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Part 1

Doc tells Maithli that iron powder was present in the laddoo..! Maithli self thot Mohini has done all this! She recollects Mohinis anger at Paro and then suddenly planning a Satyanarayan puja for her and Rudra! 

Paro is in the temple and praying to Bholenath to save Rudra ..! Danveer is sitting keeping watch on Rudra..! Aman notices the heartbeats slowing down! Danveer goes to call doc! Doc comes rushing..! Paro is chanting .. Om NamoShivaye ..! Rudras heartbeat becomes uneven and Pandit asks Paro to ask what she wants! She says HIS life! Pandit asks then think of something that you can give up for this? Paro contemplates! 

Part 2

Danveer begs Docs to do something to save Rudra! They charge the defibrillator to help save Rudra! Paro recollects Pandits words and recollects PaRud moments ..! Pandit asks Paro what she decided? Paro sits on her knees and tells Bholenath ok .. if this is the price to pay for HIS life .. i agree.. i accept to sacrifice my relationship with Rudra to save his life! The day Rudra recovers . . i will leave him..! 

The docs have given up hope! Danveer-Aman-Maithli are in shock and tears..! They beg Doc to do something! Suddenly ...Rudras eyes move ..! Aman notices.. calls Docs..! Rudra is breathing again and says Paro ..! Danveer thanks God! Doc says this is nothing short of a miracle.. have seen such a thing like this for the first time ..! Maithli tells Rudra  .. Paro has gone to temple to pray for you .. she was right .. if you pray with all your heart .. miracles can happen! 

Pandit asks Paro what she has done? Sacrificing the one she came to pray for? Paro says in my life he is the most precious thing ..how can i lie to Bholenath .. ! She says i am sure you have saved Rudra .. but the moment he recovers fully .. it will be my last minute with him .. i will leave him at that instant! Pandit gives her a flower as prasad of Bholenath ..! 

Sumer rues that he has to leave all the work and doing this feminine work ..! Mohini says its so late and ur dad hasnt called.. am sure Rudra is on his way out of this world! Suddenly Sumers moby rings.. its Danveer..! Danveer says Rudra .. and Mohini fakes sadness ..and Danveer says Bholenath answered our prayers.. Rudra is safe ..! Sumer asks how? Danveer says by Bholenaths grace..! Mohini fumes ..! Right then Maithli comes and Mohini fumes on her ...she walks away! 

Paro comes running back to hosp and Danveer tells Paro that Bholenath heard u .. Rudra is conscious .. if ur here i will be back from home ..!He shares that Doc says they will release Rudra soon! Paro is crying out of relief..! She watches Rudra from the window ...of the room .. enters the room tentatively ..! She rushes to him but stops recollecting her promise to Bholenath of leaving Rudra the moment he recovers! Rudra keeps taking her name..! Aman tells Paro that he is asking for u ..where were u? Paro wipes her tears and walks towards Rudra..! He notices her feets bleeding .. Aman asks how did this happen? Did u walk bare foot to temple? Paro says no nothing like that .. am fine! She places the flower from Bholenaths temple under Rudras pillow! Rudra says .. Paro . Doc..! Aman takes Paro to doc ..! 

Maithli is in kitchen and recollects doctors words ..! She wonders if she should tell Samrat.. or talk to Mohini herself..! The pressure cooker whistle goes off  and Maithli is still lost in thoughts! Mohini comes and asks what is the matter? Mohini says. Paro .. making veggies and roti for Rudra and Paro ..! She walks off from there! Mohini says that Paro and Maithli are upto something i think ..need to find out! 

Doc tells Rudra that as such they were able to save him in time but his right hand is affected by the poison! He says with time it will be better.. u can go home ..and if ur not comfy come back..! Paro overhears..! Nurse offers apple to Rudra to eat but he refuses to take..! Paro offers to feed him apple but he says .. din take help from nurse.. why will i take help from u..! Paro says .. i will do what i want.. u dun scare me. .i made friends with ur anger..! Rudra says so u will force me? 

Part 3

Rudra tells Paro u cant have ur way with me..! Paro asks how long will u fight with me .. scold me.. let ur past affect ur present? Sunlight is falling on Rudra and Paro closes the blind! She says i have seen bad times.. if i keep looking back.. i wont be able to walk forward without stumbling on stones ..! Rudra says dont talk about my past! Paro says that you are holding on to the past so tightly.. u dont have space to hold anything else.. ur love .. ur trust .is all gone..! Paro tells Rudra.. a few pieces  of apple remain now.. i fed u what i needed to.. now u have to help urself.. n u know its not that tough..! She walks off! Rudra is left stunned..! He tries to move his hand ..! He grimaces in pain! 

Precap -- Paro tells Maithli .. he will be ok .. he will be ok! Maithli tells Paro i found out the truth . Mohini is behind all this! Paro is shocked! 

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Aaahhh Tanu dear  Hug
U doing updates here tooo...WOWWW...

Thanx a lottt dear...do u remember me from GHSP days...part of CD buddies...Big smile
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Armu4eva u were a DT in CB right? Or in QH hun??? I know u hehe nice update thks lot :pEdited by lavalina - 2014-05-01T10:41:40Z
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Originally posted by Absoluv

Aaahhh Tanu dear  Hug
U doing updates here tooo...WOWWW...

Thanx a lottt dear...do u remember me from GHSP days...part of CD buddies...Big smile

Hey dearie .. glad to see u here HugHug
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Originally posted by lavalina

Armu4eva u were a DT in CB right? Or in QH hun??? I know u hehe nice update thks lot :p

Still there in QH Embarrassed Nice to see u here Hug
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So glad to see you do WU Dancing
Thanks Amu
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thanks for the wu Big smile
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Thanks a lot. 
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