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1. Ah.. Radha. My Ishtadevi.
It will take a long post to talk about her. So let me just keep that aside for a while. Meanwhile, you can ask Varaali since She is her Ishtadevi too.

2. Krishna.. hm.. if you don't count Radhakrishna's marriage, and somehow it is never counted (more on that in the Radha post), 16108 times. In some ways, yes all of them have an amsa of Lakshmi Devi in them, but to list them out:
Rukmini - Full avatara of Lakshmi Devi
Satyabhama - Bhudevi
Jambavati - Maya/Parvati (yes, I said ParvatiLOL)
Kalindi - Yamuna
Satya - Hreedevi
Mitravinda - Dakshina Devi
Lakshmana - I think Goddess Ganga
Bhadra - Tulasi Devi
Rohini and the others - women from the previous avataras of Narayana who wished to be his wife

Now your doubt on Parvati being Krishna's wife. You must be thinking I am crazy.
But Lord Shiva himself stated this, as follows:

[quote]"I, will take birth as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva who will be the incarnations of Kashyapa Maharshi and Aditi. My wife Lakshmi, the River Yamuna, the River Ganga, Goddess Tulasi, Hree, Dakshina, Bhudevi, Maya, Parvati and other Devis who are dear to me shall take birth as my wives. Aadi Shesha-"
"Just a minute, Lord." Parvati interjected. "How can I be your wife? I am Lord Shiva's wife; I am also your sister!"

Lord Shiva looked at Parvati. "Parvati, don't you remember, once in Kailasa, when Lord Krishna appeared to us, you stared at him with an intent of marrying him? At that time, Lord Krishna had already fulfilled your wish. This is the result of your wish. In this birth, you shall incarnate as his wife."

"But Mahadeva, how-"

"Do not worry. I shall not mind. And a part of you shall remain in Kailasa. Your Shakti shall incarnate as... well, your name shall be decided in the future."
Parvati was surprised and remembered her boon. She smiled to herself. The Lord's leela was truly unexpected![/quote]

Note: This was written by me based on what is given in Garga Samhita. So just take in the context. Not the mannerisms.Tongue

Next answer in the next post.
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Well, it is not in Mahabharata, but Draupadi has a LONG backstory.
Here it is, with Part 1 by me, and Part 2 by Varaali from the Previous Births thread:
Part 1:
Nalayani was the daughter of King Nala and Damayanti. She was a very virtuous woman who knew many shastras. So no one was learned enough to marry her. TO test her, once Rishi Maudgalya went to her as a handsome prince and asked her to marry him. She immediately asked various questions from different shastras, to which the rishi answered satisfactorily. So she agreed to marry him. They married and went to his ashrama, where she served him very  well. The Rishi wanted to test her further and so disappeared from the ashrama in the early morning. Nalayani searched for him, just then a hunter came there and said, "Your husband has been killed by a tiger."
She replied, my husband cannot die so easily. But the hunter said, "Leave him and marry me."
She got so angry that she cursed him with leprosy.
Later, Maudgalya Rishi returned, covered with all the signs of leprosy and Nalayani realised she had cursed her husband. To repent for this, she offered to carry him on her head wherever he wished to go. WHile going like this, they came across a house of a devadasi called Padma. To even more test Nalayani, Maudgalya Munivar said, "Nalayani, I wish to visit that devadasi. Inform her that."
So Nalayani informed Padma about this, and she too decorated herself and welcomed Maudgalya. He told Nalayani to get out of the house. When Padma came near him, he said, "Don't touch me, or you shall become ashes. That woman you see outside, she is a goddess of virtue. She has served me faithfully for so many years. I cannot betray her. But I can grant you any boon you want."
Padma then said, "O Munivar! I am cursed to have been born in the devadasi caste! No one respects me! Please grant me the boon that: In my next birth, I should be born as a royal princess, with a royal brother, marry a great warrior, and give an even greater warrior to this world."

Maudgalya smiled and said, "Oh Padma! I bless you! In the next birth, you shall be born in theYadava dynasty, with Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama as your brothers. You shall marry the great Arjuna and shall give to the world the formidable Abhimanyu." Thus, this devadasi Padma in her next birth became Subhadra.
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Part 2:
While returning from the devadasi's house late one night, (Nalayani was carrying her husband in a basket on her head- he could not walk due to his deformed, leprosy afflicted body) Rishi Mudgalya's foot accidently touched Indra's body who was perched on a tree.

Angered, Indra pronounced a curse on the riashi saying that he will die when daybreak comes.

Nalayani heard the curse calmly. Rishi Maudgalya asked whether she was not worried about his impending death.

Nalayani replied in measured toned "Indra said you will  die when daybreak comes...but I say, the daybreak will never come"

Summoning all her powers of satitva,  Nalayani declared that the next day will not dawn at all...it will be forever night. 
Ten nights thus passed. Because of Nalayani's powers of chastity, the sun could not rise at all.

As is usual in such stories, all the gods rushed to her and begged her to allow the sun to rise. INdra too removed his curse.

Rishi Mudgalya pleased with her assumes a beautiful body and the two enjoy several years of conjugal bliss. At length however, the rishi wanted returned  to his austerities.

But Nalayani was adamant and kept saying "Patim dehi...patim dehi " five times.

An angered rishi Mudgalaya cursed her that in her next life she will have five husbands. So saying he left her- and then- a shocked  Nalayani entered fire.
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Regarding having the 5 husbands, I think since both Mahadeva and Vedavyasa had said okay, everyone accepted.
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Originally posted by Akash005

@ Surya_ krsnbhakt
Parvathi and Nalayani were shocked!!.. well so m I !!.. I mean I had no idea!!..o my, this completely unexpected n beyond any of my wildest imagination!!..

 Out of curiosity though, what boon did parvati remember all of a sudden ?
Once Lord krishna had come to Kailasa (or maybe they had gone to Goloka) and Parva ti glanced at Radha and Krishna and thought that "Radha is the consort of my brother. How handsome he is! I wish I could take Radha's place!"
And then she remembered she is Siva's wife and Krishna's sister. But both Krishna and Shiva read her mind and granted her wish.
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