Ye Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2014 Written Update

Posted: 2014-04-21T12:43:57Z
Ye Hai Mohabbatein 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins when everyone is clapping for Ishita when she recieved a small gift from the society women. Ishita hugs Appa. Parmeet says to himself, Ishita you are the hope of this family now. Ruhi says to Ishu maa this is for you...Ruhi and Sharvaan starts dancing to Radha Teri Chunari song...Everyone is happy and smiling and claps for their performance. Raman comes on stage and says Ishita this is for you...

Raman starts talking in tamil and everyone is shocked, especially Ishita. The Iyers are smiling and having happy tears. Raman says I want to tell Ishita something in Tamil. Raman says if I make a mistake please tell me. I want to thank her from my heart. Simmi then says, what is he saying? I don't understand anything. Vandu translate to Simmi and Toshi ji what Raman says.

Ishita, since she has came into my house, she has well taken care of Ruhi, my family, and everything. Ishita isn't just a good dentist, but she is a good mother and wife. He said for us Sunday means day off but for Ishita its not. Ishita has saved me from a big business deal. Raman continues to talk in Tamil still...till today I have never thanked her ever, so today I want to thank you Ishita. Ishita gets tears in her eyes. Everyone all smiled. Raman said, our next door neighbor Pooja, without thinking about her safety Ishita saved Pooja's life by taking her to the hospital and bringing her back to society safely and Ishita delievered Pooja's baby in the society hall at home.

Raman says Ishita is special, she is my jhansi ki rani and my superwoman. He says thank you with a cute smile on his face. then the song Hasne Laga chehra song started playing...Everyone claps for Raman's speech. Ishita smiles with tears and claps for Raman. Pal Pal Bade Ye Hai Mohabbatein song plays... and Parmeet thinks what happened? How did this all happen and how did Raman speak so sweetly about and to Ishita. I cannot let this happen. Ruhi then says wow superb papa. Mihika comes to Ishita and teases her and Ishita blushes.

Mihir asks Raman how did you learn Tamil? & Bala says wow I should take Tamil classes from you now. Raman walks over to Ishita and says so did you hear what I said? Ishita says yes nice speech. Raman says Thank you. Ishita says how did you learn or did you hire a dialodue writer, and did you get help from Appa? Raman said Appa didn't thank me. Then Ishita says then who has taught you Tamil? Raman shows her a guy who is his employee who works in Salary department & he helped Raman.

Ishita smiles and walks away. Ruhi is playing with Sharvaan and ends up fighting about how his and her dad is short and tall. Ruhi says see my papa is the best and Sharvaan says no my dad is. Both keep fighting and Raman stops Ruhi and Sharvaan why are you two fighting? Raman asks Sharvaan to respect girls and Raman asks Ruhi to say sorry. Ruhi apologizes to Sharvaan and he ends up laughing so Raman says if you two fight again I will break your teeth and Sharvaan says okay im not afraid of big boys. Sharvaan says my appa is the best. Raman then says haan he went on Ishita.

Vandu and Bala leaves and Vandu reminds Ishita don't forget tomorrow is School interview for Ruhi in Sharvaan's school and you and Raman must be there. Ishita is happy to hear the good news. Amma says thats very good kids will become doctors engineer and education. Ishita tells Ruhi come on lets study for tomorrow's school interview and Ruhi is playing with her doll. Ishita says i am asking you something. Toshi ji walks in and tells Ishita why are you pressuring Ruhi, our parents back then didnt pressure us. She tells Ruhi to play. Ishita asks Ruhi what is the capital of India? Ruhi says Mumbai and Ishita gets angry, you are not concentrating.

Mihika comes over with Muthu Swami and says we came to say good luck to Ruhi and Mihika then says to Ishita oh Amma said to buy Ruhi a good new dress tomorrow at the mall. Ruhi smiles. Ishita asks her all the planets names and Ruhi names them all. Parmeet ends up laughing and watches them. He says to himself tomorrow I will take you to shopping and you can shop all you want.


Ishita asks Raman to drop them at the mall. Parmeet says I will drop you. Simmi says I will also come. Parmeet tells Simmi about the baby and now Parmeet will go with Ishita and Ruhi.
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Thanks for the update :-)
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Posted: 2014-04-21T13:30:37Z
Can some one kick Parmeet out from this show? He is annoying.
Thankx a bunch for the update.Edited by ritamukund - 2014-04-21T13:28:52Z
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Originally posted by ritamukund

Can some one kick Parmeet out from this show? He is annoying.
<div></div>Thankx a bunch for the update.

lol I think all YHM fans want to. But without fire or spicyness in YHM isnt worth watching lol
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Posted: 2014-04-21T21:22:39Z
Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 2014-04-21T23:54:14Z
thanks for the WU...
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Posted: 2014-04-22T03:14:46Z
Thanks for the WU. Smile
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Posted: 2014-04-22T03:21:22Z
Thanks...please update daily i cant see the show neither the videos posted here
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