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Hello Everyone,

Here is another OS on Rudra and Paro and their frustrating situation, self-inflicted by Rudra. I feel the character of Rudra, with his stubbornnessAngry, not accepting the truth about the fact he loves Paro but also, that he married her, she is his wife, and he is attracted to her no matter how much he denies, he wants her and never misses any opportunity to touch her or be close to her! And, I am loving writing scenarios where Rudra suffers in frustration and agony, simply because of his ego and self-imposed celibacy! LOL

This is just a fiction scenario, figment of my imagination to explore the attraction between this beautiful couple. I don't know if there is such an ant in Chandangarh, Rajisthan ,but I think if winds can blow Rudra's perfect, silky locks 24/7LOL, Paro can stand on one foot for 3 hours in rainShocked, Paro can look fresh and beautiful after weeks of being in the same bridal dress,  Bapusa can get up from Coma and go on a pilgrimageShocked, then damn it, an ant can bite Paro on her thigh that spurs Rudra into action, which gives us fans something to smile about!LOLTongue All is fair in name of our favorite show, right?

I also loved the line when Rudra said," itna tou haq banta hai, pati hoon" and I so wanted to use it! He denies being hers and in the next breath, reminds her that he is her husband and he has rights, so here we go!Embarrassed


Rudra & Paro-Tender Care


Rudra noticed Paro slightly limping, wincing in pain when she walked, then favor one leg over other. She had been doing that all day; finally he couldn't take it any longer and flat out asked her, "Paro, kya hua? Tu theek tou hai?"

Paro was surprised when she saw a fretful Rudra, especially when he had said some mean things to her just yesterday and she had been avoiding him since then.

"Nahi tou, mein theek hoon", Paro lied, all the while looking at his shoulder, avoiding looking into his eyes.

 Yes, Paro was hurting, something had bit her on her thigh; at the time she had not paid much attention, thinking it was a minor itch and had just scratched it,  but since yesterday afternoon, it had gotten bigger, redder and meaner and it hurt when she walked. She was planning on talking to Maithili jija later but she had no plans on sharing this with Rudra!

It is not like this was a wound on her hand that he could just casually wipe the blood from and tie a bandage; it was on her thigh, very high above her knee and she could not tell him or show him the bite, ever! She would die of shame, truly; just thinking about Rudra looking at her thigh, even if for a bite, was a mortifying thought and she blushed as she thought of him looking at her there, or worse yet, touching her there!

Paro was lying, Rudra was sure of it now. The way she had said no, without looking at him, convinced him of that. He had known her long enough to know when she was lying, and on top of that, she was blushing after lying to him. What was wrong with her, he had to know!

"Soch le Paro, Kucch nahi hua tujhe, sab kucch theek hai?", Rudra asked again, a little harshly, in a firm tone.

"Nahi,...mera matlab, Haan, sab theek hai, kucch nahi hua mujhay", Paro insisted again.

 Before, he could ask her again; she excused herself saying that she had to go help jija in the kitchen, leaving Rudra to ponder what could be wrong? As she walked away, he saw her mildly limping and wincing in pain again.

Paro came in the kitchen to talk to Maithili jija, but she was busy making chai for Samrat and before, paro could tell her about her ailment, Maithili said, "Paro, mein abhi unko aur Maasa ko chai dekar aati hoon, phir baat kartay hain, theek hai?" and smiled.

Paro had barely nodded her head, when Rudra burst into the kitchen, "Paro, chal mere saath"

Maithili looked surprised and asked if everything was all right, Rudra answered," Haan Bhabisa, sab theek hai...bas mujhay Paro say kucch baat karni thi...akele mein", he emphasized on "akele mein" part, his tone of voice challenging Paro to defy him

Paro didn't want Maithili to be worried so she told her, "Aap jaao, Jija, baad mein baath kartay hain, aap mhari chinta na karo".

Maithili reluctantly left and Paro turned to Rudra, "ab kya kehna hai aapko?"

"Mein ne kaha na, chal kamre mein, wahi baat karenge," Rudra insisted, suddenly holding her wrist as he always did when he intended to have his way with her.

"Per, manne..." Paro had barely finished asking when Rudra rudely interrupted her, "Apnay paao pay chal kar jaayengi Shrimatiji, ya mein uthakar lekar jaaoon?"

The implied threat and tone of his voice pushed Paro to move and she started walking towards the room, and he noticed the slight limp again.



Once they were in the room, Rudra closed the door behind them and turned towards her,"ab seedhi seedhi tarah say bataa, kya hua hai, tere paaon ko, ...aur jhoot nahi bolna, kay sab theek hai!" he almost screamed at the last part.

Paro was cornered but still tried," Jhoot nahi bol rahi, sachhi mein, mere paaon ko kuch nahi hua"

"Chal paaon mein nahi, tou kahi aur, mein nay dekha hai ke tu kaise chal rahi hai subah say...."

Trying to figure out a way to be discreet, she said very slowly that something bit her, and when asked where, she replied yet again, slowly, red with embarrassment, on her leg.

"Dikha mujhay" demanded alarmed Rudra

"nahi, aisi koi baat nahi hai...stammered blushing paro, "mein jija ko bataadoongi..."

"Bhabisa kay paas aur bhi kaam hain, mujhay dikha paro, kahan kaata hai teri taang per?"  Rudra was getting impatient now. He was willing to wait until she gave in, and his body stance said it all to paro.

Paro looked down and wished that he would leave her alone but since, it seemed like he was adamant, she pointed towards her thigh, vaguely, pointing, "Yahan per" in such a low voice again, that he barely heard her.

He understood now that it was somewhere around her knee, or maybe above and she was embarrassed but he didn't really care. He was her husband after all and if anyone had a right to see the bite or touch her, treat her, it was him, dammit!  With that thought in mind, Rudra moved towards her and pushed her to sit down on the bed; he sat down on the floor besides her and put her foot on his knee.

As Rudra started to lift her ghaghra slowly and expose her leg, sanity kicked in and Paro suddenly jumped, trying to get her foot off his knee. The sudden movement caught Rudra off guard, and he fell off backward on the hard floor.

Ok, now he was really upset and as soon as he got up, he grabbed Paro by her arms,  "dimaagh kharaab ho gaya tera, paagal ladki, ruk, mujhay dekhne de, kya hua hai tujhe!", he almost screamed at her in anger.

While she was a bit scared to see him like this, she could not let him see or touch her there!

"Aap samajhte kyun nahi hai, manne....and then she paused, "waisey bhi aap ko tou accha lagta hai mhaare to takleef mein dekh kar, mhaara rona acchha lagta hai na, tou phir yeh sab kya hai?", she retorted back to Rudra.

"Pehle bhi bata chuka hoon, baar baar samjhaana padega kya? Rudra said angrily through gritted teeth, and then slowly, almost seductively said, "Itna tou haq banta hai mera, pati hoon tera".

As if this was enough to explain everything, Rudra pushed Paro down on the bed again, and started to put her foot on his knee as he kneeled down in front of her and started lifting her ghagra again slowly up her leg until it reached her knee, exposing her beautiful, milky white, shapely legs, when suddenly Paro put a hand on his hand and tried to stop him again.

Now completely exasperated, Rudra grabbed her hand, and put it away and then instead of screaming or yelling at her, in a calm but firm voice said to her,"Paro, tu mujhe jaanti hai na, tu ziddi hai tou main bhi...mein dekh kar rahoonga, aage tou soch le..." the veiled threat was so clear that Paro just decided to pull her hand away.

Now both her legs were in his line of vision, and he looked up questioningly at Paro, "kahan, aur uppar?"

Red-faced, she pointed to her right leg, and Rudra pulled up her ghagra even higher until he saw a big, bright, angry looking red mark, the size of a small grape on her mid-thigh area. He looked again at paro but she would not look him in the eye. Instead she was busy trying to cover her left leg and thigh with her ghagra, molding it, even using her dupatta to cover as much as possible.

"yeh kab hua?" Rudra asked her and she replied," Kal shaam to mhare ko ..."

"Aur tu kal say chup baithi hai? Kyun Paro?, kal bata deti tou aaj yeh haal nahi hota. Ab yeh zyaada kharaab ho gaya hai aur zyaada waqt lagega theek hone mein" Rudra told her through clenched teeth. He was really furious that she had not told him about the bite earlier and he had to force her!

He further explained that this was a bite from the special specie of ant, and when not treated immediately, can turn into a full-fledged painful boil, which paro had now and thus needed to be lanced, and treated with special ointment.

He told her to sit there while he went to get the supplies to treat her as he had seen it done it several times in the army, when they were on a mission in the desert.

Rudra came back with bandages, a small blade, hot water, candle, jar of ointment and some washcloths in a few minutes. In the meantime, Paro had taken her ghaghra and arranged it to cover her left leg completely, just leaving her right leg for the treatment.

He sat back again and placed a towel under thigh, washed the area with warm water and then looked up at her. "Paro, mujhay yeh kaatna padega, sab zeher nikaalna hai, thora dard hoga per yeh kal subah tak theek ho jaayega", Rudra explained softly as if to reassure her that she would be fine, trying to ease her worries. In fact, it hurt him to think of causing her pain.

She was still trying to look away from him as she felt embarrassed, sitting there with her leg and thigh completely exposed and Rudra just sitting there holding her knee, touching her naked leg, so calmly when it was playing havoc with her senses. In fact, she wasn't scared of the pain; she was scared of the feelings he was awakening in her with his touch. She didn't want to admit it but his touch was so gentle yet, her leg felt on fire!

As soon as he ran the tiny scalpel like blade thru the fire of the candle, he looked up at Paro and seeing her breathing hard, he thought she was doing so because she was scared of the pain. Little did he know that it was not the fear of the cut, but the man holding the blade and his touch that were the real source of her apprehension.

Rudra bent his head, and with full concentration of a man on mission, he lanced the boil, Paro winced in pain and he looked up at her face, which was contorted in agony, eyes closed. He wanted to soothe her pain at that moment but then decided to just complete the task at hand. He quickly drained the boil, cleaned the area and applied some ointment to the wound. Paro sat quietly as if in a trance now, staring at the tanned, strong, masculine hands, sprinkled lightly with hair, in such stark comparison against her milky, white smooth thigh, while he ministered to her, applying bandage, lifting her thigh and leg gently while wrapping the white gauze all around.

When he was done, Rudra looked up at Paro, "Bohat dard ho raha hai, Paro?" he asked her, worry in his voice.

She managed to look into his eyes this time, full of concern and softness for her, "Nahi, itna abhi nahi, pehle say kum..." And then she suddenly turned shy as she became aware that he was still holding her leg in both his hands.

She immediately tried to move and Rudra came to his senses, he quickly left her and got up, turned his back to her and started picking up all the stuff he brought to treat her. Paro covered herself quickly and as she got up, she winced at the pain that ran through her leg.

Immediately, Rudra turned around and held her in his arms, "kya zaroorat thi, itni jaldi khade hone ki?" he asked her angrily

Before she could answer, he had picked her in his arms and then he laid her on the bed gently. Covering her with a blanket, he told her to rest. "So jaa ab tu, kal subah tak sab theek ho jaayega"

 Paro stared at him now, confused to see this man who reminded her at every opportunity that he would make her life miserable and make her shed tears, yet here he was, treating her injury with such love and gentleness. Who was this man, who could be so hard and almost cruel one minute, and the next minute, as gentle and soft as a lover, who made her heart soar and long for something that felt so out of her reach?

The warmth and adoration Rudra saw in Paro's eyes as he put her to bed, hit him hard and he felt his heart in his throat, choking him with emotions he did not care to admit or acknowledge, but only for a second, before the realization of what he was doing brought him to his senses. The next minute the gentle, caring Rudra transformed into a hard man, and briskly told her to go to sleep and not to read too much into what he had done for her.

To escape what he was feeling, he quickly gathered all the supplies he had brought and ran out the bedroom, leaving a stunned Paro behind in bed.

Rudra took his time coming back to their room. He was thankful that by the time he came back, she was already asleep. He changed and went to bed, laying down right next to her. When he closed his eyes, visions of her long and beautiful, smooth, white legs plagued his thoughts. He tried so hard to put these feelings out of his mind but to no avail!

The more he tried to forget about her, the more his thoughts turned sensual and he couldn't help but imagine how it would feel to have those elegant and shapely legs wrapped around his waist, while he plunged into her, hard and deep, again and again,  while he kissed her sweet, pink lips as she moaned into his mouth until he burst and exploded inside her! The thoughts of making love to Paro continued to torment him until he groaned in pain and opened his eyes.

He sat up in bed, sweating, breathing hard; she was still sleeping peacefully, the gentle rise and fall of her chest, driving him even crazier. Rudra knew he was losing his mind, his body was on fire, throbbing painfully; it was agony, pure and simple and he thought the very possibility of completely losing his sanity if he stayed in bed with Paro any longer!

He had to get out of there, fast! He hastily got out of bed, grabbed his bottle of liquor from the drawer and ran out of the room to drown his misery in the bottle, hoping and praying that it would render him senseless, until he felt nothing and if he was fortunate enough, maybe even knock him out of his misery! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedShocked



So guys, I tried to keep it in sync with their characters (as defined by the show), Paro, who is innocent and shy; Rudra, who is a man with carnal knowledge and extensive experience as implied by his 8 yr relationship with Laila. I also stuck with dialogues in hindi and the spoken dialect of the show to keep it authentic (even though I prefer writing dialogues in English!). Forgive any grammatical mistakes on my part. Hope you guys like it!Smile

Remember to hit like if you took time to read, even better yet, comment and give me feedback if you liked what you read and enjoyed it. How was it? EmbarrassedEmbarrassedShould I write more??

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Just loved the authenticity of the characters u maintain in ur fiction dear , and must I say they are very well written ..

Gosh it was hot .. Loved it ..
Thank u so much for the PM , really appreciate ur effort :)
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poor rudra banaLOL awesome os. loved it
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please write more, loved it
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hot Clap
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Posted: 2014-04-14T15:14:45Z
Fab story and u should definitely write more.
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Posted: 2014-04-14T15:24:53Z
Loved it plz do write more
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Posted: 2014-04-14T17:14:14Z
awsome os loved it
do write more
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