*//*//*Happy Birthday Mehwish*//*//**Guruji,Tusi Cha Jao**

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Celebration Time...

Some Thumkas...

Passionate Dance...

Serios Dance...

Emotional Hug...


Delicious Drink...

Some cup cakes for u...

And the cake will be brought by none other than AshNi...

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In soft gleaming of stars...
may all ur dreams come true,
may evry star of every night bring love and joy to you
Happy Birthday ...

Here is your cake from Ashni


Happy Birthday Mehwish Hug have a great day ahead...
Love Santhiya Embarrassed


my dear jaanu wish y
ou a very happy birthday and love you loads and loads...


butterflies, pink roses & gold ribbon - div - springbutterflies, pink roses & gold ribbon - div - spring

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The Surprise worth remembering

It was Ganga's Birthday,which she totally forgot.When there are no sign of celebration why will someone remember his/her birthday!Especially for a girl like Ganga,birthday is just another day and the date is only necessary for certificates,not for celebration.In her whole life there will be hardly any person who asked her birth date for celebrating it.Little did she know that now she has a whole family to remember her birthday and celebrate it.

Jagya was very excited,he had some plans,infact his whole family is planning.

'Ganga's birthday will be a day worth remembering,' he thought.

Dadisa,Bapusa and Tausa were sitting together and were discussing something.Jagya came there to discuss about the surprise but he missed the moment that when he entered all of them stopped their conversation.Jagya sat and talked about the plans he had and Singhs were just agreeing with all he was saying.

'OK then,planning is over,now its time for execution,' Bapusa declared and others nodded in agreement.

Jagya was satisfied and happy that his family is more excited than him for celebrating Ganga's Birthday.He left the place wishing goodnight and went to his room.But others had no interest doing the same thing,infact Sumitra and Gehna joined them.

'We are done with our chores and Ganga went to her room,' Sumitra almost whispered.

'Jagya also left and the good news is,he didn't doubt us for once,' Dadisa said happily.

'Whats the plan,Maasa?' Gehna couldn't stop herself from asking.

Dadisa gave a shrewd look.Basant and Bhairon were smiling looking at Sumi-Gehna's curiosity.

'The plan is simple.We are not giving surprise to Ganga,' Dadisa successfully blasted the bomb.

Both Sumi-Gehna was stunned and disappointed.They couldn't speak a word but their expressions said it all.They were giving "What?No.But why Maasa?This is not fair," kind of look.

'First listen the whole thing then give those absurd looks,for God sake!' Dadisa said.

'So,I was saying,we are not giving surprise to Ganga,we are giving a surprise to both Ganga and Jagdish,' she finished.

'But Jagya knows everything Maasa,he is part of the planning,so how can we give him surprise,' Gehna asked.

'We already made a full proof plan,Jagya is only part of one surprise,he doesn't know about the other one' Basant said proudly.

'Now,you two,' Dadisa said to Sumi-Gehna...'Just do what I ask you to do...'

'Ok Maasa,' Sumi-Gehna replied together.

Ganga was working in the kitchen next morning along with Sumi-Gehna.They have to do what Maasa asked them to do,as soon as possible.Gehna looked at Sumitra and assured her that she will now start the conversation.Sumi left the kitchen as it might be little embarrassing for Ganga to hear the plan they made in Sumi's presence.

'Ganga,you know we are planning a surprise for Jagya today,' Gehna started.

'Surprise for Dactorsaa!Wow,Taisa,he will be very happy,' Ganga said with excitement.

'Actually,we just planned it but the whole thing is upto you,' Gehna replied.

'I will do anything for him,Taisa,just tell me,' Ganga assured shyly .

Gehna explained everything to Ganga and understanding the bottom line of the surprise Ganga was about to faint due to embarrassment.Though it was a nice idea but the planning was made by the wrong people.She imagined the whole scenario of Dadisa,Bapusa,Tausa,Taisa,Maa planning the surprise and she was more embarrassed.But she need to do it.And she braced herself...

'First I need to start a fight with Dactarsa.I need a reason to be angry with him.But he never makes me angry.What should I do then!' Ganga thought to herself.Just then Jagya called and Ganga did the most weird thing.

'Thank God,finally you got the time to call me?' Ganga started.

'What happened to you?What kind of a question was that?I reached just now and for your kind information it needs just few minutes to reach hospital.So the bottom line is,its been maximum 15-20 minutes that I didn't talk to you.So now stop joking,Ganga.' Jagya laughed.

'What kind of a way you are talking to me,Dactarsaa' Ganga said in high tone.

'What is wrong with you Ganga?Are u out of your mind?' Jagya cut the call as he was totally pissed.

Ganga got nervous as the call should have been cut by her because she needs to get angry with him so that he comes to pacify her without expecting anything.So she called back.

'You cut my call!How can you cut the call on my face?First you forgot to call me and now you are cutting my call!I will never talk to you and plz don't talk to me ever' she was screaming on top of her voice,she was mean and she cut the call.

Jagya was like 'Iss ladki ki to main' but he controlled himself remembering its her birthday.He needs to call her back and say sorry.

'But,sorry for what?I didn't do anything.I think she should apologize,she is mad,yes,she should apologize not me.But its her birthday and if Dadisa gets to know that Ganga is angry with me and cried today then she will definitely kill me.' Jagya thought to himself.

So he called back.Ganga picked up the phone.

'I told you not to talk with me' Ganga was feeling bad but she need to do this.

'Sorry,Ganga,plz forgive me.' Jagya apologized.

'No,Dactarsaa,you never talk to me like this.And you called me mad,' Ganga continued.

'Wait a minute,I didn't call u mad,plz.' Jagya replied.

'Yes,you did,you asked me whether I am out of my mind or what,' Ganga said.

'Oh, come on Ganga,its not the same thing,' Jagya said helplessly.

'I don't want to hear anything,I don't need any apology,don't talk to me,bye,' Ganga cut the call.

Jagya was totally confused thinking about the whole incident.He did nothing but it needs to be sorted out.But first he needs to prepare the surprise.

Ganga was getting ready,all the other things were done,the room was looking heavenly.She along with Taisa did everything,decorating a room is not an easy task.She was thinking about the surprise.The family unknowingly planned her and dactarsaa's first night and she agreed happily.Taisa had no idea that Jagya and Ganga haven't fully started their life as husband-wife.Jagya gave Ganga the time she needs as their life was not so easy afterall.But today when Gehna shared the whole plan she realised she is excited and now ready to accept him fully.She is ready to do anything to make him happy.She didn't pick up his phone though he called quite a few time.She doesn't know whether he reached home or not.Taisa asked her to give Jagya's kurta and other things so that he will not need to come to the room ane ensured her that when he will come she will inform her.Ganga was nervous as well as excited.She herself was surprised realizing her excitement for her first night.She started doing the most difficult thing and that is waiting for her Dactarsaa.

Jagya reached home.He brought a gorgeous ring and also a pair of beautiful earrings for Ganga to gift her.After seeing the surprise she will definitely forget about the fight.He was about to go to his room but Taisa stopped him and said...

'What happened Jagya?Ganga seemed sad,everything ok?She gave me your kurta and sitting in her room,locking the door.'

'Everything is fine Taisa,plz don't say anything to Dadisa.She will kill me.I don't know what happened to Ganga,she is behaving weirdly but trust me,I will pacify her by giving her the surprise.' Jagya replied to Gehna and went to change.He didn't even tried to go to his room as Taisa already said its locked.

Singhs and Jagya were sitting in the hall.Nobody said anything about why Ganga is sad,why she didn't come to have dinner,nothing and Jagya was relieved that none of them asked him anything about Ganga.Ten minutes were left and Jagya prepared himself to go to his room.Who knows Ganga might take time to open the door and he might miss to wish her at 12.00.He stood up and said...

'I am going first.Plz give me few minutes as I need to do something special and you all can come when I call u.' Jagya didn't mentioned the reason why he needs few minutes and none of the Singhs asked him the reason.

'We will wish her in the morning,Jagdish.Its too late now,we need to sleep,lots of preparation need to be done. Wish her on behalf of us.' Dadisa said in a sleepy tone.

'But it just requires few minutes to wish her,she will be really happy,' Jagya tried to convince.

'Let it be Jagya.You go and wish her.Do it properly,ok?We are going to sleep' said Sumitra.

'Whats wrong with everybody.Just few minutes back all were excited and preparing,now all of them are feeling sleepy!Is it Ganga's surprise day or mine!Uff,I am getting late,hope she will open the door quickly' Jagya thought.

Jagya took his gifts and went to his room.He knocked the door and to his surprise the door was not locked.He thanked God and opened the door and his heart stopped beating for a moment.He could have think of everything but not this.He looked at the whole decoration of his room which clearly giving a vibe of first night and there's sitting the girl whom he loves more than his life,all decked up like a bride.

Ganga was sitting on her bed and waiting for Jagya to enter the room.She heard the knock and she couldn't understand what to do.She saw him entering the room and she saw his changing expressions.She will never be able to forget the look he gave after seeing all the decorations.His piercing stares compelled her to feel shy and she looked down.

Looking at the decorations Jagya thought to himself...

'So she planned a gift for me on her birthday,this was reason of that weird fight!Not bad.But how did she managed without getting caught!' Jagya thought.

He stopped thinking when he saw Ganga standing up from the bed.She was not looking at him but he was only looking at her shamelessly.He entered the room and came close to Ganga.He held her hands and then made her sit on the bed and he himself sat down with her.

Ganga saw him coming towards her.He held her hands with so much love and they sat on the bed together.He was searching his pockets.He held two boxes in front of Ganga.

'Oh,how sweet of him,he brought gifts for me to pacify me.' Ganga thought to herself.

Jagya took the gifts from his pocket,opened both the boxes and finally wished her Happy Birthday as it was already 12.

'What!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!' Ganga couldn't believe what she heard.Its her birthday,yes it is,she totally forgot.

'Its my birthday' Ganga said looking at Jagya 'I forgot.'

'You forgot your birthday,then whats all this decoration for?I thought you wanted to gift me something in your birthday' Jagya said confusingly.

'I did all this with Taisa,she said we need to give you a surprise tonight and she gave me this idea,' Ganga explained.

'Taisa gave you an idea for our first night!!!' Jagya exclaimed.

'The plan was made by the whole family,they helped me in all this,' Ganga added.

'They planned our first night!!!Are you serious!' Jagya was shocked.

Jagya was confused thinking how come his family planned their first night after so many days.They know nothing about their marital life.But then its not at all compulsory of them planning their first night.For them it might be just a romantic surprise.But for Jagya,its his most awaited moment.

'When did they plan,I was a part of their planning all the time.' said Jagya.And then Jagya realized they actually had plenty of time to plan two surprises,one for Ganga by including him in the planning and one for him including Ganga.What a family!Jagya laughed thinking.

'Why are u laughing,I did this for u,I didn't know that they were planning two surprises.' Ganga pouted.

'Arrey,budhdhu,I am not laughing at you.I am laughing at myself.It was all their well executed plan and they succeeded and how!' Jagya replied.

Ganga agreed and said with a smile 'Very true.It was such a beautiful surprise.I never imagined that you all will remember my birthday.Thank you.' Ganga looked at Jagya and she couldn't stop her tears.

Jagya wiped her tears and said 'Anything for u Ganga.Waise I just wanted to ask you a question,may I?'

'About what?' Ganga asked curiously.

'Taisa gave you this incredible idea and you agreed!!!Taisa didn't know about us so she shared this idea with you but you knew,still you agreed!Why?' Jagya made some naughty gestures with his eyes.

Ganga can handle everything Jagya does,his anger,sadness,mood swings, everything but not these gestures and he is so close to her.She took off her eyes from his and started sweating as she had no answer.

Jagya sweeped his hand on Ganga's cheek and showed his hand to her and said 'Its not this much hot here,isn't it?' Ganga looked at him nervously and he smiled.And its Ganga's favourite smile,when he smiles like this Ganga can't stop staring at him.Ganga also smiled but she was still nervous.

'Ok,ok,relax,just leave it.Just see what I brought for u and tell me you like it or not.' Jagya stopped pulling Ganga's leg finally.

'Its very pretty,Dactarsaa.Thank you so much for the gifts.By the way,why no one came to wish me?' Asked Ganga.

'They had other plans,so they went to sleep,' Jagya said sarcastically and laughed.

Ganga also started laughing looking at the way Jagya spoke.

'Shall I make u wear the ring and the earrings,' requested Jagya.

'Of course Dactarsaa,you don't need to request,you can rightfully make me wear these,' Ganga was feeling very shy while saying this but she said it.

Jagya held Ganga's left hand and put the ring in her finger.He took out the earrings Ganga wore previosly and put the new rings.The gifts were beautiful but now its looking gorgeous when Ganga wore them.Jagya was looking at his beautiful wife.He was thrilled thinking Ganga agreed to the idea of their first night.She accepted him fully today otherwise she would never accepted the whole planning and execute it.

'What happened,Dactarsaa?' Jagya came out of his thought with Ganga's question.

'Nothing,' he replied.

There was an awkward silence in the whole room.They had lot to say to each other but for some reason they couldn't.

'You are looking beautiful Ganga and thanks for everything you did to surprise me,' Jagya broke the silence finally.

'Its nothing like that.I did nothing,' Ganga replied.

'But I can't believe you agreed for our first night' Jagya once again started being naughty.

'Not again,Dactarsaa.I had to go through so much today,I had to unnecessarily fight,had to cut your call,had to be mean with you and you are pulling my leg.Very bad.' Ganga pouted.

'Oh,I totally forgot about the fight you started today.Ya,I agree,you went through a lot.Now as you have done so much for me so I need to reward you with something.' said Jagya.

Ganga looked at him confusingly.

'You planned the whole thing and now its time for the execution,no?So shall we start?' Jagya winked.

Ganga totally understood what he meant.She looked down but she had a little smile on her face and Jagya noticed it.He held her chin and she looked straight into his eyes.Their eyes locked.Jagya started getting close to her.Ganga stood up and tried to escape but Jagya caught her hand tightly.Ganga didn't turned back,Jagya came behind her and hold her other hand also.He pulled her close to him.Not even a string could have passed through them,they were so close.Jagya gave a back hug to her.Ganga tried to free her but he had a strong grip on her.

'Not today,Ganga,' Jagya whispered in her ear 'Please...' he pleaded.

There was no reason for her to stop him today.She was ready and that was the reason she accepted the idea of surprising him.Now after all this she can't back out and she shouldn't.Ganga turned towards Jagya and faced him.She saw her Dactarsaa waiting for her answer.She couldn't stop herself and she hugged him tight.Jagya hugged her back.And finally they took their relationship to the next level.


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