Ye Hai Mohabbatein 17th April'14 written update.

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Ishita huggs ruhi.ruhi tells her not to cry as u told me that one who do bad should cry not u.then she tells bala's mom to say sorry to ishi ma coz she s not bhanj, and tells ishi tell her ur not bhanj. Ishi cries and huggs ruhi tightly. (Teri dil ka meri dil se plays) ishi says ur right, m not bhanj, I hav my ruhi.she thanks her n says u made me a mother, I'm ruhi's mom.she kisses her.n raman looks at them and smiles.she tells ruhi they should leave nw as its very late.pooja wakes up frm bed n ask ishi to stop.ishita runs to her and tells her to lay down.pooja tells ur not bhanj, but a devi and praises her.pummy aunty ask sorry to ishi n praises her.all claps for her.aunty again say sorry to her coz she listened to crap.ishita says earlier she felt bad when some1 says she s bhanj, but not nw as she hav ruhi as her daughter.she says infertile s not the one whom's womb is empty but to those who's heart is blank.a child understood that thing, but not a adult. A neighbour agree with her n tells its happy moment and they should serve sweet.she goes to bring sweets frm her house. Pooja asks ishi to give name to baby.Ruhi tells she wanna meet baby, ishi shows her baby.and she names her srishti.pummy aunty giv sweets to ishita first and serves to all.ruhi stops bala's mom when she was abt to eat ladoo.n says she cant eat without saying sorry to ishi maa.she says I dnt want it n leaves. But raman stops her way n taunts her.he give good answer .she goes frm there.
Trisha reaches home. Then mihika n mihir reaches there. She s coughing badly. She tells him to go.he says ur not fine.she shouts at him to go n locks door.Trisha asks her what happend n giv water to her.mihir thinks why this girl s stubborn n worries for her.n thinks only ayurvedic medicine will cure her cough. He comes inside. Trisha asks him what happend.he told her how they reaches there luckily.trisha goes to take alopathy meds, he says it wont help her.he asks mihika abt ayurvedic meds n she keeps mum n coughs. *missd a second here*he shouts at trisha n says mihika s his girlfriend n he loves her.she s shocked. Atlast mihika signs meds s n her room.he goes to take it, then stops n looks at trisha and goes to take meds.trisha looks on
Ishi is taking her dress frm her suitcase.raman comes there n looks at her n smiles. She tells him now tell I disconnected ur phone and hurt ur ego.starts, m ready n prepared. He comes near to her n smiles, then says for d first time today I hav nothing to say, u shut everyone's mouth. He shakes her hands n said congratulations, u did very good job today, but I hav to ask something to u today, he praises her first n asks how u says this big big dialogues.ishi tells u starts again. He says no u hav dialogue for all.for him, his mom, ruhi, her parents. But today's ur dialogue touched my heart. When u get time do listen to ur dialogue, u will go to coma state right then ROFLROFL he pulls her leg n make fun of her abt her dialogue ROFLROFL very very cute n hilarious ishra scene ROFLROFL she leaves n he smiles LOL
Door bell rings, ishi opens door. Trisha comes inside n asks raman if he knw mihika was mihir's GF.mihir comes her.Raman tells he broke that relationship coz I didn't liked it.trisha says then that relation s very sensitive. If it was genuine mihir will try to save that relation. Ishi tells trisha that ur right if that relation was important to him he would hav done something to save it.raman says correct. Trisha says its normal, she feel sad that they hide this frm her.ishi asks then u are ok with his ex relation. She says yes.she taunts mihir n mihika. Raman says thats why he kept mihir away frm mihika coz of her lies.ishi gets angry. Mihir takes her frm there, raman greets them goodnight.he tells ishi they loves eachother, whats wrong. Ishi leaves angrily.
Next day tamil new year preparation is going on in iyer's place.trisha wishes them happy newyear.bala n vandu reaches n greets. Bala says good curfew stops at right time or else they wont b able to attend pooja.mrs iyer tells shravan to look at steel pooja taali as a part of pooja. Ruhi comes there n says she too need payasam.shravan n ruhi fights n mrs iyer takes them inside. Mihika greets her akka n jeeju.
There at bhallas baisakhi celebration s going on.everyone greets eachother.parmeet keeps bamboo at their door bhalla n mr iyer meets n greets for their celebration. mrs bhalla n simi makes party plans.mrs bhalla asks for raman n bhalla says ishi s tired, let her take rest.raman comes n greets, then says ishita s not feeling well since morning n she vomited.mrs bhalla calls doctor
Doctor check ups ishita. Mrs bhalla asks what happend. Dr asks her if they checked her pregnancy test, she thinks she might b pregnant. All r shocked. Ishi asks what n epis ends.

Precap: ishita tells raman that she didn't told any lie nd she did told that she s not pregnant. He says u can't b pregnant, ur infertile, he stops n tells without a man n women make physical relation a baby dnt conceive.ishita asks then what will she say they got married jst for ruhi n after we close our bedroom door u sleeps on bed n me on sofa? .and parmeet was listening to all this Ouch

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Thanks for the update but parmeet is eying Ishta Confused
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Originally posted by RamziMeriJaan

Thanks for the update butparmeet is eying IshtaConfused

nw that he knw ishra's relationship truth, he will make more gatiya plans to make ishita spend a night with him AngryOuch
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Posted: 2014-04-17T15:33:48Z
Thank you Mariyum Hug 
gosh that parmeet -_- 
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Posted: 2014-04-17T15:59:57Z
thank u ..,.
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Posted: 2014-04-17T20:52:46Z
thanks for the update...
god why didnt this parmeet's chap gets closed??
m sure even knowing his truth simmi will leave him...
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Posted: 2014-04-17T21:04:28Z
Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 2014-04-17T22:57:37Z
Originally posted by .SmokeySilence.

Thank you MariyumHug
gosh that parmeet -_-

welcome dear Hug
I knw AngryUnhappy
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