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Unexpected Proposal 

whole shekhawat mansion was decorated like a bride after all their one n only son is getting married today, Swayum and sharon two birds are going to tie in most sacred relation today, all their friends were busy in teasing them except one and he was Reyaansh singhania, he was busy in staring swayum's sister.

His eyes didn't leave her for a second, she is like a magnet which is pulling him toward her, he met her for the first time yesterday and from that time only some unknown desires for her is building inside him, he was craving for her one touch, The Business tycoon Reyaansh singhania and best dancer of world is all over lattu on his Best friend's sister, Taani, this name was making him crazy.

Rey look at taani who goes in store room to bring some thing, He too followed her, He entered inside the store room and lock it from inside, Darkness spread in whole store room.

"Kon hai" Taani was scared of dark, her fear was visible in her voice, her eyes widen in shock when tow pairs of arms snake around her bare waist, She was about to scream but couldn't as the person smack his lip on her her, he nibbled her lips, taani was frighten, she was kissed by a stranger, her first kiss stole by stranger.

"Sorry but i couldnt stop myself" He whispered as he broke the kiss.

"Who are you?" taani questioned him, He took out his cell phone for some light in room

"Am Rey, reyaansh Singhania" Taani look at him, she can see his face now in phone's light, she was getting lost in his chocolate brown eyes, She'd met him yesterday but they didn't talk with each other.

"Why you kissed me?" Taani ask him still lost in his eyes.

"My heart says me to kiss you, I just followed my heart" Rey whispered in her ear, pulling her close to him by her waist

"Don't know why but am getting addicted to you, you are making with crazy with wild thoughts from yesterday" Rey wanted to say this loud but dil ki baat dil mein his reh gayi LOL

Taani blushed, deep shade of crimson color spread over her cheeks, She was getting conscious under his intense gaze, she slightly push him, unlocking the door she ran away from there, Rey ran his hand in his hairs, smiling to himself remembering the kiss.

"This girl is driving me crazy" Rey thought to himself.


In Night

Taani was sitting on her bed, Lost in her thoughts, she didnt notice when rey entered in her room through window, He walk toward her and sat on her bed beside her, She gasp in shock seeing him there in her room

"aap? what are you doing here?" Taani questioned him, coming out of her shock.

"Sshh, Why are you shouting? I just wanted to meet you before i go back mumbai" Rey said, Taani get sad thinking about him going back, leaving her

"Ha, I just came here for SwaRon marriage, Now I've to go back" Rey said

"Jana Jaruri hai?" Taani asked in cutely which made him smile 

"Ha" Rey replied sadly

"Okay" Taani said in low tone

"But can i asked you for something, Will you give me?" rey said looking at her intensely 

"Mein aapko kya de sakti hu?" Taani replied in cute tone

"Your heart" He answered making her heart skip a beat

"Will you marry me taani, am fallen in love with you in very first side and i want you as my life partner, will you give me your heart" Rey confessed his love, he is a man of few words, what comes in his heart that time he said it.

"Yes rey, I will marry you" Taani said, tears of happiness formed in her eyes, On impulse rey pulled her in bone crashing hug. after some time they both broke the hug and smiled at each other through their tears.

Rey took out a small jewel box from his pocket, Taani look at him surprisingly when he took out a Diamond ring and slide in her ring finger and kissed her knuckles .

"Rey, I want to tell something?" Taani look at him shyly, rey smirk seeing her shy expression

"And that is?" He leaned forward, placing wet kisses on her shoulder, it make her lose concentration on conversation, his touch was making her forgot everything

"I was in love love with you from past two years, when My bhai send me his dance videos and photos with your  gang,I saw you first time and i fell in love with you" Taani confessed in one go, her face was red as tomato, Rey look at her shock.

"Really?" Rey ask her surprisingly, taani nodded in yes, immediately rey pulled her in sweet yet passionate kiss, he niibbled her lower lip, help her to open up for him, Taani obeyed him and parted her lips, he slide his tongue inside her mouth, her hands were massaging his messy hair and his was tracing her perfect body curves.

Her dream got true today, she never in her wildest dream thought that Reyaansh Sinaghania her prince charming will propose her and that too coming in her room through window. 

Rey broke the kiss and look at her flushed face, he peck her lips 

"I will come back here very soon to take you with me for forever as Mrs. Taani reyaansh Singhania" Rey said, he again hug her tightly.

"I love you Taani" he placed a gentle kiss on her head.

"I love you too Rey" In  reply taani placed a kiss on his chest on his heart which belongs to her now.

Taani loved this unexpected proposal of his.


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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:29:36Z
amzng os
luvd the proposal
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:30:33Z
wow yr superb os
taarey kiss in storeroom was so nice
and wow taani love rey 4 past 2 years awesomeSmile
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:31:17Z
wow yaar, it was so cute lovely and romantic, it was an unexpectd proposal bt it was an all time longed proposal i just lovd it keep writing mr : )
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:33:43Z
Cute and sweet story... Without any love proposal straight to kiss... Bad boy reyWinkEmbarrassed
Loved it.. write many more like that...

Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:34:58Z
Unexpected amazing
Awsm os luv it yaar rey
Kiss taani besharam n taani
Was lost in rey haaye rey came
To meet taani n both luv each other
Luvly thanks for PM n update ur stry plz
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:42:35Z
i loved it di... Star
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Posted: 2014-04-24T04:42:58Z
what a romantic proposal.

like it very much, superb
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