Rangarasiya Written Update 16 April 2014 ,Cute Hanso Ka Joda

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Rangrasiya WU 16 April 2014


Danveer says now you are together for life. Phulwari asks Paro when she is upset how Rudra makes it up to her. Paro says he sings from KKHH and placates me. Phulwari  says your Jodi is so cute. Damyanti says enough and show their room as she wants to sleep.

Rudra sees flowers in their room wants to throw them out Paro says don't  throw. Rudra says are you not scared that I have thrown so many thorns  in your life Paro says  I did not say that  Rudra says  I know Paro says its fate and she says thrones never dry and always protect whereas flowers wither away. Rudra says what you were saying outside that I sing she says I did not know what to say.He gives her a pillow and asks her to sleep and she sleeps down he up on the bed. Mohini sees all this thinks this she will show to the social workers and again KcM comes out with her ulta story and with crocodile tears goes to Phulwari  who asks her what happened and tells Rudra has made Paro sleep on the floor and tries to pretend as if by mistake she told her. Phulwari does not believe and wants Mohini to take to their room. Mr Mouse makes a visit to Paro's room  who gets scared and she gets up and listens to Mohini and Phulwari's conversation  and she quickly removes  the bedclothes from down and tries to wake up Major sa but he does not get up and she sleeps beside him and he puts his hands on her and the precap scene Phulwari uses the torch the couple are sleeping together and  she tells Mohini to put rose water in her eyes and clean them as she cant see properly she is pleased to see them together

When they go Paro removes his hand and caresses it with their song RR music in the BG  but Rudra turns and captures his hand and removes and asks what she is doing up there .Phulwari wants Damyanti to see them and cajoles her in her sweet way.

 Rudra says what she is doing is she trying to come close and near him and Paro gets angry and she says they came to see us that is why she slept beside him

All three coming and they see Paro crying and Damyanti says why is crying alone and Phulwari says 2 minutes before they were  so lovey dovey like  do hanso ka josi (pair of swans)and Mohini says bichad gaya re (separated) and again she tells Rudra always illtreats Paro so now you better report about Rudra

Suddenly Rudra starts singing tum paas aye in his accent so cute (I burst out laughing) and then Paro looks at him tearfully and he sits in front of her and sings and tries to manaofy(placate) her

Phulwari  says how he is placating his rooti wife and Rudra wipes her tears and apologies to her saying he can't bear to see her tears. He side hugs Paro and takes her to his room and again RR music in the BG (watch Mohin's expression). Phulwari is smiling and unsmiling Damyanti wants to sleep. Rudra comes and calls his Kakisa  says I want to sleep and you also sleep and says otherwise  he will give her horse tablet so that she can sleep and also others.

He comes back to his room closes the door and all curtains and he tells Paro what I came as all the women were looking at you crying

Paro says shall I say something and he seriously says what she says don't sing in front of others next time and bursts out laughing.(Watch Rudra's face lol).She can't stop laughing and he says stop and cages her near the wall staring into her eyes.

Mohini is very angry upset that despite trying to spoil the weather of PaRud she is not able to do anything

Precap Rudra tells Paro what  if those 3 come again come sleep on the bed(cute Scene)

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Thanks for the update, sounds like a great episode
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Thanks alot..! Hug  

Wonderful episode it was..! Embarrassed LOL
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Thanks for the update.
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Thank you so much. Thumbs Up
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Tfs foe d update yaar
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Thank you so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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Appreciate the update.
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