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Hello friends,

If you have read any of my previous OS on the forum about Rudra & Paro, you will notice it is mostly about  Rudra's frustration because, for some reason, it gives me immense pleasure to imagine Major Saab in pain, since he has brought this on himself, in my humble opinionTongue He has made so many vows to hurt Paro, especially the ones about not being affected by her beauty or not being hers even after marrying her that make me want to imagine him suffering every day due to his self-imposed celibacy!

And based on what I have read on this forum so far, the sizzling chemistry of our couple and the fact that we will never get to see the intimate scenes that we wish to see, on TV in this show, so this is the way to go Embarrassed



BSD now knows that Paro is married to Rudra now and he has gotten his job. He is still pissed at Paro though for forcing his hand, all the drama with Mahila agency and of course, being the stubborn mule, he is, Paro still is to blame for everything. So, it is just an another day in their life and this is what happens J or what I would like to see (yes, yes, they won't show a kiss, but can they please do a pretend kiss????)


In the Morning:

Rudra is all dressed up in his uniform and ready to go back to work. It had been too long  that he had been away from the one thing in his life that mean the most to him. He was excited, yet nervous to get back to doing what he loved most and he was late already! He might have to skip breakfast today.

As he was getting dressed for work, Paro came to the room quietly and asked him if he was leaving for work.

"Haan, mujhe jaana hai jaldi" , Rudra replied impatiently

"Naashta tyaar hai", Paro asked

"Nahi, jaldi hai mujhe, nahi karna naashta mujhe", he said, all the while fastening his belt on his pants.

Paro just shrugged and quietly started to walk out of the room, when Rudra called out, "Chai, Paro"

She stopped and looked back and asked, " chai chahiye aap ko, major Saab?" She knew he didn't like her calling him by that name, but she did it anyway.

He didn't actually have to drink tea right now but since, she had started walking away from him when he had said no to breakfast, something about that bugged him. He didn't like the fact that she hadn't asked him again or even had insisted like a wife that he eat something before he went to work, so he went ahead and asked her for tea.

She looked a bit irritated somehow but didn't say anything and just walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Rudra started wandering what was going on with her.

Meanwhile, Paro walked back to the kitchen, muttering under her breath, "Manne pehle kaha nashta karenge, phir kaha, jaldi kaam per jaana hai, phir chai chahiye, yeh mujhe pagal karke chodenge"

She got a cup of tea and walked back to her room. She saw Rudra on the phone with Aman and he was saying," Haan, haan, abhi aata hoon...kya, sab aagaye hain wahan?  Accha Aman, mein abhi aaya" and he hung up.

Paro offered him the cup of tea and he just brushed her aside, saying he wasn't interested; he was late for work and he had to leave, and then just walked past her.

At this point, Paro lost it, and she slammed the cup of tea by the bedside table, with a loud thud that it spilled out of the cup, onto the plate, on the table and some even on the floor!

Rudra was surprised at Paro's reaction and turned back from the door, came up to Paro and grabbed her by the arm, "Kya hua, Paro, dimaagh kharab ho gaya hai kya tera?" he asked her angrily

Paro just looked at him and then pushed him away from herself with all the strength she could muster; she had had enough of his twisted mind games!

"Haan, pagal ho gayi hoon, kabhi aap ko yaad nahi rehta kay shaadi hui hai, aur kabhi yaad aajata hai,... kabhi chai or nashta chahiye, kyunke aap pati hain, aur kabhi chai nahi chahiye aap ko,... kyun ke aap ko yeh sab khel tou acche lagte hain na? mujhe tung karke accha lagta hai, na? Paro asked angrily

Rudra was shocked not only at her accusations but at the tone of her voice, she usually didn't talk like this to him. And what was ironic was that he was actually late for work, and that is the reason he had turned down tea, not because he wanted to annoy her, well maybe a little, but not entirely.

The next moment, he became angry thinking about the painful, sleepless nights that he had been enduring sleeping next to her, exasperated while she slept blissfully, unaware of the agony she had been causing him for the past few nights.

He had promised her that her beauty would not affect him, but it had dammit, every day and every night, and it was all her fault! It was because of her, the "khubsoorat aurat" that he was in this insane situation!

So, he did the next thing that came to his frustrated mind, because she had started this fight with him now, when he had to go to work, when he was so late already, and so now, he was going to teach her a lesson and shut her up!

He grabbed her arms and pushed her against the wall, his face so close to her that she could feel his breath and then her did what he had dreamed and wanted to do for so long!

Slowly Rudra lowered his head and his mouth came down, pressed hard against Paro's soft, quivering lips.

To say she was shocked was an understatement; she never knew what hit her! One moment, she was angry and standing there; the next moment, she was in his embrace with her back against the wall, and him kissing her.

He moved his hands up to hold her face while kissing her softly, small tender kisses, and she whimpered but he kept on nipping and pressing his lips against her soft, pink lips. His tongue traced the seam of her closed lips, gently coaxing her to open her sweet mouth. The feeling of his licking tongue against her lips made her gasp with shock, and she opened her mouth in surprise, unwittingly granting Rudra the entrance that he so badly wanted.

His tongue slipped inside her mouth, eliciting a moan from Paro, which was music to his experienced ears. He pressed his hard body against her supple body and continued the skillful assault on her innocent, naive mouth. He licked her lips, sucked on her lower lip, then upper lip, her tongue, just devouring her mouth as if a man starved.

She was stunned, her mind reeling from Rudra's ardent onslaught, not only on her lips and mouth but all her senses; she grabbed and bunched the collar of his uniform shirt in her dainty hands, to push him away or to pull him closer, of that she was not sure. Her body was tingling with excitement, and she felt like molten lava coursing through her veins, slowly melting and drowning away.

His tongue moved in and out of her mouth with the expertise of a skilled lover, mimicking the way he longed to drive hard into her warm body but could not, and so, instead he kissed her long and hard, punishing her for tempting him so, driving him insane with desire. He kissed her like a man dying of thirst; a parched man who had been searching for water in desert for too long, but now had discovered the oasis and could not stop himself.

The shrill, piercing sound of the phone ringing joltedd Rudra back to reality, lifting the dense fog of desire from his passion addled brain and he slowly pulled back from Paro, to answer his phone.

 It was Aman, " Sir aap kahan hain? Singh Sir aur doosre officers aap ka intezaar kar rahe hain yahaan."

"Haan, ...Aman, ...mein bas abhi pohanch raha hoon,... tu rok kay rakh sab ko...mein bas abhi aaya", Rudra barely choked out the words as  he was still recovering from the kiss a moment ago and looking at Paro's closed eyes and her lips, swollen from his kisses and wet from his amorous assault. She wouldn't open her eyes, full of embarrassment and somehow, he was thankful for that.

He was so darn frustrated but at the same time, so glad that he could leave for work without having to face Paro now. He needed to get away from her, as fast as possible, and think about what he had done and the repercussions of his actions!

Rudra abruptly let go of her, grabbed his keys and ran out the door, leaving a befuddled Paro behind, and almost ran over his Kakusa in the hallway.

Kakusa stopped him," Rudra banna, office jaa raha hai?" mein bhi saath chalta.....and before he could finish his sentence, he looked at Rudra and his face changed color and he gulped and then said, "Rudra banaa, woh, thaare..."

"Abhi nahi kakusa...baad mein baat karenge" Before he could finish, Rudra just rushed past him saying he had to leave and he was already so late!

He came across Jija, kCM and Sumer in the yard as he was walking out the door and they all took one look at him and started acting strangely. Jija looked down covering her face with her dupatta, Sumer looked irritated,  and of course, KCM looked like she always did, angry, with fumes coming out of her ears, but he did not have time for this drama. So, he got on his motorbike and left for work.

Paro slid down slowly to the floor, her knees turned to jelly, all the while touching her lips with her fingers; they felt damp and so swollen from his passionate kiss. She still could not believe Rudra had kissed her, just grabbed her and kissed her like that! She was in a state of haze, confused and her mind was spinning; she placed her hand on her heart to stop it from pounding so hard against her chest, like it would explode right out of her chest.

What had just happened? What Rudra had done was so intimate, so personal, she had never thought kissing was so invasive; there were a myriad of emotions flitting through her young mind, from disbelief, shock to amazement; she felt strange, and self-conscious just thinking about it. She never knew kissing could involve so much, and men kissed with not just with their lips, but with their tongues too?

 Did Samrat bhaisa kiss jija like this? She couldn't very well ask them that, now could she? What did this mean? How would she face him now?  She just sat there for a very long time, thinking and pondering about her very first kiss, while covering her reddened, inflamed face with her hands.




Rudra walked in quickly and met Aman in the hallway, took off his helmet and started walking towards Singh Saab's office, when Aman looked at Rudra in astonishment and stammered hesitantly, "Sir, aap...woh...kya, woh..."

Before Aman could finish asking his question, Rudra turned away and started walking again, faster this time, "haan, haan, pata hai mujhay Aman, ...der ho gayi aane mein, ...woh mein kucch kaam mein phas gaya tha...aane mein der ho gayi, mein samjha loonga Singh Sir ko, tu chinta mat kar..."

"Per Sir...".Aman tried to continue his conversation but they were now at Singh's door and as the door opened, they both walked in. There were a couple of BSD officers there, who took one look at Rudra and started smiling sheepishly, grinning and looking at each other. Aman started to stare at the floor as if he had discovered something so interesting!

Rudra," Sorry Sir, mujhay aane mein thori der hogayi, per ab mein yahan hoon aur..."

Singh Sir looked up from his desk and just stared at Rudra strangely for a few seconds, before shaking his head, looking amused. Suddenly, Singh Sir offered a napkin to Rudra, interrupting him, "Yeh lo major"

At Rudra's confused and blank gaze, Singh sir pointed to his face and said, "saaf kar lo yeh, pointing to his lips and chin, tou baat karte hain hum, case discuss karna hai na?"

Suddenly, realization dawned on Rudra as he began to wipe his lips and chin with the very napkin Singh Saab had handed him; the white napkin now stained with pink lipstick, Paro's lipstick that had been smeared on his face all morning, as he had walked out from his bedroom all the way to the yard, and then to the BSD office.

 Finally, he understood all the confused and uncomfortable faces of jija, kakusa, Aman, officers and most of all, Singh Saab.

For the first time, Major Saab blushed!Embarrassed


So, what do you guys think? I hope you guys enjoy this and have a smile on your face at the end of this story.  I would love to see this on the show, even a staged, PG version of the kiss, staged kiss but something along similar lines, especially after today's episode...kaash!Day Dreaming

If you like what you read, please do not forget to press like and even better, please take a couple of seconds to share your thoughts, comments, feedback and opinions about the OS. I love to hear from you guys! Should I continue with part 2?

Feel free to send me your buddy request for any future updates and Ill pm you when I write more or update existing stories.


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Reserved- Continuation to Major Saab's kiss: Aftermath


Rudra sat down in his chair in the BSD office after a long meeting session with Singh Saab. He was exhausted and the day was far from over. The events of this morning flooded his mind as he placed his head back against the chair and closed his eyes.

The first thing he envisioned was Paro's shocked and reddened face, wet lips, swollen from his brutal kisses this morning. What had exactly happened this morning? What had suddenly made him kiss Paro like that, like a person crazed, a person starved? Hadn't he sworn to stay away from her and her charms, repeatedly reminded Paro that he would never be hers? Now, he had kissed her and God knew what she would expect of him next.

This new line of thought jarred him from his chair and now he panicked. Would she want more of his kisses, perhaps even more than kisses? Would she want her wifely rights? Did she want her wifely rights? The thought disturbed him beyond measure. If he was true to himself, he felt trapped in purgatory; on one side, his vows haunted him, and on the other hand, Paro and her beauty and innocence teased him until he had no control over his actions.

He has always thought of himself as a man of principle. Once he made up his mind about something, he would not budge; recently, all his good intentions and promises were laid to dust as soon as he was in her presence. She was getting too close for comfort!

Would it be too bad to let it go of his promises? No, maybe not all of them, just the one where he would not be affected by her beauty; that would be alright, since they were married, Rudra tried to convince himself. It was not a sin to kiss his wife, was it? Maybe even make love to her? He didn't have to be hers or belong to her just because they became intimate.

 He cursed under his breath as soon he realized where his train of thought had taken him! No, that would not happen, could not happen! He didn't love her; she was a beautiful woman, hence not to be trusted. She had believed Tejawat and had left him, no, not just left him behind to eat dust, but had hit him on his head. He had pleaded and begged for her to take his hand, come with him, choose him, but she had chosen that liar and murderer, Tejawat over him!

The hurt he felt when he thought about that was always enough to harden his resolve and remind him of his vacchans to Paro. She had come back into his life when he had repeatedly asked her to leave, she had forced herself into his life, into his heart, wiggled her way in there, making him care when he did not want to. It was all her fault that his life was in such disarray, he had no moment of peace at home or even at work!

The lipstick on his face this morning had made him the butt of smiles and grins from not only Aman, the other officers but Singh Saab too. And that was her fault too somehow!

The knock on the door brought Rudra back to the present as he got back to work. The rest of the day passed by as he immersed himself in work, and it felt good to be distracted from his dangerous and disturbing thoughts.





Maithili noticed Paro was unusually quite most of the morning, lost in thoughts. Paro wouldn't say much even when Maithili asked her if everything was alright between her and Devarsa. Everyone in the house had seen the lipstick all over Rudra's face as he had rushed out of the house this morning and Maithili had an idea of what might be upsetting Paro, but she felt unsure of how to approach her.

Paro had no clue as to what had happened with Rudra this morning and was too embarrassed to talk about anything with anyone. She was confused with the plethora of feelings troubling since her kiss with Rudra this morning, ranging from confusion to embarrassment, happiness to fear.

Why had he kissed her this morning? Would he do it again? Did he want to do it again? She was not sure of the answers she would like or how she would feel about them. The main question she was too scared to answer was would she liked to be kissed by Rudra again? What surprised her was her answer, yes; she wanted to experience it again.

There was something about being in his arms and wanted by him that had awakened feelings in her that she never knew existed. The woman inside her had felt loved and desired, and the feeling was overwhelming.

The problem was how would she face him when he came back home tonight? She felt so shy just thinking about his kiss, the way his lips and tongue had invaded her mouth, the wetness, the intensity, everything about it just took her breath away.

"Paro Baisa, daal ubal rahi hai!" Maithili said loudly and came running to the stove where Paro had been standing for last half hour, reminiscing about her passionate encounter with Rudra.

"Oh...maaf karna, jija...pata nahi, mhaara dhyaan kaha tha", Paro immediately started cleaning up and Maithili looked at her and smiled knowingly.

"Koi baat nahi, naya naya byaah hua hai, nayi dulhan ho aap Paro baisa, aisa hota hai", Maithili lovingly teased her

When Paro blushed to her roots,Maithili, " Jab mhaari shaadi hui tou mein bhi thaare jaise, unke khayaalon mein kho jaati thi"

Hearing this from Maithili, Paro felt a little reassured, and smiled shyly, "Phir aap kya karti thi jija?"

"karna kya hai, yeh bohat pyaare din hain, aisey pyaar say pati patni kay beech say dooriyaan mit jaati hain, pyaar badta hai", when paro looked at her questioningly, she added," agar ghalat fahmiyaan bhi ho tou, pyaar say sab kuch theek ho jaata hai, yeh rishta hi aisa hai, pati patni ka"

Maithili took Paro's hands in her hands and said in a reassuring voice, "Mhaare ko pata hai kay Devarsa ghusse kay tez hain, aur aap ka byaah jin halaat mein hua, per woh hamesha aap ki parwah karte hain aur agar unko aap per pyaar aaye, tou yeh tou aur accha hai"

Paro was blushing now and wondered Maithili knew about the kiss with Rudra, but did not have the guts to ask, so she nodded shyly and hugged Maithili.

Rudra walked into the kitchen and saw Maithili and Paro hugging.

Maithili saw him first,"Aap Devarsa, ..."

Before she could finish, Rudra said, " Haan, woh mein aise hi dekhne aaya tha, khaane mein kya pakka hai", avoiding looking at Paro.

Paro was blushing profusely, stealing side way glances at him.

"Bapusa tou apnay kamre hain, Maasa kay saath...khaana bas tyaar hai" Maithili told Rudra as she looked at Paro and Rudra, she could sense their discomfort. She decided to leave so she could give them some privacy, "Mein jaake sub ko bulaati ho, khaane kay liye" and she left.

Rudra now looked at Paro who got busy moving around the kitchen, avoiding him. He had been dreading this moment. He wasn't sure how she was feeling and how she would react when she saw him again. She had to be embarrassed, yes, that was it, or else, why would she not look at him now?

He wondered how he would tell her to forget about this morning, and that it was all a mistake? He had decided to be strong and stick to his vows and kissing her was not something he could afford to do again.

"Paro, baat karni thi tujh se" Rudra started saying, Paro turned around and looked at him, still blushing, "Dekh jo subha hua, woh ghalat tha...jo hua bhool ja...yeh mut sochna kay Rudra Pratap Ranawat teri khubsoorti kay chakkar mein agaya hai, ab aisa nahi hoga..."

The very instant these harsh words were out of his mouth, he regretted them and wished he could take them back!

Paro's eyes were brimming with unshed tears, and he felt like someone had punched him in his gut! She looked so betrayed, hurt and utterly shattered that he felt like worse than he had ever felt. He hated himself and this bitterness inside him that wouldn't let him come closer to her.

Paro's heart felt like being shattered into a million pieces and she hurt everywhere. She felt shame, and despair over the fact that she had felt desire and love for her husband, Rudra, this very man who had callously stepped over her heart and walked all over it.

He wanted to go and hold her in his arms, comfort her, beg her not to cry but he just stood there, looking at her fragile self, trying so hard to compose herself. His feet stayed cemented to the floor, his heart screamed to go to her, but his stubborn brain convinced him it was the right thing to do. Let her understand that he meant what he had said; he was never going to be hers!

Maithili walked in and saw Paro's unshed tears and Rudra's pained expression. "Paro, aap theek ho?" Maithili went to her and asked. Rudra looked away from Maithili and left the kitchen.

Paro went and hugged Maithili, her tears spilling freely now. Maithili was confused but let Paro cry, softly comforting her until paro stopped. She wiped her tears and tried to compose herself, "Jija, ab mein theek hoon...aisey hi pata nahi kya ho jaata hai manne"

Maithili knew she was covering but decided to let the subject drop. Sunehri walked into the kitchen and said," Khaana tyaar hai bhabisa, Maasa pooch rahi hai?"

Paro and Maithili quickly pretended to get busy, "haan sab tyaar hai, hum abhi laate hain".

Dinner was a quiet and gloomy affair. Rudra ate quietly, all the while looking at Paro but she wouldn't look at him at all, not even while serving him food. He didn't expect to feel such anguish at hurting her. It pained him to see her thus, and worse of all, he hated her not looking at him with those beautiful eyes filled with love, as she did usually while serving him food.

After dinner, Paro asked Maithili,"Jija, aap mere liye aek kaam karoge? Bas kucch pucchna mat aage..."

"Haan Paro Baisa, bolo...kya hua, "Maithili asked lovingly

"Aaaj mein aapke kamray mein so jaaoon? Samrat Bhaisa tou Jaipur gaye hai na...manne apne ghar ki yaad aarahi hai, apni maamisa ki, bindi ki..." paro said sadly

"Per, woh devarsa...", Maithili asked wondering if Rudra would like that

"Aap unki chinta mut karo, aap bataao..."

"Haan, Paro baisa, bilkul, hum aaj raat baatein karengey...theek hai?" Maithili said lovingly, trying to console heartbroken Paro



It had been so long and she had still not come back. He was worried, ashamed and regretful of the things he had said to her. But, it was too late now; there was nothing that could be done. What could he say that would make her feel better? He thought to himself as he paced around his bedroom, waiting for her.

Paro took a deep breath and walked into her room. Rudra was standing near the bed, he immediately walked towards her and asked her,"kahan thi ab tak, Paro? Mein kab se intezaar kar raha that tera"

"Kyun, ab kya kehna hai? Paro asked very quietly

"Nahi kucch khaas nahi, bus ..."Rudra was at a loss for words now. Looking at her angelic and innocent face had this effect on him; he forgot what he was saying often.

Paro was not in a mood to hear anymore, so she said she had to get something from the closet and walked past him as he just stood there. She pulled some clothes and then walked to the door.

"Ruk, Paro, kahan jaa rahi tu itni raat ko?" Rudra was surprised to see her leave their bedroom with her clothes.

"Maithili jija kay kamray mein" paro replied to a stunned Rudra, and continued, " Samrat bhaisa nahi hain , jija akeli hain aur unko mhari zaroorat hai..." She turned to look at him and said," Aap araam say so jaayen, aaj aap ko koi pareshani nahi hogi mhaari wajah say..."

Before he could stop her, she had already walked out of the bedroom and he just stood there, feeling like a man who had just lost everything!

He wanted to run out the door like a maniac, scream at her, twist her arm, drag her to his room, where she belonged with him but he knew he couldn't do that, wouldn't do that, because he was the one who had told her repeatedly that he didn't belong to her!

 He walked back to his bed, lay down and felt despair unlike he had ever known, like a man drowning, so deep that there was no way to come up. He had spent so many frustrating nights staring at her, wanting her, desiring her, inhaling the scent that was her, roses and oh, so feminine, unique only to Paro. Tonight, he was sleeping on the bed alone without her disturbing his sleep, but it felt fate worse than death!

Hadn't he made her sleep on the floor again and again? Asked her to keep away from him? He should be so happy now that she was away from him. He had won, hadn't he? Then why did he feel like that he had suffered the biggest loss of his life? He cursed himself and his inability to trust and to love.

Thoughts of Paro, her beautiful face, her innocent smile, her tears, her perfect lips that he had kissed and loved haunted him and plagued his dreams. He craved back those sleepless and frustrating nights that he had spent with Paro, but she was gone. He prayed for relief, but alas, his demons would torment him endlessly until much later, he drifted into mindless slumber.


Okay guys, I had initially thought to keep it just as romantic as part I of the kiss but then decided to delve a bit deeper into rudra's psyche. Yes, it is fiction and we can write whatever we want but I just wanted to stick with how confusedConfused rudra would react in a situation like this. Based on his character on the show, he has 15 years of hardcore damage and I didn't think that one long kiss with paro would make him a Romeo, so I thought to shape the story this way.Unhappy

Sorry if it's a bit sad compared to everything else I have written so far but as I kept on imagining, these are the words I ended up with and I hope you see the story in it.

The complicated love story will continue as Rudra and Paro travel the unknown path of love and discover their real feelings and Ill keep writing as the story shapes up in my mind. Next one will be romantic though because this is how their love is, completely filled with ups and downs, lows and highs and that what makes it so interesting for us! Smile

As always, please do not forget to hit like and yes, it is always a pleasure to read your thoughts and comments. Ciao!Smile

Next OS will be romantic again, I promise! LOL

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part two part two
Loved it
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Posted: 2014-04-16T15:12:06Z
loved it !!!!!!!!!!
bechaara rudra EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

waiting for part 2 Big smile
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Posted: 2014-04-16T15:14:10Z
loved it..
waiting for part 2 
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Posted: 2014-04-16T15:46:25Z

Loved it. Part 2 please soon.

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Posted: 2014-04-16T15:53:15Z
awesome! wouldve love for that to happen
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Posted: 2014-04-16T15:54:03Z
Well written . Waiting for part 2
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