Ye Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2014 Written Update

Posted: 2014-04-14T13:08:46Z
Ye Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins when Mr Bhalla, Romi and Parmeet are watching the breaking news on the tv. Just then Romi gets a call from a friend about the exams and Romi gets tensed. Parmeet is in the kitchen mixing wine and orange juice together and assumes that Ishita will drink it thinking its from him. Parmeet walks over to Ishita and Ishita asks Parmeet do you need anything and Parmeet says yes hot samosas please. Ishita goes into the kitchen and Parmeet exchanges the orange juice glass with Ishita's orange juice. Ishita gives Parmeet the hot garam samosas and Parmeet asks Ishita to please drink the orange juice, you have been working all day since morning. Ishita is about to drink and then realizes she forgot to give snacks to Pooja. Parmeet tells Ishita oh Pooja can wait, Ishita thinks about Parmeet's behavor just then Simmi comes and tells Parmeet to go inside.

Ishita drinks her orange juice while Parmeet watches from inside the room and he assumes that Ishita should be feeling dizzy by now. Ishita tells Rinky please get more juice there is none left. Mrs Bhalla drinks the juice assuming its loaded. Amma asks Ishita I hope Mihika is alright she is in the office. Trisha gets a call from Mihir asking if she was alright. Trisha gives Mihir's call to Ishita to ask if everyone is okay and safe? Ishita sas yes everyone is okay. Mihika calls Appa and says I will get dropped by someone, don't worry.

Toshi ji is drunk and standing on the table telling everyone how much she loves Ishita as her daughter-in-law. Parmeet then understands that drink was for Ishita but Toshi ji drank it. Amma and Ishita smiles at Toshi ji. Toshi ji says Ishita has won my heart, liver and kidney. She said she is Ruhi's mom and a supporting wife. Toshi ji tells Ishita the truth she feels Raman doesn't deserve Ishita. Toshi ji gives Ishita a gold chain saying its not just a gold chain but its my love, heart and blessings.

Amma tells Bala'a mom see how much se loves Ishita. Everyone asks Toshi ji to come down and then Amma asks Toshi ji please come down. Toshi ji comes down and says to Amma I love you. Toshi ji says Appa lifts Amma but Mr Bhalla doesn't lift her, but she is not jealous. Toshi ji tells Bala's mom Amma is her favorite item and hugs her.

Toshi ji introduces Romi to her friends and everyone and asks him to join us. Romi says what will I do in between the ladies? Ruhi asks Romi to dance and sing. Rinki brings Ishita to dance and Romi puts on Baby Doll Main Soni Di song and Ishita and everyone dances. Parmeet watches how Ishita is in senses and dancing well. And Says if Ishita was not in her senses then it would have been a good chance.

Pooja starts getting labor pains and screams loudly. Everyone is worried for her. Ishita tells Pooja to take long deep breathes and told Simmi to take the kids inside.


The goons attack Ishita while driving. Raman tells the police he needs to find his wife and has an argument with the police.
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thanks for the update!! Cant' wait to watch it now :)
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Thanks for the written update...
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Thanks for the Written Update Edited by zoya789 - 2014-04-14T21:01:27Z
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thanks for the wonderful wu...
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Thanks for the written updated 
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Thanks for the Written Update
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thanks for the wu 
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