Rangrasiya Written Update 23rd April 2014 |Rrudra Paro Gets Drunk|

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Firstly appology for mistakes... updating through cellphone.

- every clapped and appreciated rudra and paro's performance. rudra and paro excused themselves from gitanjali

- gitanjali introduced paro to the other two women who happened to taunt paro earlier. paro recognised them.

- paro gifted the bag and the imli to gitanjali and she was really happy.

- the other two woman were shocked to see imli as a gift and asked paro from with part of india she belonged. paro was starting to tell them about birpur when they once again mocked her for being from a small town and poor. paro answered them back bravely saying it is not the money with makes someone reach or poor but their thoughts and behaviour. She showed the tattoo which one of the woman had and told her that in there village it will come free and will be drawn in much beautiful mannner. then she talked about the work on the bag which the other woman had and said she learnt it when she was five and she can promise her she can do better than that...it might have cost them few fortunes because it is bought from big shop but it cost very less at birpur.

- when the other woman got agiteted and name called her, paro shut her up

- maithili was missing paro and was telling her husband she wondered what were they doing on their honeymoon...they spend some cozy time in each others arms.

- devyani demanded 15k from mohini. Mohini was shocked. This was witnessed by maithili. Mohini refused to give her money and devyani blackmailed her. Mohini came in her words and gave her money. Maitili tried to recall where she had seen her then suddenly she recalled she had seen her before maha shivratri. Mohini warned her to keep her mouth shut.

- maithili followed devyani out of the house.

- geetanjali spiked rudra's and paro's drinks. She told her husband that they need to have some fun.

- paro and rudra had the drinks. And the drinks were doing their part. Paro felt dizzy.

- geetanjali once again asked whether it was love at first sight for rudra. He denied but paro in nasha asked her who turned and saw her his chacha? Rudra asked her not to start their bus incident

- they narrated their first meeting in the bus where paro confused it with their second time first meeting

- when geetanjali asked them how many time they met first rudra and parvati told once and twice respectively together.

- paro requested rudra's boss to take him in the BSD. She told him how passionate he was about his work.

- devyani caught maithili following her. When maithili insisted her to tell why she took money from mohini, devyani pushed her and ran away then phoned mohini and told her everything.

- like a child paro demanded to see the hotel. When paro's shoe started hurting her. Paro told him that even he hurt her by bringing her there. 

- rudra asked her not to believe his every words.

- rudra confessed that he never likes when he hurts her. Paro too confessed that she never likes when he is hurt.

- when paro told him how she felt bad looking at him crying. Rudra told her he wished they had never met.

- paro called him major sahad and rudro crawled towards her and almost near her face face he asked her not to call him by that name or else she have to face the consequences.

- paro told him no matter how much he convince her to hate but she can see the hurt, concern in his eyes and she keeps on loving him. Rudra looked at her lovingly.

Precap : and they kiss for the first time.
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thanks for the WU  Big smile
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Thanks for the written update! Superb episode. Loved it! 
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Thanks for written update.  Tongue
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thanks for the updateBig smile
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Thanks a lot dear...Smile

WOW..precap kiss..Shocked..haha..want to see that...Wink
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Thanks for the update Appy Smile
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abt precap- R u sure they kiss?? Confused
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