Os-Humari Jaan Ho Tum! by @Amrit

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Os-Humari Jaan Ho Tum!

Thanks to "Meee" for the title *winks* anyways a random OS..not much planned so it may appear boring and pulled to alot of readers.. Feedback awaited like always!


Happy Reading..

Ram clad in a light green shirt sat on his king size chair engrossed in a report! His phone rang breaking his concentration. He took out his phone to receive the call.

Priya-Mr Kapoor..

Her sweet voice drenched in love made his lips curl for a slight smile inspite of the workload he had!

Ram-Hii Mrs Kapoor... Apne mujhe office hours mein phone kiya!! Baat kya hai... Should I come back home right now to be with my beautiful lady!!

Priya-Hold on Hold on!! Raam... Main ghar pe hu papa ke ghar pe... Wahan bore ho rahi thi to socha yahan aa jau so thought of informing you!!

Ram pouted.

Ram-Ohh okay.. How thoughtful is my Priya.. Anyways ghar jaldi aa jana, you know I always see you first when I come back!

Priya smiled.

Priya-Haan.. I know, ab kaam kijiye aap... Bye!

Ram-Bye darling!


For Ram,the day went working and missing his wife ofcourse.. In between he stole time to look at his phone's wallpaper and grin broadly! He was almost done with today's work and was ready to go back home! His phone rang just then... He received the call which was from his lady!

Ram-Haan yaar aa raha hu I know aaj late ho gaya thoda sa...kaam zyada tha meri maa!!

Priya-Areyy... Mujhe jo kehna hai wo to suniye!!

Ram-Kyaa bolo na... He asked innocently!

Priya-Wo maa bol rahi hai ke aaj raat yehi ruk jau main unke paas.. {she paused} kal subah before you open your eyes I will be there Ram pakka!!

Ram-kya! Hadd hai yaar.. You spent whole day there.. Ab aa jao naa..

Priya-Ram! I know how you must be feeling.. Even I am feeling the same, par... Its just a matter of a night!

Ram-huhhh... Do whatever you want!!! Bahot buri ho tum.. Kal aa jana jaldi..

And he cut the call soon after!!


After sometime.. Priya helped her mother in the kitchen..

She thought of calling Ram and knowing if he is done with dinner!!

She called him, after four to five rings her angry golu picked up her call!!

Priya-Hello Ra.. Mr Kapoor! {she looked at her mom and bit her lower lip saving herself from a round of teasing}

Ram-Hi Priya.. What happened! {He spoke as low as he could}

Priya could sense something different in his voice!!

Priya-You okay na Mr Kapoor!!

Shipra turned to look at her daughter!!

Ram-haan I am fine.. {he faked cough} kyu ?? {he fought his giggle somehow}

Priya-fine?? Then why are coughing!! Something is wrong mujhse jhoot mat boliye..

Ram-Kuch nahi hua hai yaar trust me.. Bas wo thoda sa.. And he stopped!

Priya-thoda sa kya...

Ram-Feeling low...temperature is also high! But nothing to worry! {he knew his plan was working}

Priya-what!!! Fever...how... Theek to the aap when last time we talked subah bhi you were fine!! Fir achanak...!!


Ram-Nhi...tab bhi tha I thought of not telling you faltu mein tension hoti tumko..

Priya-please Ram.. Main .. Main aa jati hu abhi!! I am just coming..

Ram-Arey dont worry yar..!!

Priya-How wont I worry!

Ram-Offoo! Ok listen.. I am sending my car...!

Priya-No please... Main aa jaungi jaldi se...!!

She cut the call !!


Shipra-Kya hua Beta... Mr Ram theek to haina!

Priya-Bukhaar hain unko maa... Khaans bhi rahe the! Main saamne nahi hoti hu na he goes crazy! Na khaate hain theek se naa kuch!!

Her eyes had already become moist!! Shipra smiled slightly!

Shipra-jaa ab tu daamad ji ke paas.. Teri yaad mein kya haal ho gaya hai unka!!

Priya-Maaa.. Tum bhi na.. Chote bachhe ki tarah hai tumhare daamad!!bas priya chaiye unko har waqt saamne!! She wiped hee sweat beads.. Main jaati hu maa..

Priya picked her handbag and bid her bye!!


Ram talked to himself sitting on the sofa-I am sorry darling, I had to lie.. Par kya karta.. yehi tarika tha to call you back!

After sometime.. Priya hurried to the room... She saw him sitting on the sofa dressed in his night wear!

He stood up seeing her!

Priya-Ram.. I am here! Kya hua aapko... She placed her hand on his cheeks! her heart beats were unusuak.. But He was normal!!

He touched her hands with his...

Ram-I am fine priya.. Kuch nahi hua hai mujhe! I was just kidding over the phone!!

She withdrew her hands.. Kya!!

He held his ears... I am sorry!! But i wanted you back tonight itself!!

Priya-So ?? You lied..and that too regarding your health!! I had told you already na I hate such things... {she turned and looked away}

Ram-sorry baba I am sorry!! Mera pyaar nahi dikhta tumko!! He made a puppy face!!

This was enough, she melted like a dairy milk!

Priya-Meri jaan hi nikal gayi thi Ram!! {she cupped his face while speaking}

He could figure out love flowing for him in her dark eyes!


He placed a light peck on her forehead and wrapped her for a tight hug!! He just wanted to feel her so close to him! He inhaled fragrance and was mesmerized by her sweet smell.. His manly cologne filled her nostrils and sent hot sensations down her spine!!

He pulled himself a bit away!!

Ram-I want to make this night a special one Priya!! I had a long day at work.. Only you can make me relax!

He winked at her! She knew what he wanted!! It was her chance to play with her loving husband!!

He brushed his nose against hers.. She then pushed him away slightly!!

Priya-I need to change Ram! Let me go. She escaped and ran to the dressing table!

she started removing her jhumkaas.. Ram stopped her!

Ram-Let me help you!

He tried removing the jhumkaas but he was more concentrated over nuzzling her neck and planting soft kisses over her bare back!

her heart skipped numerous beats! She shut her eyes tightly! Felt weak in his proximity!!!

Priya-Raam... A sweet moan escaped from her mouth!


Ram-hmmm.. He bit her earlobe softly!

Priya-Ishhh! Chodiye naa Raam tang mat kijiye!! Her legs almost shivered!

His fingers played gently over her bare waist!! He rested his chin on her shoulder...his day old stubble tickled against her soft delicate skin!! She giggled...!!


Ram-kyaa hua bolo naa aage bhi to badho!! He spoke naughtily!

Priya-Mujhe gudgudee ho rahi hai leave me please!!

Ram-nahi..I didnt call you back to leave you!! Fir hum so jate subah uth ke back to work!! How boring...!!

she gathered some strength!! Turned around and faced him.. His hitler biwi was back! She rolled her eyes..

Priya-kab se tang kar rahe hai mujhe!! {she pushed him away} I told you na let me change!! Khud jab mood mein raho to biwi bhi mood mein chaiye.. {he moved back as she moved forward} waise sirf kaam aur khaana!!

They reached to the edge of the bed! Ram hit the bed he lost his footings and fell down on the bed!! Priya too lost her balance and was above her Mr Kapoor!


She was as light as a feather! They were so close , stuck with each other! His hot breaths warmed her blushing cheeks.. His view was blocked by her thick locks,he genty tugged them at the back of her ears!

Ram-See Priya! Aaj to kuch hona hi hai! Aakhir tum baar baar mere itne paas aa rahi ho!

Priya shyly looked away-Aisa kuch nahi hai..galti se we fell down!!!

Ram-Why do you always behave as if humari kal hi shaadi hui hai! Those nayi dulhan type!!

She kept on blushing hard!!

Ram-Daadi ki wish bhi to puri karni hai hume...we need to work on that too!! Agar aise sharmaogi to humare bacche kab.. She stopped him by placing her fingers over his soft lips!!

He tightened his grip over her waist!

Priya-Raam! You've becoming too much demanding!! Mujhe shower lena pehle! Kabse I am pleading!!

He again smiled naughtily!

Ram-Okay..whats the big deal... Chalo...

Priya-Chalo??? Hawww... She dug her face in his chest!!

Ram-baapre... You behaving as if aaj pehli baar hai..Come on Priya!!

36 minutes ago


She moved away from him...he immediately got up and grabbed her wrist.

Ram-There's no chance to escape my love!

He picked her up in his strong arms and headed towards the washroom!! Every other second they spent in each others proximity was a bliss! Chills ran down her belly when his hands touched her bare skin! She always enjoyed the romantic side of her tycoon and how!!! She was drowned in his love desire and those raining kisses for her! After a romantic shower they took together, Ram helped her with her night clothes. Priya did the same! She could see the burning desire in his dark brown eyes..she went closer to him and bit his nose naughtily. Before he could react she ran to the bedroom.

Ram-Priya wait!

He ran after her and was successful in getting hold of her!

Ram-I am in no mood to play around Priya! Mat karwaao mujhse itni mehnat.. Warna us raat jaise candles jalani padh jayegi! He winked at her..

She clutched his kurta playfully..



She called his name huskily!

Ram-hmmm...his hands playing with her hair!

Priya-kal subah office ke liye late ho jayega to any problem!!

Ram-Kyu! Kyu late hoga..? He asked her innocently with open mouth!

Priya-Offfooo!! Aap itni golu kyuu hai Ram! Khud hi samajh lijiye..

She started playing with his kurta's buttons!!

Just then he gently pinned her to the wall!

Ram-Mujhe sab samajh mein aata hai darling!! All your signals and intentions!

He started caressing her mole with his finger!

She turned red,her cheeks burnt due to constant blushing!

She parted her lips a bit. That was the most captivating and inviting move for him from his lady. He didnt even waste a moment and filled the distance by resting his lips on hers! Their heart beats danced over the song their heart sang. She enlaced her arms around his neck giving him more access..


After a long time he moved apart! She breathed heavy..so did he! He smiled affectionately at the most beautiful face! She responded with same warmth to the man of her dreams. "How can he be so gentle yet so crazy" she thought! He then picked her up and moved to the bed! Once again he made her his, the night cherished the unison of two bodies into one soul! They laid peacefully cuddled in each others arms. Her head softly dug over his heart and his hands possessively enveloped around her securing her completely!



The End

Grrr *sobs* dont hit me with jootas  chappals and rotten tomatoes please!!! Daaru bottle will be okay!!

Waiting for the feedback..!


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Posted: 2014-05-09T04:40:52Z
NIce one..
loved the beginning so much.
ram's trick, priya's restlesseness, and finally their romance.
Good, loved the teasing bit a lot.
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Posted: 2014-05-09T05:07:12Z
wow great sanju di for lovely os hayyeee raya beautiful concept n pls do write more
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Posted: 2014-05-09T06:01:11Z
Originally posted by dhristikpd

wow great sanju di for lovely os hayyeee raya beautiful concept n pls do write more

 dristi its not by Me .. 

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Posted: 2014-05-09T07:35:08Z
Originally posted by BALHLOVER

Originally posted by dhristikpd

wow great sanju di for lovely os hayyeee raya beautiful concept n pls do write more

 dristi its not by Me .. 

i know di but u posted na on her behalf thats y thank u so much
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Posted: 2014-05-10T04:24:20Z
It was a cute OS Amrit.. Seriously you have improved a lot since your first write up.
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Posted: 2014-05-10T06:43:51Z
Cute OS Smile
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Posted: 2014-05-10T11:51:43Z
Superb OS. I used to read all works of Amrit in RKR. After rkr this is the first time I'm getting to read her works. Thanks for posting it here. And do post more...

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