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I got bored so wrote a really crappy one-shot. If you like it then please leave your likes and comments. I thought of making it a short-story but then remembering how lazy I am in terms of updating I dropped the idea.
Oh and it's slightly mature.


||A Beautiful Sin||

Without thinking for once he captured her lips absolutely care-free about the consequences. Where as Paro felt a new feeling creeping inside her. Being kissed by her husband made her feel out of the world. Rudra had always dreamt of making love with his wife but his silly arrogance kept him away from recognizing his love for her. He did love her immensely, but he was scared to admit it remembering what his mother had done to his father. But, today he broke all the barriers without thinking for once, that later he might regret his actions but for the time being he was just enjoying the moment he was spending with his lovely wife.

Paro was unable to comprehend his action as half an hour ago he stated that he doesn't love her and what not and now he's kissing her like there is no tomorrow. She felt like pushing him away but instead she just gave in as her mind lost to her heart. Both were kissing each other not caring about the ball party going on downstairs. Rudra pushed Paro behind the wall and slammed his lips on hers again, tasting every bit of her. Paro too responded and soon that kiss  turned into a deep, passionate kiss and there was no stopping as they wanted more of each other.

Rudra picked her up and dropped her on the huge bed and trapped in between his arms. Paro could just see raw desire in his chocolaty brown eyes. Rudra started to place a trail of kisses on her swan like neck while a soft moan escaped Paro's mouth while her hands moved through his hair, pulling him more close to her. Rudra was tired of the black chiffon saree which covered her perfect curves. He quickly took of her saree and got rid of his shirt as well. Her upper body was completely naked as he discarded all the remaining clothes. He kissed her on her belly while his  hands massaged her bosoms "Rudra!" A loud moan escaped her lips which was again captured by Rudra. The whole night the duo made love, completing each other.

The next morning when the sun's rays crept through the curtains and directly fell on Rudra. He rubbed his eyes and his head was spinning. The blur vision of his beautiful wife became clear and noticed the closeness between them. The moved away with a jerk and saw their states. Both were naked in each other's embrace and could feel every inch. He quickly left her and woke up and rubbed his eyes not sure of what might have occurred last night. The flashes of last night were flashing in front of his vision. It seemed like horror struck as he never meant any of those. It all had taken place in his drunken stupor which was unknown by Paro.

He felt angry at himself for losing control. Did he give in because of her beauty or because he loved her? Because he loved her! That was the answer and yet he denied his love for her and now he just dug his own grave. What will he answer her? He didn't want to break her heart by saying that it was just a mistake by him. Not just a mistake but it was the most beautiful sin he ever made. At least he accepted his beautiful sin!
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Beautiful...keep it up. 

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Enjoyed your little OS. Big smile
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Originally posted by SherryGS

Enjoyed your little OS. Big smile
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Kaaash!!!! Aisa kuch hota!! Embarrassed
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Loved it...
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awesome...I will love to have a 2nd part to know paro's reaction to this...Big smile
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Originally posted by sukhminderkaur7

Beautiful...keep it up. 

Thank you. 
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