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Rangrasiya   April 15, 2014


One women is pounding chilies in the pestle which falls in Mohini's eyes she scolds and Mythali tries to blow away  the dust and  Mohini  scolds the woman who was pounding chilies. Women from society protection  centre  for women come to find out about Paro and Rudra.They are  Phulwari and Damyanti ji and they feel that Paro is being abused. Mohini quickly sends off all workers and gets tea and snacks for them.  Mohini contradicts them and tells them all wrong information about Rudra brought Paro forcibly they catch the point and they say what she means by forcibly and Danveer tries to placate they say if they feel Paro is not happy here they will take her with them .PaRud come and Rudra says careful and she says are you worried and he refutes and then they have a argument and she says whether I talk or not your mind always gets mad with me  so what should I do.

Mohini in her sarcastic way and giving wrong information. They ask for Parud  Mythali says they went to BSD headquarters .Mohini says you see ask them and come to conclusion and gives them snacks.

Mythali warns Parud about social workers but Mohini tries to spoil and say wrong things as usual is bitchy .They try to get out the information  and Paro says she is a shiv bhakt and that is why she was standing like that and someone gave wrong info to the paper. They say we asked about marriage and you are telling about that incident. Paro says she wanted to marry Rudra and it happened. Mohini says she wanted to celebrate  their marriage grandly but all know what happened in the Maha Shiv ratri mela and again Paro covers up saying Tejawat tried to create mischief but we had already decided to marry so none  can spoil their marriage. Rudra is surprised watching her. Mohini says that all mahabarat did not happen one day you can ask later and Sumer is hiding and watching. Rudra says yes drink tea made by my wife and Rudra also goes with her they say where are you going he says to help her and says both husband and wife should help each other.

In the kitchen tries to shout at Paro for answering and she calms him up and says she will never harm his job, his life or his honor.

Paro serves tea and Mohini again tries to make mischief by saying Paro has only one mami and did not call her for marriage They asks why  her mami did not come Rudra  says for safety from Tejawat as he may try to take revenge so we did not  call anyone.

 Mohini says he did not wait for his father to return from teerth Yatra. Paro says he gave me blessing and MIL's saree and jewels. Pulwari is pleased with Paro's tea and wants to go but Damyanti says I am not convinced and will stay here this night. Mohini says she will be happy for them to stay as some of the ceremonies are still left incomplete. The social workers are happy Mohini and Mythali go to make arrangements. Damyanti tells Rudra  I heard a lot about you but I don't trust men so I stayed and whether he has any objections  he says no.

So  games are organized for the blindfolded newlyweds to try touch one of the 3 bowls of rose(happiness) , kheer (sweet life)and money (prosperity) each with different good things and future life.

Mythali and Paro are happy with the outcome . Sumer and Mohini crib as Paro saved Rudra and they try to find some other way to make them believe that Rudra is harassing his wife. Rudra rings up Col  Singh and complains he advices  to be happy smile and bear up and give a good impression so that it will have a positive effect on BSD.

All are there they PaRud are blindfolded and the game starts. Both touch their hands then again bring back and both touch roses for a happy life. Mohini says Rudra is like thorns  Mythali says Paro is like rose. Danveer says whatever it is they are bound for life whether they love or fight.

PRECAP  Mohini tells Phulwari with crocodile tears that  despite being married they are sleep apart and when they open the window with a torch Mohini's face is like she ate bitter medicine.

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Thanks very much for WU
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Thanks for the written update 

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Thank you for the written update!
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Thanks for the great updateSmile
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Very nice update.  Thank you.  I love the story
but surely they can cut down on the violance that
Rudra shows towards Paro!! 
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Thanks for written update...
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@PutijaChalhov: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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