RangRasiya 2nd May 2014 Written Update

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Posted: 2014-05-02T10:28:46Z
Part 1

Paro notices Rudra struggling to eat Apple. Paro carefully watches him. Rudra struggles and finally eats the Apple. Paro smiles and Maithili comforts her. Paro tells her that Rudra will get better. He will. Mathili says she has to tell her something. Mohini is behind all this. Maithili tells her about all the course of events. Paro asks if the plate of laddoos is still there. Maithili says she has kept them aside. Paro says you will have to help me with this. You have to help me unravel Mohini's truth. Maithili agrees.

Rudra comes back home. Mohini does his arti. She acts all panicked saying she did the aarti in the reverse direction. Another bad omen. First, Rudra's hand and now this. Paro says if she is so worried for bad omens, why not give the thali to her, she will do the honor. Paro does Rudra's arti and then stoops to hold his hand. Rudra says he can walk, need no support.

Part 2

Paro says not him, she needs support. He only tells her that she's clumsy. So please let her take his support. Rudra is stunned to see her reaction. Mohini asks him to be careful. She Will make arrangements for his dinner, but she thinks she will have to feed him. Afterall, his right hand is of no use. Paro advises him to not say anything. PaRud come for dinner. Mohini offers him food but Paro checks the food herself. Mohini asks what she's doing. Paro says from now on, every food will reach Rudra after she tastes. Rudra asks why, Paro says he did the same...when she was in danger. Mohini says those were terrorists, dangerous people, this is house. Paro says house, where Rudra was given poison. Mohini says how can she blame us, there's no poison. Paro says she knew there's no poison, I kNew that. No one will try to kill Major Sahab twice with the same trick. Danveer asks what's she saying. Paro says Rudra didn't eat anything except for these laddoos. Mohini says what does she mean, Mohini has tried to poison Rudra. Paro says she nowhere took her name, it's ok she herself admitted. Mohini says this girl is saying all rubbish. Rudra asks Mohini to speak properly with his wife. Paro brings laddoos and asks her to eat. Mohini says this girl was brought up from road, she should be slapped twice and sent back there. Rudra warns her to speak properly. Rudra and Danveer urge her to eat. Mohini is in shock. Danveer urges her, for his sake. Paro asks why is she not eating. Sumer asks what proof she has. Mohini says why not, Maithili is there...who always spies on me. Samrat glares at Maithili. Mohini accuses Maithili. She says if she needs to revenge for that night when she was away and the morning she taunted her. Mohini does melodrama. Paro says yes, she helped her.

Part 3

Paro asks Maithili to not be afraid. Sumer says Paro has tricked Maithili. Maithili says no, Paro is right. She got the proof. Paro says not only this, Maithili even got a proof that Paro didn't burn Bapusa's room. She got a duplicate of Paro's bridal dupatta. Mohini panics and says she can't take any more insults. She eats the laddoos.


Danveer tries to clarify things with Mohini but she sends him away. Sumer says he is unable to understand how and when she exchanged the laddos. Mohini turns to him all sick, says they need to go to the hospital.
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Thanks very much for the fast WU
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Thanks for the quick WU
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thanks for the WU :)
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Thanks for the update.. :)
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Thx 4 the luvly update
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thanks for the update...
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@Shivu: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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