Rangrasiya Written Update 29th April 2014 Rudra poisoned

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Rangrasiya  Written Update29 April 2014

 Paro comes with the puja thali for Aarti and tells Rudra he ate the Prasad and forgot to take  Aarthi. She thinks Rudra is deliberately avoiding her and is angry with her she keeps thali and goes and when she goes out she gets some sound and finds the lamp about to get blown out and Rudra falls down she shouts for help and calls all and says see what is happening to Rudra last to come are Mohini and Sumrat who smile at each other.  Rudra is getting some froth out of his mouth . Paro holds his neck says it looks like poisoning and asks Danveer to  ring up the hospital

Then they take him there and at the hospital says that this is because of poisoning and lot of iron in his body it is because of food poisoning. Mohini tries to blame Paro the doctor says she saved  Rudra as she caught hold of his throat  so the poison did not spread  to the whole body but it reached his brain so he has to gain conscious before morning otherwise it will be fatal.Only one person should stay in the hospital. Paro volunteers and Doc says ok and she can also meet the patient.

The doc goes and Sumeer whispers to Mohini that Paro will try to save Rudra but Mohini says she will not let her and will try to kill them both. Paro in Rudra's room and she is sad  and says looking at you I remember Bholenath and he also drank poison and so also known as Neelkant.Mythali comes and says you remind me of Parvati and both thoughtful and Mythali asks Paro whether he ate anything and then both think he ate ladoo but then all ate Prasad. Mohini and Sumeer go and Dhanveer asks where they are going and Mohini says she will go home and send food  for Paro and asks for Mythali. Dhanveer goes and calls Mythali who says she will just come. Paro tells her someone deliberately did this and asks Mythali to quietly investigate. Sumeer and Mohini are worried and and as Sumeer says hope no evidence is left and Mohini says keep quiet and she will kill Rudra before morning

Mythili is thoughtful and warms milk for Dhanveer Samrat comes she asks him to give milk to his father and says why both suffered  and hospitalized 1st tausa then Rudra. Samrat says bad time and asks her to give Maasa also some milk.

Paro is at hospital and remembers FB of Rudra eating the ladoo from a different plate which she had to eat and that she did not take any prasad.

Mohini is setting the bottle and just then Sumeer comes and drops the powder out of  the bottle and both go out.

 Meanwhile Paro rings up and tells Mythali we all did not eat from the same plate Major sa ate from the different plate meant for me and Paro is very worried and Mythali placates her that God will take care and they decide someone deliberately did it so to thoroughly investigate.

Mohini and Sumeer plan to kill Rudra before morning and plan to kill him when Paro sleeps.

Mythali comes to give milk to Mohini and finds the poison iron powder in her room and finds the bottle and  remembers doc words regarding iron powder in Rudra's body . She remembers and  FB of doctors telling

Sumer and Mohini come to the hospital room no one is there and as No one is there and Mohini stealthy gets into Rudra's room which is dark with no lights .

Mythali finds out that the iron powder is there in Mohini room and thinks she did it and then  remembers  FB of Mohini saying ladoo should be eaten by Paro she is horrified disbelieving that Maaji sa did this  but runs out.

Mythali searches for something a magnet and takes it to Mohini's room and finds the powder sticking to the magnet.

Mohini tries to inject something with a needle and says now you can peacefully go

Mythili gathers the powder in a different bottle and just then Samrat comes searching for her she does not tell him when he asks her and she says she brought milk for Maaji but she is not there. She goes out taking Samrat

Mohini about to inject needle to Rudra's feet and just then the lights come.

PRECAP Mythali and Paro talking and Paro asks the balance ladoo will be in Rudra room and asks her to search and Mythali finds it she says she will see and ring up.

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Thanks for the WU...
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Thanks for the update :)
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Thank you for the update.

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Thanks dear for the update...
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