Rang Rasiya 18th April - Written Update

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Part 1

Maithili complements that the bangles are looking beautiful on Paro. Phulwari asks what next! Damyanti says the "rasam" is over. Let's go and do some work. After they leave, Sumer tells Mohini that its time for her to pack her bags and leave for pilgrimage. Mohini says no, this is a war for her house and for her business. She will not accept defeat. 

Paro removes her bangles. Rudra asks her why is removing them. She finds all of this so amusing. Paro says she cannot explain as he will not understand. Rudra says all this drama, holding my hand...smiling, she's doing it on purpose. Paro says that it's not the way he thinks it is. But she doesn't even bother to explain now and saying so she walks out. Rudra follows her. Maithili sees Rudra enraged and decides to call Phulwari and Damyanti.

Rudra corners her to the wall and says that he has told her that when he's speaking, make an eye-contact. Paro says all she was trying to do was to show themselves as a happy couple. Rudra says I exactly know that behind all this, she is trying to take an advantage. Whatever maybe the matter, we're not an ideal couple. Paro sees Damyanti and Phulwari. Damyanti says she knew at first glance, that you both are not an ideal couple. With that much experience, even a man's hand can make me realize that his hands are used to slap or or to love a woman. Paro says that this is not how it is looking like. Phulwari says that we've heard everything. Still Paro is defending him. Paro asks Damyanti to let her explain. Damyanti says ok! I give you one chance. Paro takes a red paint and draws a circle. She asks everyone to guess what it is. Everyone gives a different view. Damyanti understands and says that Paro wants to tell us that there are different ways to look at a single thing. They saw her standing on one feet and assumed that Rudra was torturing her, but that wasn't a torture. She will tell everything now.

Rudra has always saved her. Be it from the goons, the terrorists...and he saved her from being destroyed in her life. He has a lot of debts on her, but he never made it a point. She loves him, and to prove her love...she stood on one foot...on her own...Rudra never told her to do that. But people just saw what happened on the night, they didn't see what happened next. When Rudra saw her, he came up to her...took her back to their room in his arms. The first thing that he asked her in the morning was, if she is alright. Rudra cares for her. Damyanti says fine! But how did they get married so soon. Was there any pressure on Paro to get married. Paro says not at all! She wasn't under any pressure. Damyanti asks if Rudra wanted to marry her too

Part 2

Rudra says yes! Paro says like he said, there was no pressure on Paro. She knows that their marriage wasn't the way it is supposed to be. But it is a marriage, and she got what she somehow always wanted. Damyanti says she trusts Paro, but it's her husband she doesn't trust. Paro says he has a slight "teekha" nature but look...even Shivji was like that. But everyone worships him, because they know that he knows how to love. Rudra is stunned and speechless seeing Paro. Damyanti says that always remember, anger is the enemy of both relationships and people. This girl, who looks helpless...and the one who is supposedly being tortured, but I know she's strong woman, but she loves him deeply. He might have understood this, but he doesn't know the depth of her love. I am a woman and I can see through the depth of her heart. One day, even Rudra will realize. She asks Rudra to take care of Paro, and to control his anger. She will not give a bad report but her eyes will always be on him. She tells Paro that if she is in any problem, she is free to call him. Damyanti turns to Mohini and advises her that she is the elder-most and if there's any problem...she should solve it..and not add fuel to the fire. Damyanti and Phulwari leave.

Part 3

Rudra and Paro become conscious when they become alone. Rudra says he'd go to the office. Paro leaves a sentence incomplete. Rudra leaves but they have a little moment where they steal each other's glances.

In BSD HQ, Singh tells Rudra that unless they get the report, Rudra can't join back to work. But it's his 25th Anniversary and Geetanjali wants him to come over to Jaipur with his wife for a Ball. Aman on the other hand tells Paro about the Ball and explains her what it is. Rudra says how can Paro come. Singh tells him to explain this to Geetanjali and not him.

Maithili makes Paro pack her clothes for Jaipur. Paro says Major Sahab might not want her to come. Any which way, she has never been to anywhere outside Beerpur, it was him who brought her to Chandangarh. Maithili says so he's the one whose taking her there. Rudra comes back and asks how does she know of the trip. Paro says Aman Bhaisa. Rudra says there's no need for her to go. There will be questions and lots of drama. Paro says sure! Even she didn't want to. She was looking for a way to tell him.

Precap- Rudra sees the burnt wrist. He comprehends that this was the reason why Mohini was hell bent on pulling the sleeves up. With so much said and done, it seems that it was her who gave her this burn. He tells Paro that he will be back and needs to settle some scores

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