17th April - Written Update- RangRasiya

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Part 1

Paro keeps laufing and Rudra corners her ..! BG- RangRasiya! Parud eyelock! Rudra turns away ..! He stops .. Paro looks at Rudra..! She bends down to pick up the mattress! Rudra takes it from her! Rudra says if those three bats came to peep in again? Better sleep on the bed! Rudra is drinking water and Paro looks at him ..! Rudra sits on the bed first ...! Paro sits on the other side! Both have their back to each other! Rudra lies down ...! Paro is about to take the comforter but Rudra takes it all and turns his back to her! Paro is sad..! Rudra turns to Paro and offers the other side of the comforter! Paro takes! Both lie on the bed looking at each other ..! Both hear some nosie and Rudra wonders what is going on? Paro says rat..! Rudra says.. will handle him in the morning! Paro says dun kill him! Rudra says why? He is married? Wife will be widow? Whatever troubles me u like it..! Rudra lies down and Paro smiles and lies down too! 

Next day morning ...Danveer asks Phoolwati if they slept well? She says nope.. as the song Rudra sang for Paro was buzzing in my ears..! Culdn sleep..! PaRud steal glances at each other! Mohini smirks and tells Paro to go make dabba for Sunehri..to take to college..! Rudra is eating and starts to couf..! Mohini says will get water for u? Rudra walks off..! Mohini says a bit too spicy and he walks off..! Rudra is in kitchen coufing and Paro offers water..! Rudra says u made the breakfast.. added chilly in it..! Paro says why will i ? Rudra comes back and says have urgent work will be back soon! The ladies walk after Rudra .. Danveer follows..! Sumer tells Mohini u added the chilly right? Mohini says just started the drama.. so that Rudras rudra swarup is evident to all ..! Sumer says what if he ate the whole thing? Mohini says .. he is camel.. he can control thirst not anger.. see what happens in future..! Mohini goes to kitchen and sets things in a way to trip hot milk ..! She calls Paro and says wanna make churma laddos and asks Paro to shred coconut for her! Paro sits to shred..! Mohini puts hot glass of milk at the edge of the kitchen slab ..! She slyly rolls a pumpkin towards the hot glass of milk and walks out..of the kitchen..! Paro shrieks and is pouring water on her burnt hand..! Paro wonders who kept the glass of hot milk here.. n how did that pumpkin hit her? Paro realizes that Mohini wants to ruin Rudras repute..so he gets fired from BSD! Paro swears wont let those women see these burns..! 

Part 2

Paro says this job is Rudras life ..wont let anything snatch it from him ..! Mohini says will show u all how Churma Ladoos are made! She calls Paro and Paro comes wearing full sleeves and says .. done! Mohini asks why changed clothes? Paro says just like that! Mohini asks Paro if Rudra was upset about the chilly in food? Did he do anything? Paro says.. he din talk of chilly but said wanna see u in full sleeves blouse so...! Phoolwati says ur love story will kill us..! She says lets go back home..! Her senior agrees! Mohini fumes! Paro breathes easy ..! 

Rudra says not complaining .. he says they stayed here for long.. saw all ... want them to leave... n wanna be off the Radar! His boss says.. ur character certi is not important ..! Just want people to see Paro happy with u... let those women see PaRud happy at the wedding! Rudra agrees..! Sumer says ...bangles? Why? Mohini says gave Paro an injury so those ladies see it. .but Paro used her brains..! These bangles will show the truth to all ..! Sumer says why not show it urself n Mohini says all wuld have doubted me ..! Let Rudra come n do it..! 

Mohini says my mothers side do this ritual .. all brides are gifted bangles by their in laws! Paro comes n self thot i know u did all this to reveal my injury and Mohini self thot so that Rudra gets kicked out of BSD and this house! All call Paro to join n show her arms..! Paro hesitates..! Rudra comes! Mohini asks Rudra to tell Paro to remove her sleeve to put the bangles on! 

Part 3

Mohini tells Rudra that ever since u told Paro u wanna see her in long sleeves ..she is not ready to remove her sleeve..! Rudra asks why? Maithli says .. ritual to put bangles on the bride! Mohini says u do it since ur here! Rudra refuses ... but the women say why not? Rudra relents.. and says i will do it and tells Paro to slide her sleeves..! Paro hesitates ...! Rudra asks why so shy? Slide ur sleeves up ..! Paro still resists but relents and theres rudraksha mala on her hand..! Mohini suggests to remove the rudraksha ..! Rudra is about to do it and Paro says i will remove it myself and she does .. theres mark on her hand and she hides it..! Rudra touches the burnt part and puts the bangles on but Paro stifles her pain and keeps smiling..! Mohini fumes..! Phoolwati takes pics..! Rudra puts the bangles on the right hand..! Rudra sees pain in Paros eyes and the smile..too! Paro self thot . .no matter how hard u try .. 'Main mare Rudra ko harne na dungi'..! 

Precap -- Sumer tells Mohini to go for religious trip as she is not able to commit a single sin..! Mohini says its not a sin .. its a fight for my house and business..! Will get the chance and will use it too..! Wait and watch! 
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Thankx for the quick WU. Embarrassed
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Thanks for the very quick update Smile
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Thanx a ton for the quick update
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Thanks for the quick update. 
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