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Taani stood there numb, enable to understand anything, her whole world come under her feet, with tearful eyes she look at him


"I told you on the very first day of our marriage, I'll not accept this marriage or you, For me this marriage was just a burden, an unwanted relation, taani now I cant live with you, I want divorce" Rey said looking straight in her eyes.


Their marriage was arranged marriage, Taani comes from middle class family where as he is biggest business tycoon of India, Both are different, and their thinking is different. From the beginning of their marriage rey hated her because he was forced by his mother to do this marriage and another reason of his hate toward her was her poorness. He always thinks that she just married him for his money and status.


He handed her divorce papers and left the kitchen, Taani stood there, tears were falling from her eyes endlessly, and in this one year of marriage she has done everything to make him accept her but nothing work.


Taani goes in their bedroom and packed her luggage and left the house for forever but before that she signed the divorce paper.




In Night


Rey come back from his office, he found whole house in silence, he didn't hear her bangle's sound not her non stop talking, he was feeling empty inside him but he brushed away those feeling and goes in his bedroom.


"Dude why are you thinking about her, she meant nothing to me" he mentally scolded himself for thinking about her. He lay down on bed.


His gaze fall on their wedding picture which was hanging on wall opposite to their bed. He was staring at her face


"Innocent toh hai, beautiful bhi, caring, loving, then why am giving divorce to her" his heart told him, he was in deep thinking, taani has every quality to be a singhania bahu and his wife, till now she has managed everything perfectly be it his family, his house or he himself.


"Just because she belongs to middle class family she didn't deserve her husband's love, care and attention then you are wrong Rey She deserve everything, How many times you had hurt her unknowingly and knowingly but still she didn't say a word against you, she has given your every happiness now its your time that you give her, her share of love and care" His inner feelings were fighting with his devil mind. At last his heart win.


He took out his cell phone, he was craving for his wife's sweet voice. He dialed her number.


Here with taani, she was lying on her bed, lost in her memories of moment she spent with rey, she come back into reality hearing her cell phone's ring, She was surprise to see his call. After ending every relation what he wants to talk.


"Hello" She answered hesitatingly.


"Hey, how are you?" Rey asked, he was feeling awkward talking to her as if he is some stranger to her.


"Am fine, aapko kuch kaam tha?" She didn't able to hold herself from asking this.


"Yeah, I want to meet you, can we meet now?" Rey asked, Taani was shocked hearing him, he want to meet her but why? This question was running in her mind.


"abhi?" till She didn't even tell her parents about her divorce, if he came here then her parents will surely come to know and it wont be good if they come to know about it like this.


"Ha, am coming to pick you from there" Rey said without waiting for her reply he cut the call and leave for her house.


"Yeh Rey mujhse kya baat karna chahte hai ab?" Taani thought, she goes out silently, she check upon her parents both were sleeping peacefully, it was pass midnight, weather was chilly outside.


She was standing outside her house when a car stopped in front of her, Rey stepped down from car, He look at her she was wearing a simple saree but only he knows that how beautiful she is looking right now with no make up on. Link


"If you are comfortable can we go somewhere and talk" Rey said as he approached toward her, Taani look at him confusingly but still nodded. He open passenger side door for her, She sat in and he too settle on driver seat, Drove away to unknown destination.


Whole journey both were silent, she was staring out and rey was staring at her, her face was shinning in moon light making her like and angel, He stooped the car, Taani look out from window, They were near some lake, She look around its was so beautiful, A sweet smile was playing on her lips making him smile too. He step down from car and open the door of her side for her, She too come out of car. Weather was cold she was rubbing her arms to give herself some warmth, this goes notice by him, Without waiting for second he took out his blazer and place it on her shoulder covering her, Taani was touched by his gesture, Feeling happy seeing his care for her for the first time.


"Am sorry" he said, taani look at him confusingly why he is saying sorry to her.


"For what?"  She whispered


"For everything, I know I have given you only pain from the time of our marriage, am not giving you any justification because there no justification for my behavior, I just want you to give me a chance, I want to spend my life with you, I love you taani" He confessed what was in his heart. Her eyes widen in shock hearing his confesion.


"But you wanted divorce from me" She said, looking into his eyes which were showing his inner feeling, his love, his care, his guilt of hurting her.


"I was stupid, don't know mujhe kya ho gaya tha, mein tumse alag nahi hona chahta, I want to live with you" He said, He hold her shoulder, Tears come out from his eyes.


She wipe away his tears with that his pain was also gone, There was a hope that she'll forgive him and come back to him.


"You don't how much I was craving to hear this from you, now you won't leave me na?" She said innocently, her innocence that's the thing about her which made him fall for her more n more.


"Never, I'll not even think you leaving you because you are my jaan aur koi apni jaan ko chod sakta hai, I will be with you till eternity" He said, Pulling her into bone crashing hug, too hug him back.


"Taani am sorry, I know morning incident had hurt you a lot" Rey said, They broke the hug.


"Ha hurt thi but ab mein bilkul theek hu" Taani said assuring him with her eyes that she is okay. Both got lost in each other's eyes. He leaned forward until their faces were inches apart, she closed her eyes knowing what was coming, He took it as approval, Their lips met in beautiful kiss, He was kissing her passionately, giving her time to respond, she too responded with equal love and passion. Moon was witness of their reunion, Love birds were lost in their kiss of love, silently promising each other to be with each other till eternity.

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mujhe laga kuch dhamakedaar hoga CryCry

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thnx fr d om

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reswa again
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supeerbb os..loved it..alot..
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nice short and cute, its true dat unless and until d fear of loosing it frever occupies our heart we never see d beauty in d most unnoticed things in our life
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