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Part 1

Laila says am going..! Rudras hand is shaking! Laila asks him what happened to his hand? Rudra says.. have informed all ..we will find the guilty! Till then you will be safe staying at the BSD quarters! Paro interrupts and says.. Laila would be safe here .. even i could have been safe in BSD but u din let me go! Rudra says thats a different thing! Paro says Thakur is nasty .. he tried to kill me and Laila has worked with u so he can do anything to her .. look at her injuries! Rudra says ..she could have inflicted them upon herself! Laila says i know u dun trust women .. but thought u could respect me atleast..! Am leaving! Paro says.. if she leaves i cant forgive myself nor forgive u ..! Laila starts to leave and Rudra says.. stop .. stay here till we find out if Tejawats men are chasing u in reality..! Paro thanks Rudra and he walks off! Paro takes Laila into the room and she says how can i stay here. its ur room! Paro asks how did u know? Laila says.. saw Rudras uniform and ur clothes! Paro says.. yes.. dont worry .. u sleep here! Laila offers to sleep on the floor but Paro says ur injured.. so sleep in the bed! Laila thanks Paro and says ur doing so much for me.. i will be indebted to u forever..! Paro says dun think all this.. by the way my name is Parvati ..! Laila says am Laila! Paro says forget the past and lets be friends! She leads Laila to the bed and helps her sit down ..! She tells Laila.. that she is nearby incase she needs anything! 

Paro brings Rudras clothes to him ..! Rudra asks where were u? She explains! Paro takes Rudras hand and presses it..! He asks what are u doing? Paro says.. Doc said to help u to exercise ur hand ..so it doesnt hurt! Rudra says it doesnt hurt..! Paro says a few cute lines and Rudra asks what are u saying? She keeps mum but does the exercise..! Paro gives Rudra the clothes to wear..! Rudra asks where to change? Paro says yes.. she is in the room so now? 

Part 2

Rudra changes behind the pillar and Paro is on the other side..! She asks what is so different about me that u did not hand me over to BSD? Rudra says something is different..! Paro turns to walk and runs into Rudra and he helps her stand properly and says.  u cant even stand properly without me. so i had to be with u! Paro says true! Rudra walks off! Rudra goes in the room and says Aman will find out all the details about Tejawats men .. i dun like her staying in my life! Paro says. ..coz she loves u ..! Rudra asks Laila told u all? Paro says can see on her face! Rudra says.. ur my wife and u let her stay here despite knowing she loves me? Paro smiles! Rudra asks ..why laufing? Paro says am happy that u accepted m ur wife ..! If we have this understanding ..why do we care who comes! Rudra puts the bedsheet and pillows on the floor! Paro asks me? Rudra says.. she is sleeping on the bed.where else will we sleep? The duo lie down! Paro turns on her back! Rudra looks at her! BG- Rangrasiya! 

Later in the night .. Laila wakes up and passes PaRud..! She looks longingly at Rudra and recollects his reaction to her at the wedding! She notices how Rudras hand sleepingly touches Paros face..! She feels uncomfy and comes out of the room! She comes near the swing and says .. . feel nice meeting u ..again! She says.. ur guest is here .. and ur happily sitting on the swing? Move over and let me sit! Mohini says.. keep standing .. so u remember ur standard..! Dare not think ur guest here.. ur here at my mercy ..!  Laila pushes Mohini off and sits next to her..! She says... who has mercy on the other we shall see later. .but for now . .know this.. no one can force Laila ..! I came here coz i want my Rudra back .. not the one who is tailing Paro all around. but the one who was bitter and poisonous .. ! I will get my old Rudra back from that Paro and her hubby! Mohini says at my mercy! Laila says.. whats important is that i am back... in this house and in this story and now .. no one can send me out of here..not even u ..! Laila pats Mohinis cheek and walks off! 

Paro opens her eyes and finds her face resting on Rudras hand and recollects his pain about something that is hurting him! Paro self thought .. dont want to force u .. but hope that i can stay here till u can share ur pain with me. but i want that u get better soon ...! Paro turns to face Rudra and holds his right hand! BG- Rangrasiya! Rudra opens his eyes and sees Paro holding his hand! Rudras self thot. .wish i culd tell u about my pains ... my past comes back and increases my hurt! 

Next day morning, Laila is still fast asleep..! Mohini calls Laila..! Laila says.. din get any other person to trouble? Mohini says.. u get up now.. u want Rudra.. then u have to keep me happy! Laila rushes to Mohini and fumes on her for waking her up at 6am! Mohini says if i start showing my drama u will be out of this house..! She says.. if u give me respect.. u will see less of my drama! I woke u up early so u can change..! Mohini tells Laila not to dare repeat her stunt from previous nite! Mohini tells Laila to change and come to the temple! Laila says .. din like dramatic tag .. how about trickster..? Mohini says u have 5 minutes time! Laila says am Laila not Paro! 

Part 3

Dilsher tells Maithli story of childhood days.of himself and Danveer . about their grand father.. who was very colorful and eccentric...! Dilsher says we did not inherit those qualities but our sons did..! Maithli excuses herself..! Laila does aarti based on the tips given by Mohini! Dilsher says. so aarti started! Suddenly they see Paro going towards the temple! Both wonder who is in the temple! Paro .. Rudra all are curious and are surprised to see Laila..! 

Precap - Laila says.. forgive me.. i came here unannounced and staying here without permission! I will leave soon! Rudra says.. 2 days.. in 2 days we will find out about Tejawats men ..! Mohini smirks..! 

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This is brilliant. Thank you darling!
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Many thanks for the speedy WU
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thanks for this wonderful WU...and so quick..

Thanks a lot..
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thanks for the update...
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Thanks dear, for you and the other members who does written updates in English for us less understanding viewers.
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Thank u
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@Armu4eva: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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