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Here I am  writing an OS..with an awesome Scene..from season 1 .. don't wanna change .. it ..as I love the scene ..but It is  for the Birthday Girl as its her fav scene most ..and  more over ..some how this scene could be  more romantic ..I am just trying to ..imagine the scene in my way .. hope I will do justice with this...

Update -

Ram and Priya both are in changing room...their relation changed a lot ..They are now  Husband and wife .in true sense they r now ..Man and woman..  They reach in so comfortable zone that  sharing one changing room .its not a big deal for them...

Ram is feeling so hot .. and complaining about the electronics machine that its not enough to  give him comfort..

But  Priya is lost in her thought .. she does not pay attention to his words.. because.. RAM himself ..is occupied her all thought so his words did not effect  on her so much .. After a blissful night ..and freshen up..Priya .smiling herself..and humming  her favorite song ..,....

Bahon Mein Chale Aao

Bahon Mein Chale Aao

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda


Ram is surprised  with her behavior .. First when he did not get any reply from her ...but ..when He heard the song what Priya is humming.. it makes him blush...blush more ..and takes him their  first visit to Vikram  flat and the late night drive, Priya's  drunken state .. as this was the First time ..he saw his wife in a childish nature ..which secretly he admired ..even he uttered  she looks Cute ..and more sweet.. but  he did not compliment her .. his shyness..and more over being a Golu .. He could not express ,as he was unaware about his own feelings ...even did not like her so much .. but .. fallen  for her company as friend..as a guide...and the special things which he is remebering that is her song when they were in car ... "Rat akeli hai ...bujh gaye Diye "

 And again same type of song His Wife ...

Yeh Aaj Ka Nahin Milan

Yeh Sang Hain Umar Bhar Ka



 when the reality strikes  him that now  his wife is not in a drunken state .. she is   very much in her own self .. then why this song ..and it makes him more naughty...he  made a  plan asap..and again said .. and this time very loudly..

Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh

This Changed Ram Kapoor is not the arrogant  Business Tycoon..he is much more a husband RAM Kapoor..husband of  his Priya .. and ..it encourages himm lots to give her Company with those  words  which is in the main song ...

Priya just landed from her  own land.. with her husband s voice..it makes her surprised ...She knows her Man. Her Mr.Kapoor ..who does not like this stuffs ..even who is not so romantic . but she is in love.. she loves him like crazy the way he is .. no Romantic ..but no one is in the earth who is so much caring about her ...caring about his family even his step family ..  .. he is just a perfect son.. perfect .. friend..perfect ..Son in law.. a true life partner ...more over her best friend.. but this type of matching her foot step is so wired  for her ..

Priya looks at him .. and  asks ..

Kya kaha aapne..

Ram  trying to hide his naughtyness.. composing himself he says ..

Kya ase kyun dekh rehe ho.. yaar ..i am feeling so hot ...

Priya knows her husband is so Golu..so ignoring her own thoughts...

She moving towards him... And when she founds the sweat bids ,..she takes her pallu to wipe all ..

Ram loosing himself more and more in her .. in her attitude, the way she cares about his,, his each and every lil belongings.. so lil needs of his.. after  his mom she is the first lady .. who cares for him..not his wealth.. rather his health more ..

As a caring wife ...Priya .. takes one Shirt and suggest him to change it will be more comfortable for him..

Being the rightful Person..she  takes the charge and .. starts to untie his tie knot...

Her movement surprised Ram more and more ..but he loves it .. love s it more ..her proximity makes him blush more ..and  of course more demanding too .

Priya is busy to untie the knot ..and ..Ram takes this opportunity ..putting his arms..around Priya's waist .. pulling her close to him...

Its Not his First touch ..but .. she is not so habituated with this .. just .. their blissful married life started  a couple of days before ..his lil touch Makes her Shiver ..

Priya  stares at him.. ..

Kya gana   gaa rehi thi tum...

Priya does not expect this from Ram ...she is un aware about the fact .. and with lil hesitancy she says...

Wo.. Wo main.. even she  cant match her eyes with him..

Lowering her gazes ..she open her mouth to reply..

But like  a stub born baby ,, Ram says ...gakara batayo .. I know u have a sweet voice...

Priya cant  Ignore her husband demand..

With her red cheek she starts ,,

Bahon Mein Chale Aao

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda


Ram is enjoying her state..  he knows very well his wife is so much shy .. but it makes him more crazy .. crazy  for her ...

U cant stop singing.. I want to listen full song .. I just love ur Voice Priya ...

Making her more Blushing .. but more it giving her inspiration and an unknown pleasure  to sing for her husband

Chale Hi Jaana Hain Nazar Churake Yun

Phir Thami Thi Saajan Tumne Meri Kalayi Kyu, Haan

Chale Hi Jaana Hain Nazar Churake Yun

Phir Thami Thi Saajan Tumne Meri Kalayi Kyu

Kisi Ko Apna Banake Chod De

Aisa Koi Nahin Karta


Ram goes so close to her  ear ...seductively utters

Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh


Priya cant take this more .. already his proximity makes her ..loose and ..his hot breath on her ear ... she just loosing her self ..more and more ... to control herself.. she just moves a lil bit from there ..but ..her pallu tugs at his wrist watch and...just fallen from her shoulder..

Ram stares at her  from top to bottom.. and the same effects  happened with Priya .. but Priya  and her eyes are just stuck  at his  eyes which expresses lots of love and also the desire for her ... which she cant ..ignore too ..

And this effects of him.. makes her lost and she moves towards him.. with the same condition ...

Bahon Mein Chale Aao

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda

Ho, Humse Sanam Kya Parda


Ram lost in her state .. that he forgets every  thing.. his work. Even that still he needs to prepare himself. for office.. Priya goes close to him ..tip toed , reaches still his ear ...

Kabhi Kabhi Kuch To Kaho Piya Humse

Aye, Kam Se Kam Aaj To Khulake Milo Zara Humse

Kabhi Kabhi Kuch To Kaho Piya Humse

Aye, Kam Se Kam Aaj To Khulake Milo Zara Humse


Completing this lines.. she kisses his chubby cheeks just ,, controlling her emotion.. ...Ram was lost in her state .. and her proximity ..her action..makes him more  weak  ..that .When ..Priya .. starts to move back.. without his sense he upwards his left arm to show her watch exactly he  wants to show  where   her pallu tugged..

Priya can feel his state .. biting her lower lips she nods ...


Hai Raat Apni, Jo Tum Ho Apne

Kisi Ka Phir Humhe Dar Kya

Her this reaction  is enough to proboke RAM much more .. he goes close to her lips.to fill the gap.. when his lips touches with her he utters

Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh, Sh

 Within a second he just catches her lips...and  the both love birds lost in their land.. to make the morning again bliss full forgetting the world ..just for being together again..with morning bliss..


So Tough job to write  this typo.. I am not at all good .. please forgive me ..

Thank u






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Posted: 2014-05-05T17:53:53Z
Aweee... Sooo romanticWink
Superb OSHeart
Raya are tooo romantic...
I love this scene too muchWink
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2014-05-05T22:29:43Z
This was d most beautiful scene v ever got in BALH.. jst awesome..
Nice extention of d scene... Clap
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Posted: 2014-05-05T22:38:47Z
OMG! Sanju 
Morning i open my IF account, first recd your PMLOL
What a Hot OS dear Embarrassed
I like Each & Every lines, it's full of Romantic Wink
Thanks for the Romantic OS & PM too Dear LOL

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Posted: 2014-05-05T23:14:25Z
Awesome os
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-05-05T23:17:03Z
Superb os
lo bhai mai aa gai
first to nhi pr jaldi aa gaiLOL
wah wahhh
kya baat hai...
romantic osWink
Thanks for the pmHug
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Posted: 2014-05-06T03:00:18Z
Thx for the PM.
Changing room se shuru hogayi inki kahani.
i loved the part ,priya wiping his sweat from her pallu, i can make out both their expressionsDay Dreaming
what a sensuous song u chose to express their feelings.
Khoyi khoyi si priya, naughty naughty ram and itni sweat humming voice hayye kya mast sama hai.Day Dreaming a couple to be adored and usspe sanju ki jaadu ClapClapClap

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Posted: 2014-05-06T03:49:40Z
Shhh in ram style awesome di hayyee season 1 thank u for pm
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