PaRud OS: On Fire (18+ Only)

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Khamma Ghani Peeps! So, this one is just a random one-shot that I had promised various people that I'll write. First off, Manaal-Sa, here you go. I hope you are not disappointed with this OS! ^_^ 

A special shout-out to the amazing people on the pursuit thread! 
A heart felt thanks to Couch_Potato aka KD for being my cyber wife and always proof reading such shitty works of mine. I louuu you. 

Also, a warm thank you to this forum for being so welcoming to writers. You guys are the best. And I hope you like this one. 

Mature content ahead. Well, not so much actually. But friends told me to put the tag anyway. 

PaRud OS: On Fire


What was this?

And why was this happening to her?

Wasn't it enough for her that he had been becoming a little bit easy to exist around? He hadn't once said in the past few days, that she was irritating him.

Then what kind of evil games was her heart and body playing over her?

Ever since they had been back from Jaipur, he seemed to have taken over her mind in a whole new form. Maybe that form had been always there, but dormant. Or maybe it was new alright. She didn't understand it fully yet.

But right now, she couldn't deny what all was happening inside her, and it was terrible considering he would lash out at her if he got any idea of the images her mind was conjuring of him.

He had told her that he was going to join BSD again as soon as his paperwork was complete.

She hadn't understood then that until he joined, he'd spend most of his time around the haveli. Wherever she'd see, her eyes would land on him.

Not that it was new. She realized that he almost always was around her. Hovering into her personal space. But wasn't that the case with her too? She would hover as well, it was just involuntary.

And that was something she was struggling with now.

The problem started with the first night after their return to the haveli. He just made the bed up in a way that it'd accommodate her, and she didn't feel like protesting. He was much mellow after the prank he had pulled on her, and she just wanted a goodnight's sleep without the rat noises in her vicinity.

What woke her up weren't rat noises. No. She wished it was rat noises.

He had his hand secured over her waist, and his breath was tickling her neck and back. He had one of his legs over hers, in a secure grip, and she found that wherever he touched, her skin smoldered.

Her instant reaction was jerking out of the bed, wanting some space to breath, for his vicinity was making it impossible for any air to reach her lungs.

But as she saw how deep a slumber he was in, she silently moved back into the bed, on the other side, wishing it'd help and he'd just stay still till morning.

She had been wrong.

He'd just nuzzle up to her every night, deep in slumber, and then all she would do was sighing. His lips would graze her bare back, and she'd pray and wish for the dreams that would follow to stop. Her mind would weave intricately detailed dreams of his lips on her fingers, on her lips, and she'd feel like her whole body was on fire. His hot breathing on her bare back would give way to aches that were completely new to her, and goosebumps all over her skin. She'd feel like she was being set on a beautifully slow fire, and instead of burning to ashes, she was being heated to a temperature that felt uncharacteristically electric.

He'd wake up in morning and be completely at ease at how he enveloped her while sleeping, all the while making her think as if he wasn't the one who initiated it. As if she had subconsciously, somewhere, demanded him to be glued to her all night.

Which she knew for a fact that she didn't.

Then, why?? Why did she not want him to sleep separately?


She was completely sure that she was going to faint more often, with the heat that his body seemed to radiate and that her body seemed to absorb from him.


So, in vain attempts, she took longer baths, just to subside the heat. She didn't mind that Kaki-Sa was furious most days at the beendhani of the house being late to kitchen.

What she did mind was, him standing outside their bathroom, waiting. Shirtless. With only a towel around his chest.

That scene alone always made her want to do a U-turn and go drench herself in cold water again. The burn all over was too much to bear. Her body felt on fire as soon as he'd be visible like that.  But, all she'd do was lower her eyes, and give him way to take a bath.

Never mind that her gaze would follow the contours of his chiseled back as he marched into the bathroom.


This was unbearably cruel. And what was worse was that these feelings didn't seem to have an end. Almost anything that he'd do would make her uneasily aware of him.


At times, she even doubted that he was doing it all on purpose. He was enjoying it all, like he did when he played a prank on her.



She just didn't understand the need for him to sweat so much on those big heavy machines he had in their room. Almost all of his mornings and noon were dedicated to the different machines in there, and to the heavy weights that he seemed to gain some sort of pleasure in lifting.

But why... Why did he have to do all that without his shirt?

She'd come in the room, and just stand there, staring at the sweat beads glistening off of his body. He'd grunt, some weights too much to handle, and she'd just feel the dryness in her throat on the voices he'd make.

She'd try to keep on a composed look on her face, but even that was becoming an exercise. At times she felt he caught her with that dazed face. She shivered thinking what he might do if he for once caught on to the idea that she was dangerously day dreaming of him.

Maybe he'd start throwing a tantrum again that she was conniving methods to get closer to him.

No. She wasn't scheming. She just wanted to stop feeling like this.

 It almost felt criminal ...these thoughts.



She was preparing herself for another night of heated temperatures, when he marched into the room, holding a button in his hands.

She looked at him for a few moments, and then realized that a button from his kurta had fallen.

Before she could control the words from her mouth, they were out, "Laaiye.."


He stared at her for a good few seconds, and then, with a swift motion, removed the kurta and handed it in her outstretched hand.

Her breath was stuck inside in her chest somewhere, as his eyes fixed upon her.

"Le..." He then placed the button too into her palm.


She was sure that her eyes had gone as wide as they could be, and even surer was she of the fact that her Major Saab was reading her eyes. She was afraid he might see through her, and fearing, she lowered her lashes.

What a terrible mistake that was.

Her eyes landed on to the bronze glistening skin of his chest, and she felt the heat seeping underneath her skin again. She wished she went blind, or maybe found the ability to close her eyes, but none of her body parts were obeying her orders.


"Aaah..!" Her mind was instantly clear as the needle with which she was sewing the button back pierced into her finger.

"Kya hua!" He rushed to her, and before she could stop, had her finger that was oozing out blood into his mouth.

The burning intensified a thousand fold, as she felt his tongue slowly licking her finger. Her eyes closed, in prayer that maybe she'd be left alive after he was done with her. He was sucking her finger, and she felt that electrifying lava oozing into her veins again, her body being covered in goosebumps, and her throat parching up.

Her body out of control, she couldn't help the slow moan that escaped her lips.

And that's when his eyes met hers again, in a questioning look.

He was into her personal space again, hovering, "Kya hua ab?"

Her eyes couldn't focus anymore. Her heartbeat was touching the roof she was sure. Her breathing was abrupt, coming out in slow small intervals. And not a single coherent thought was going on in her mind.


His soft silky voice was the last bit of straw. Why did he have to utter her name?

"Jal raha hai..." She was breathless.

He immediately had his hands on her skin, searching for a burn mark on her. How had she hurt herself this time?

"Jal raha hai... Kahaan jal raha hai?" He asked, as his hands roamed on her back now.

"Sab... Sab kuch jal raha hai." She breathed, her eyes glassy.

That was when he stopped and actually looked at her.

Her lips were dry, yet their pink hue was in full bloom. Her eyes were dilated, gorgeously glassy. He neck and cheeks were flushed. And her body seemed to be covered in goosebumps.

Ohh. Ohh.  

She... She was finally burning in the same fire as he was. A slow smirk made its way on to his face. It was a shared torture now.

And he'd enjoy every part of it.

His lazy fingers drawled on to her back, as he asked her, "Kahaan... Yahaan?"

She was sure she would melt any moment now. Unable to keep hold of her body, her hand rested upon his bare shoulder, and she felt the heat transferring into her skin from there.

His other hand slid on her waist, leaving trails of fire in its wake.

"Yahaan??" His slow silken voice asked her.

Her face was getting a deeper shade of red as he proceeded, and he found himself drowning in the game he had started.

Her eyes met his, and her lips opened up a little, as if she wanted to ask for something. What she wanted, she didn't know herself.

His eyes recognized the need that she couldn't word, and without wasting a moment, he touched his lips to hers, tasting the sweet soft skin with unveiled ardour. She sighed under his lips.

The fire was consuming her. Yet, she didn't feel afraid of it anymore. 


A/N: So, how was it? Please leave reviews! 

Much Love


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Hot, sizzzling OS...
From Paro's perspective...?
Maar hi daalo mujhe...

Just how am I supposed to spend the rest of the afternoon at work???

Though I managed to surreptitiously read your brilliant OS during lunch break, I think I will login from home and leave a detailed comment..

Abhi brain mein aag lagi hai...going to canteen for thanda thanda nimboo pani...



I am telling see this kind of OS...from Paro's POV...I had Khushi ke aansoo in my eyes...almost!


The heat was palpable...felt it clearly in the air-conditioned confines of my cubicle...and did not know whether to hold up my palms to hide my flushed cheeks or clamp my mouth shut to hide the sloppy grin...the glazed look in my eyes would have given it away

i just loved how she checks him out when he is working out, when he is bare chested, how her mouth runs dry when he groans...she is so smitten!!! Notices the tiniest things about him! Daydreams, fantasises and indulges herself...

And I loved how you used the word hover.
The two of them...always mandraofying near each other...

You beautifully brought across her confusion at the new, unfamiliar feelings, her struggle to cope with them, to conceal them, lest he finds out...very well written!!
And you also interwove humour with all that smouldering desire...

This part particularly, cracked me up!!

He'd wake up in morning and be completely at ease at how he enveloped her while sleeping, all the while making her think as if he wasn't the one who initiated it. As if she had subconsciously, somewhere, demanded him to be glued to her all night.

Jal raha hai, she breathlessly tells him...
The truth...she says it like she feels it...simple, honest yet so overwhelming!

And the way his fingers teasingly stroke her bare skin at the end...uff!! Too much!!!

So Paro takes long, cold showers, in a futile attempt to douse this uncontrollable fire...
And we fangurls obediently follow suit...hope it will help us...doesnt seem to be doing Paro much good...

Keep writing sweetie... Never stop...

Lots of 
Maya (what_the)

PS: Smoulder, Combust, On Fire... Anyone noticing the trend in OS titles on the RR forum?  Paro and Rudra have really set this forum ablaze!!!!

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Posted: 2014-04-29T01:56:42Z
It is times like these when I feel so conflicted on whether to love you or hate you. I am a closeted thark and I am pretty sure you know that. Now when one shots like these come up ,my imaginative mind promptly goes to overtime mode and I imagine the things in vivid detail. With some subtle changes here and there, namely, I think of myself as Paro. And I love myself so it is not often that I want to change personalities.

Most have already said everything. I loved how you kept it vague on who crept into whose arms...It could be bot ways as well...But rudra draped over paro ..His breath on her back..Is it weird that the hair on my nape stood up straight????

And him...I knew it..It was a game. He was deliberately doing it. And her not knowing wat is happening to her but liking it all the same.
And the sounds he make while he works out and lifts...*bites lips* Blushing Yeah, I spent a good two minutes imagining that...
And when she says "Sab kuch jal raha hai" , I was like Sahi baat he. Sach me sab kuch jal raha hai.

And then the end. I hate youAngry...Because my mind conjured up such raunchy images , I am sure my mother would have admitted me to a nunnery.

Now, I will go and say the periodic table backwards...I hope it helps...

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Thanda pani! Thanda pani! *looks around desperately*

Hey bholenath, WHERE IS THE THANDA PANI!?!?!?!
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Posted: 2014-04-29T02:02:29Z
that was so good , usally ppl write only from rudra pov like just coz paro is a gaon ki chori she doesnt have such feelings .
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Posted: 2014-04-29T02:07:00Z
Res haven't read yet. Will read and then comment.
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Posted: 2014-04-29T02:07:21Z
Loved it so much. Very well written. Love the way you described her inner turmoil Smile
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Posted: 2014-04-29T02:11:02Z
Originally posted by Payali09

Thanda pani! Thanda pani! *looks around desperately*

Hey bholenath, WHERE IS THE THANDA PANI!?!?!?!

Here you go! 

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