. He puts her in the bed and looks at her innocent

 and sweet face. He stares at her and gets tears in his eyes. He feels really guilty

 and thinks Kripa the only reason u r in this condition is cause of me. I hate myself.

 I'm so sorry baby. I love you soo much. I can't live without you. I had been

lying to myself 4 soo long. (he finally realizes that he loves her)  He holds her

 hand and sits next to her 4 da entire night. In the morning Kripa wakes up

 and sees Angad next to her and gets scared. She then wakes Angad up

Angrily and says "Angad why r u playing this game with me again. Didn't u

 have enough the last time." She starts crying, Angad can't take it anymore

seeing her like this he drops on his knees and holds Kripa's hand. Kripa is

shocked seeing Angad breaking down like this. She starts to say something

but Angad stops her and says Kripa before you start please let me say wat

 I wanna say please Kripa I'm sorry I'm sooooo sorry Kripa I thought I had

 hurt u but more than hurting u I hurt myself by staying away from u. I cant live

 without u Kripa please forgive me. I've never said this to anybody in my whole

 entire life but today I will say it 2 u I LOVE YOU kripa I love you soooo much

 baby please 4give me" Kripa just throws herself on him and says I love u 2.

 They share a long passionate hug. Feeling each others presence.



After like five minutes they separate from each other. They both have tears in their eyes. Then suddenly Kripa gets up she says "Angad I don't know wat to do rite now. You've put me in a really awkward position. My heart wants to trust you but my brain doesn't. how can I be sure that ur not playing with me again. Please Angad I need some time" Angad gets up looks at her deep in her eyes. He says very sweetly "I know Kripa if I was in ur place I would've done the same thing. Baby I promise u that I will prove my love to u. But till I do that can I ask u a favor" Kripa says what He extends his hand and says "Mujse dosti karoge" Kripa takes his hand and smiles. He looks at her and says get ready now v have 2 start moving, the show is suppose to start in 2 hours and v're still 100 miles away. They hurry up and get dressed. Kripa is still thinking if to believe Angad. They get into Angads car, he is driving hella fast and Kripa gets scared and says slow down Angad ur scaring me. Angad says "baby u have to learn to be fast and adventurous if u want Angad Khanna's friendship." Kripa just smiles at this and says "sorry than BABY I don't want ur friendship" Angad looks at her. Kripa says "what is this baby, baby. I ain't ur baby ok." Angad smiles and says "oh yeah that's another thing if u want my friendship ur gonna have to call me baby, honey, sweetheart, jaanu any one of these u pick and I'll call u my baby." Kripa says "There are no conditions in friendship by the way and If u want I'll call u ummmmmm babes ok" Angad says "Ok Baby" they both smile. Then after a while Kripa says "Babes u want me to call u babes infront of everybody" Angad says "Yeah, Angad Khanna ain't scared of nobody" Kripa says "Babes, even infront of Naina Aunty" He looks at her and says "Ummmmmm I'll get back to u on that one" Kripa just smiles. They finally reach the concert and the people start screaming "Angad Angad kripa Kripa" The security people take them inside and they perform in the concert. Afterwards they have a press conference and the media people ask them questions about love and friendship angad just looks at Kripa and answers all the questions really sweetly. One person asks him if he's ever been in love. He responds "I am in love right now" Kripa smiles. Mishty at home after watching the press conference thinks that he's talking about her.  After the press conference Kripa goes up to him and aske him "Babes I'm ur friend right?" Angad replies "yeah", she says "can I ask u a personal question then?" he says "Anything" She asks him " ever since u became famous u've always been lying infront of the camera about love, don't u ever feel like ur not the person that the world loves" Angad looks at her with love in his eyes and says "Baby I admit that I used to lie but today I swear to god that every single thing that I said infront of the camera was true and it came from my heart." Kripa looks at him and smiles then Angad says "can I ask u a personal question now" She says "anything" He asks "can I ask 4 a day out of ur life. Just one day." She says "can I ask u something" he says "anything" Kripa says "If u were in my place would u have trusted a guy who lied and cheated you" Angad replies "I wouldn't have trusted a liar and a cheater but I would've trusted a person who was trying  to b a good person, and a good friend and also trying to win his love back" then Kripa after a while says "ok if that's the case than I'm cool with it" They both smile, then Kripa says "babes u do know v r on a tour so v have to be on the next location by tomorrow." Angad replies "Don't worry baby now ur my responsibility v r gonna spend the day together and I'll make sure that we reach our destination by tomorrow." Kripa says Ok.



Angad and Kripa leave for in the red car.

Kripa: "Angad I don't think me calling u babes is a good idea, please if somebody hears it, its gonna cause a lot of problems 4 both of us."

Angad: "Oh baby why r u always worried bout people. Ok if u want u don't have to call me babes but I wont stop calling you baby alright"

Kripa: "ok, just b careful not 2 say it infront of everybody."

They stop at a beautiful beach. Kripa gets out and runs to the water. Angad slowly watches her thinking what he lost. He then comes outside and sits on the sand while Kripa is in the water.  After some time she also comes and sits next to Angad.

Kripa: "Angad Thankyou so much"

Angad: "For what"

Kripa: "For these precious moments"

He just looks at her and smiles.

Kripa: "angad I know u want our relationship to go back to what it was before. And I understand what you must be feeling, but I want our relationship to b a special something that can never b broken. I don't know if v r made for each other or not. I don't know if v can be life partners or not. I do know that if v become best friends then v can have each others support and saath for the rest of our lives. I promise whatever happens from here I will always b by ur side as ur best friend. And nobody can have a problem with our realionship either that way."

Angad looks at her with love in his eyes : "You know something baby, u r the sweetest person I've ever met in my life. Hey  I agree wid u, v should be the bestest friends ever, and if u ever need me I'll always b by ur side. I promise."

They both smile and hug as best friends. So guys there new relationship is goona start now and I promise its gonna b really sweet.

They spend some more time together then go back to their hotel, the next day they go for their concert and then drive back home. There is still 2 days till angad's and Mishtt's engagement cause the tour ended early. Angad goes home and tells his mom that I don't want to marry Mishti, naina is shocked and tells angad that he has to marry Mishti or else. Angad just ignores her and leaves. While Mishti hears everything cause she had come to meet Angad. Mishi is heart broken and thinks Angad is only mine and nobody can steal him from me. Then she thinks that Angad wasn't like this before the tour so Kripa must b the reason for Angad's decision. She goes to the Outhouse and knocks on the door Kripa opens it and is surprised to see Mishti. She asks her to come in. Mishi walks inside and straight up says: "Kripa I know u love Angad and want to steal him from me. I just want to tell u one thing if Angad breaks the engagement with me then I'm going to ruin all of you. Including angad. Angad already owes me 50 crore and I will make sure that afterwards his career is ruined, he will go to jail cause I can trap him in a case of fraud, I can do anything honey, so u better watch out. And think Angad will have to face soo much trouble because of u. You better go away from his life before I do something. Understand." And she leaves. Kripa just stares at her shocked. (guys I know this is going to ruin the story but its gonna build a beautiful realationship of trust, care and friendship among Angad and Kripa so please have some patience.) She thinks for the whole day about Angad and how his life can b ruined in a flash. Its night and she goes to her room to sleep. Just as she's about to go to sleep Angad jumps into the window and says: "Hi best friend I missed u, I needed ur advice 4 something so I thought why not go c her." Kripa smiles and says "what do u need me for." He comes and lies on the bed, they r both lying side by side, he says Kripa I broke my engagement with Misti today. Kripa gets up and says "angad if I ask u to do something today would u do it for me" angad smiles and says "anything for u baby" he is still lying on the bed by the way and Kripa is sitting next to him. She says "will u marry Mishti please" Angad gets up quickly and says "Kripa wat r u talking bout I can't marry Misti. I don't love her and u know that. OK I agree that u want us to be friends but please don't tell me to marry Mishi please baby.' He has tears in his eyes and so does Kripa. She says "angad tumhe hamari dosti ki kasam" Angad looks away. Kripa turns his face and they face each other. She wipes his tears and says "I will always be ur best friend and ur support after u marry mishti. I promise." Angad says "yeh dosti mujhe bahut mehengi pad rahi hai" Kripa looks at Angad and throws herself on him and says "I'm soooo sorry but please understand my point-of-view." They hug each other really tight, and Angad says "For u I can give my life, this is nothing but please don't ever leave my side."

That's it for today guys. I know its getting boring and short but I have lots of preparations to do. Sorry. I'll try harder next time.

And don't worry Angad isn't gonna marry Mishti (atleast in my story) They might get engaged but not married.

Enjoy and God bless U All.Smile


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hey, i liked it n thanks for it. i think u r doing gr8 !

plz, be continue

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wow....very interesting.....plz continue......


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wow nice twist plz do continue when ever u are free

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ClapClapClapkIYA bAAT hAI....iTNI aCHISI fAN-FICS Tum Logh Likh Rahe Ho----I FEEL LIKE FIREING EKTA AND Hiring U GUYS TO DO THE NEXT ePISODES OF kyph-----IT WILL BE REALLY amazing---- Kaas Main Aisa Kaar Sakta--Edited by Tahsan - 2005-06-03T19:41:13Z
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Wow, good job. ClapClapClap
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wow..tht was nice..but hey..u have time gurl!!!
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Posted: 2005-06-03T22:00:52Z
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