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ola guys Hug me back with an OS Embarrassed this OS is dark one and content some *ahem ahem* parts so read at your own risk Geek later i dont want your parents to hunt for me for spoiling their childrenROFL now enough of my speech you can read the OS Cool

T E R I   D E E W A N I

 (NOTE: TaaYum are sibling, ReYum are enemies, Taani Loves rey, just like in show she confessed but he rejected her rudely)

After party all the student left for their respective houses, Rey was about to sit in his car when he look at taani who was looking for an auto because of some reasons swayum didn't come with taani in college party, Rey walk toward her an evil plan was coming in his mind.

"Hey taani come I'll drop" Rey said with his signature smirk

"No its okay, I'll manage" Taani replied in low tone, her eyes were glued to the ground

"Ese kaise, come na" rey said, he hold her hand and drag her toward his car, Taani was shocked with his behavior


"Taani can I ask you something" rey said, he forcefully made her sit in car, he too sat on driver seat and start the engine.

"Hmm" taani said in low voice.

"Do you really love me?" He questioned her, coming close to her, he was shock with his sudden question

"Ha" Taani answered him, Rey can see the truth in her eyes but his mind was somewhere else right now he wants to show someone something.


"Then prove it" Rey said in challenging tone

"What??" Taani was shocked with his behavior, first he insult her now he is asking her to prove her love for him

"Yes, if you really love me then prove it, spend a night with me" Rey said smirking at her

Now that was another shock for her, how can he just ask her to spend a night with him?

"Have you gone mad?" taani said in angry tone, Rey smirked

"I was right, you are also after my money and status like other girls, you just prove it that your love was fake" Rey said, His words angered her, how can he doubt her love

"If this is the only way to prove my love then, am ready" Taani said, she can't take it if he'll doubt her love, her love is pure and she'll prove it tonight.


"Okay, then my place your place?" Rey questioned her, she didn't answered

"Off course my place, tumhaare ghar par toh tumhara over possessive bhai hoga and I don't want to spoil my night because of him" Rey said winking at her, after some time he stopped the car infront of his house, Taani was nervous and scared, she is not aware of what is stored for her in future.

Rey come out of car and open the door for her, He could make looking at her face that she was scared.

They entered in his room, Rey look at her, her eyes were staring at ground, Rey pulled her toward him by her waist, her eyes widen in shock

"Tonight is going to be best night of your life" Rey whispered in her ear. His intense voice send shiver down at her spine, she always wanted to be with her prince charming but not this way, where she has to prove her love by spending night with him. She wanted him to trust her love and give her one chance.


Her black dress was perfectly fitted on her curves, his hand traveled on her back, reaching back zip of hr dress, in one pull he open the zip of her dress, taani close her eyes feeling his hand n her bare back, her heavy chest was colliding with his hard chest, creating havocs in his senses .


Rey scoop her in his arms and placed her on his bed coming top of her, he trailed wet kisses on her shoulder till neck, his hands where doing their own work, he open his shirt's buttons and threw away his shirt on floor, Taani was clutching his shoulder for support, she was not ready for physical relationship but she has to prove him her love and for that she is ready to anything.

He was getting wild with passion, he pulled her into aggressive kiss, rey was nibbling her lower lip when he didn't get response from her he bit her lower lip harshly making it bleed, he caress her lips with tip of his tongue, her nails were digging in his shoulder causing it bleed, first time she is close to any man.

Rey took out her dress leaving her just in her inners, he gaze at her body with desires, his hands were caressing her breast, unwantedly a moan escape from her mouth which made him more wild with her, he was rough with her taking out all his frustration and desire he has for her, the image of her with shivam come in his mind, he harshly bite her stomach, then lick the area with his tongue to sooth her pain.

Their all cloths were scattered on floor, he was massaging her thighs giving her immense pleasure, and she was moaning his name loudly, he entered in her making her scream in pain.

 Taani fall asleep because of tiredness whereas he was just staring at her innocent face, he was feeling guilty for taking revenge on her but what her brother did to him was taking over his guilt.



Kriya leave him saying that she loves swayum and uses him just for his money and swayum help her in this. Rey confront swayum about this, swayum got angry listening that his best friend was doubting him because of a girl

"Because of you swayum I lost my love" Rey shouted on top of his voice

"Rey there was nothing between me and kriya, you are taking me wrong" Swayum was equally angry on rey because of rey's behaviour.

"Am not doubting swayum, am sure you were helping kriya in her plan of taking advantage of my money and reputation" rey accuse him

"You know what rey, you don't deserve anyone, no girl can love you, and nobody can love a guy like you who think about himself only" Swayum said in rude tone, his words hurt him like hell

Rey vows that day that he'll prove swayum wrong, then swayum's sister come she is his fan and loves him, rey decided to make her his pawn.


"Do you remember swayum, that day you said no girl can love me" Rey said to swayum

"Ha and I still think that no girl can love you, you are a arrogant jerk" Swayum answered him from other side of phone, he was in Jodhpur


"Hmm, so asked your sister that how much she loves me" rey said smirking at his victory

"Shut up dude! Don't you dare to drag my sister in this, she'll never love you, she'll never go against me and love you" swayum said in angry tone

"Yeah right that's why from last night she is with me in my bed, she was damn good in bed " rey said. Hearing his words swayum couldn't believe, his baby sister was with his ex best friend in his bed

Swayum cut the call and dialed her number but to his surprise rey picked that call. Thay both got into a heated argument but unaware to them someone was listening their talks


Taani understood that was all a lie she was used just to prove someone, taani was hating herself now, she wear her cloths and leave from there silently without noticed by him. Taani thought to call swayum but how'll she face him., she didn't regret the night she spend with her prince charming but sh'd broken her brother's trust shell not able to forgive herself for this.

That day was last day of taani in Mumbai, she left them for forever, Rey was restless without her, he tried to contact her but couldn't, Swayum blamed him for taani's sudden absence from their life

Rey also start missing her, regretting over his stupid decision of dragging her between his and swayum's rivalry, he was missing her badly, her bubbly nature, her talk and after that night he didn't saw her, she left him to regretting over his deed, every night he cried for her, he tried to find her in every damn possible way but couldn't, he lost her because of his deeds


- After Four Years -

       - In Shimla -

Rey step down from his car, wearing three piece suit, girls were drooling over him but he don't care he has lost everything long back, the girl he admire the most in the world left him because of his deeds, he is still in a hope that one day he'll meet her and beg in front of her for forgiveness.

"Sir because of heavy snow fall our flight got cancelled, we've to spend a one more day here" his assistant informs him, Rey came in shimla for a meeting


"Okay' saying this Rey entered in his shimla office.

After lunch rey thought to roam around, he spotted a caf, he goes inside the caf and ordered one coffee for himself

A 3 year old girl was sitting next to his table, holding teddy in her hands, rey found her cute and somewhat she resemble taani, seeing her he remembered taani

"Hello baby, what's your name?" Rey said smiling at her, in these 4 years he first time smiled

"Hello, am Rihaana" Girl answered him in her cute tone, rey shook hand with her, her touch remind him about her

"What ae you doing here alone, where is your mumma?" Rey asked her, he himself don't know what is attracted him toward this baby

"Yeh meri mumma ka cafe hai" rihaana answered him blinking her eyes cutely

"Oh" rey said, smiling at her

"Rihaana come here baby" a voice come from back, hearing her rey froze on his place, its her voice, After what he did with her?  Is he ready to face her? Many questions were running in his mind.

Rey stood up from his place and turn toward to saw her shock face, she didn't expected to see him here, after what happen with her 4 years back, she was not ready to face him, she don't want to see him

"Aap?" Taani said

"Where were you? Why you left suddenly" rey said, his heart knows the reason of her sudden disappearance

"mumma aap inhe jaante ho?" little rihaana asked, rey was shocked listening her, did he lost her?

"Nahi, na toh kabhi inhe samjh paayi u aur na hi jaan payi hu" taani said, her voice shows her pain, his eyes filled with tears

Taani hold rihaana's hand was about too walk away but his voice stopped her

"Tumne shaadi kar li" His voice was low and painful

"Nahi" with that she walk away to her house, whereas he was wondering over what she said a while ago, then rihaana's face come in front of his eyes then their nigh, it clicked him

"Means rihaana is my daughter" he exclaim, he jumped in joy people around him stared at him with weird looks

"I know taani it'll be not easy to forgive me but I promise I'll make you forgive me and make you mine officially, will give you and my princess rihaana the love you both deserve, I love you taani" rey thought, today he got a reason to live, He'll beg for her forgiveness and live a happy life with her.

After One month of struggle finally taani forgive him and also accept his love, rihaana also got her father, Three of them shifted in Mumbai, swayum  also forgive rey seeing that his sister's happiness is in Rey.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*'~ ~*~ ~*~

I know this was most bakwaas OS I've ever wrote, if you want to throw something on me you can, i wont mind, dont know what i was thinking while writing this Ouch

please tell hows it, it was bad OR worst 

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res Embarrassed

Yipeee! moi first *dancing* *lol*

Amazing One Shot Pooja :*
though you rushed at end :P

You have beautifully penned it ...

Loved the way you have penned Rey's state of mind

Keep writing
Stay blessed :)
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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:21:16Z
Wah kya os tha
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:23:19Z
superb os
i dont know what to say how to praise this only one word cum to my mind
Clap Edited by princess_tara - 2014-04-16T07:30:10Z
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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:23:21Z
it's fab...
teri demag mein kya hai dekhna parega...LOL
kaise kaise diff and superb concpt ate hai tere mein...
rey ne apne stupid ego aur revenge ke liye taani ka use kiya...
bt later woh hi sabse jayda hurt huya...
bt finally happy ending huya...
reyaana is so sweet just lyk her mom...
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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:26:10Z
Blushing - the romance
Angry - rey's stupid way of taking revenge
Hug - for rihaana 
Thumbs Up - for the os..!! 
keep writing :)
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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:50:53Z

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Posted: 2014-04-16T07:57:29Z
i was having tears of happiness reading tthis
the ending was so damn cute
and such a lovely name...
rey had to face d pain
he deserved it!!! 
and finally everything is right...
but it could be detailed more...
Heart u
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