OS: Palat Meri Jaan

Posted: 2014-04-17T12:32:22Z
Hi everyone!

I'm back after some time with another OS. This is my trivial attempt on an alternate ending to a classic S1 episode - Jan 10, 2012. Here's hoping you will enjoy it.

"Bin mausam baarish humesha bura sandesha hi laati hai."

"Nahin Mr. Kapoor, bin mausam baarish kabhi kabhi kuch dekar bhi jaati hai."


Ram looked at Priya & found her looking at him with her compassionate, soulful eyes. Priya's eyes had always been an enigma for Ram. They would tell him if she was happy or sad, if she was angry over something or planning a mischief on someone. And at this very moment, Ram knew Priya's gaze was filled with love & adulation for him.


Ram slowly nudged her hand, which was entwined with his until now to envelope her into his embrace. The warmth radiating from Priya, as she kept her head on his chest, calmed Ram down. Priya could hear his heartbeats which soothed her soul and they both knew something had shifted between them. Before today, they were just two adults bound in a strange relationship, two different people who could adjust themselves to cohabitate together. However, after today, things would never be the same. The void of trust had evaporated.


"Thanks Priya," spoke Ram.

 "Sshh...it's okay...we'll get through this...together."

Ram nodded sombrely, still holding Priya very close, afraid she might walk away if he let go. One look at Ram and Priya realized behind all the facades of responsibility, her husband was not just a child at heart but a scared, jarred, heartbroken man who longed for love as much as she did. When she decided to meet Krishu ji earlier in the day, it was plain curiosity & will to search a solution to Ram's worries. Now she understood why Ram had been edgy the past few weeks. He was afraid that Priya would leave him alone, just like the rest of the people in the world did. Priya's eyes welled up again as a sense of melancholy passed over her.


"Ra...Mr. Kapoor, chaliye, you've had a long day. You need some sleep. Kuch khaya aapne??"


"Bhook nahin hai Priya. Tum kha lo," said Ram but it didn't escape his attention that Priya almost addressed him by his first name. Suddenly, he felt the urge to hear his name from her. He felt the urge to scoot closer to her, the urge to establish a bond stronger than they had.


"Maine aaj late lunch kiya...abhi kuch khaane ka mann nahin kar raha hai," lied Priya.


"Bilkul...waise bhi zyaada khaogi toh tumhari biscuit jaisa kamad weight put on nahin kar lega!!" Ram tried to lighten the mood with their patent banter. Priya acknowledged his conscious effort to change the topic & replied in equal jest, "Of course! Mujhe Polar Bear jaise dikhne ka koi shauk nahin hai."


"Tumne phir se mujhe mota kaha??," pouted Ram. Priya, giggling at her husband's antics, added "Aapko pata bhi hai, aap jab aise karte ho, toh kitne cute lagte ho??"


"Accha??" Ram's eyes sparkled as both settled on the bed.

"Uhmm...so jaiye ab," Priya proceeded to massage Ram's scalp & tucked him in. Half an hour later, Ram's soft snores were heard over Priya's breathing, who had fallen asleep leaning against the headrest.


A few hours later...

Ram's eyes suddenly flicked open. The storm had died down, but rain was still pouring outside in drizzles. He turned around to see Priya sleeping uncomfortably, leaning on the headrest.


"Priya?? Priyaaa...utho", Ram slowly shook her by her shoulders. Priya's sugary sleep broke & she found Ram leaning over.



"Thik se so jao Priya...aise toh kal subah tumhare gardan mein dard hoga."

"Hmm...haan..aap so jaiye...mai jaati hoon."

"Kahaan?? Itni raat ko kahaan jana hai tumhe??"

"Couch pe...aur kahaan??"

"What?? Tum kahin nahin ja rahe ho...yaheen pe so jao. Wait, I'll get your pillow & blanket."


Priya stared at Ram wide-eyed, at a loss for words as Ram sprang up to get the pillow from the couch.


"Yeh lo...AC thik hai...ya temperature thoda badha doon??"

Priya was still trying to decide if it was her dream or this conversation was actually happening.

"Nahin...thik hai."


Ram went back to sleep, his back facing her, while Priya tried to contemplate and make sense of all that happened in the span of last few hours. Eventually, she dozed off, exhausted after the day's events.


Next morning...around 7:30 a.m.

Ram woke up to the most beautiful sight ever...his lovely wife sleeping like a baby, tightly clutching his upper arm, her velvet-like hair a tangle of mess, her right leg lazily sprawled over his right foot. Ram gulped as he realized what he had missed all these years. The sheer sense of belongingness he felt when he was with Priya. And to think of it, he almost threw everything away last night...almost pushed away the one person who had chosen to walk alongside him, without expecting anything in return. God, he was such an idiot!


"Vikram was right. I don't understand people at all," muttered Ram under his breath.


As Priya snuggled a little more close, Ram started reminiscing all the moments he has spent with her. His wife of six months, whom he hated in the beginning, had filled colours into his mundane life. This was the same lady whose every word used to irritate him, but today, he wanted nothing more than to listen to her honey-dipped voice. Priya evoked feelings he was unaware of hitherto. From the sense of possessiveness he felt when Ashwin had badmouthed her to the sheer contentment he received when they were alone in Australia, from the sense of gratitude he felt when Priya had removed the tickets of his Chennai-bound flight(which had crashed) to the adolescent-like flutter of desire when he saw her in the sleeveless nighty, from the feeling of pride when Priya had spoken of her Christmas wish to that of despair when he handed over the divorce papers, she had made him come alive.


He would no longer run from his share of happiness, he would no longer term their relationship a compromise, he would never again hurt her.


Halki Halki Khushbu Si Tum Ho

Jaise Subah Ka Jaadu Ho

Dheemi Dheemi Is Pal Mein Tum Ho..

Jaise Jharne Pe Baadal Ho

Unhein Chhu Loon Toh Tum Ud Jaao

Tumko Pakdoon Toh Sharma Jaao...

Palat Meri Jaan

Kuchh Meri Sun, Kuchh Apni Suna

Mujhko Seene Se Le Tu Lagaa

Palat Meri Jaan

Meri Dhadkan Hui Hai Javaan...

Palat Meri Jaan

Tu Mera Din, Tu Meri Subah..

Meri Khamoshiyon Ki Sadaa

Mere Ishq Ki Tu Intehaaa...


A sly grin broke on Ram's face as feelings of newly discovered compassion gave way to a plan of mischief to get her closer. Slowly, he took her Mangalsutra dangling from her neck & proceeded to tangle it with a loose piece of thread on his kurta.


Priya's sleep broke & to her embarrassment, she found herself cuddling onto her cute husband, whose eyes were boring into hers with dazzling passion. Startled, she loosened her hold on his upper arm & quickly tried to get up, muttering a quick apology for her deep sleep. But that was not to be. Priya fell straight on Ram's shoulder, in the after-effect of the pull of her Mangalsutra. Ram's hand automatically went across her waist to steady her being. Priya gasped silently as her right hand found its own will to comfortably settle on Ram's chest, just above his heart. She could feel his heartbeats throbbing on the hollow of her palm.


"Mr. Kapoor...main...woh.."


"Easy! Stop squirming."


Ram slowly untangled the knot of the thread around the Mangalsutra, never looking away from her eyes. Priya felt like she could drown in those eyes of his, or choose to swim. She could choose to bask in the glory of his attention or decide to curl into a shy ball under his intense gaze, but she could not & would not escape from the hold of his strong arms.


Oas Mein Chhalki Boondon Jaisi Ho  

Subahon Mein Chhanti Kirnon Jaisi

Jis Rut Mein Ho, Khil Jaaye Woh

Geeton Mein Lafzon Ki Tarah..

Meethe Suron Ka Ho Bayaan..



Main Palak Jhapkun, Toh Tum Aa Jao

Thandi Saanson Ko Garma Jaao...

Palat Meri Jaan,

Ishq Tera Hi Mera Jahaan

Rooh Mein Meri Tera Gumaan

Teri Chahat Mein Main Hoon Fanaa...

Palat Meri Jaan..

Dekha Hai Maine Tujh Mein Khuda

Hai Ibaadat Teri Har Adaa

Mere Ishq Ka Tu Inteha... Aa...


Ram's eyes darted from her eyes to her lips, a feeling of sheer recklessness coursing through his veins and pulling him towards oblivion.


"Yeh lo...ho gaya," said Ram as soon as he gained control of his emotions.

"Huhh?" replied Priya still in daze.

"Ho gaya..." told Ram, a little louder this time.


"No problem."


Priya sat up & arranged the blankets quickly. Just before leaving the bed, she turned towards Ram who was still looking at her, his face a myriad of emotions.


"Mr. Kapoor???"



To Ram's utmost surprise, Priya hugged him, resting her head on his shoulder. Both their breaths hitched in their throats as they took in the sense of warmth & feeling of contentment the hug provided. They had hugged before, been close to each other before, but none of those moments were of this nature. This symbolized both of them finally accepting each other, stepping aside the barriers which destiny had placed in their paths. As Ram tightened his arms further around his beloved, Priya finally spoke, "Agli bar jab aapko mere kareeb aana ho, bas mujhe gale laga lena. Bahaane marne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai."


*The Screen Freezes*

Please share your thoughts!

Psst...make sure you listen to the song "Palat Meri Jaan" from the movie "Total Siyappa". It's fabulous!



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Posted: 2014-04-17T12:50:20Z
was so awesome loved ih nd u can just tell raya love each othr was truely a beautiful update nd i like  the song palat mer i jaan too its really good
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Posted: 2014-04-17T13:19:12Z
very beautiful .writing
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Posted: 2014-04-17T14:23:33Z

Awesome os...
loved every bit of it n d lyrics was perfect fr d plot .
grt writing ...
do write more...

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Posted: 2014-04-17T14:44:46Z
Awesome os hayeee Raya pls do write more n pls continue also
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Posted: 2014-04-17T19:58:37Z
Superb!!! Awasome update!!
Do continue writingWink
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Posted: 2014-04-17T22:30:58Z
superb os...
well written...
song gelled really well... Tongue
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Posted: 2014-04-17T23:01:49Z
beautifully written
loved every bit of it
damn good
so sweet and rayaish 
do try and continueEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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