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Posted: 6 years ago

Hello everyone,

You will find all the important links in this very thread only.

Only the DT reserves the right to post here, therefore seek permission before you post in here, please.


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Posted: 6 years ago
Important Links.

Kumkum Bhagya Rules & Guidelines
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About the show:

'Kumkum Bhagya' is a show following the life of a Punjabi matriarch Sarla Arora who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul who're poles apart, happily married some day.

Pragya, the elder daughter, who is practical, hardworking and committed to supporting her family ... though she's barely finished her own studies, she teaches at a college to ensure that her mother Sarla's meager earnings from the 'Kumkum Bhagya' marriage hall never fall short in making the two ends meet. In the midst of all this pressure on her, she's forgotten how to unwind or pursue any passions of her own. Bulbul,  the younger daughter who has her head in the clouds. She's vivacious, smart, stylish and a complete dreamer. It barely occurs to her to snap out her own make-believe, rose-tinted world and be of any real use to her family. The show takes us through the lives of the 2 sisters, their hopes dreams and aspirations.

Simultaneously runs the story of Abhi who is Rockstar  with a cult following of his own and  Suresh, the college professor who works closely with Pragya. Having led a tough life in the military and lost most of his close ones, he is an embittered soul with much angst and pent-up frustration about life. 

...Kumkum Bhagya premieres on 15th April 2014, Mon- Fri 9 pm only on Zee TV.


Sriti Jha as Pragya
Pragya is the most practical person ever, deeply grounded in her middle-class existence... taking care of the family, the family hall, and also getting extra income from her job as an Asst. Professor.  She is the older daughter of the Arora household.

Pragya abhors dreams and wishes calling them a waste of time and is never able to understand her sister Bulbul who is caught up in a whirlwind of her own dreams and is ready to give up anything for them.

Shy, introvertish, be-spectacled, bookish, meekish and a true-blue bookworm, Pragya has nevertheless taken over the responsibility of additionally supporting her mother, along with keeping her perky stylish dream-filled and adrenaline fuelled sister Bulbul out of her hapless mothers hair.

Mrunal Thakur as Bulbul
The younger daughter of the Arora household, in her mind Bulbul is a most famous singer whose songs make the nation and her fans hearts throb - but in reality she is a mad-cap struggler who goes into dreams whenever she catches a nap. Not that its only dreams and fluff that she is made off - she has the spunk to go about fulfilling them as well - and won't stop at anything or anyone who stops her from achieving them. Perky, Stylish and dream-fueled and adrenaline-filled are terms which describe her best.

The only one she listens to is her sister Pragya, whom she adores. Not that it stops her from fighting with her over her favorite dresses, the house chores and everything in between but their bond remains strong as ever.

Shabbir Ahluwalia as Abhi
Abhishekh aka Abhi is a Rockstar, his songs have caught the fancy of the nation. He loves the status, power, money and respect his success has brought.

Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora
Sarla is Pragya and Bulbul's mother. She manages the marriage hall; "Kumkum Bhagya". Sarla lost her husband years back - to an untimely unnatural death, but inspite of deeply loving him she didn't break for she had to manage his family for him...take over the responsibility which he had left her with. Emotional, vulnerable, and easily teary eyed Sarla shares a very good bond with her daughters and her brought them up well...with love caring and teaching them her value-system apart from managing her father's  business, the marriage hall their family has owned since generations.

Madhu Raja as Balbir Arora
Pragya and Bulbul's dadi - Balbir Arora is a complete contrast to her age... she is filled with so much spunk, fun, masti and joie de verve that it can shame anyone 1/3rd her age. If there is a joke going on in this house, she is the one who has started it... if there is a prank being pulled in this whole locality she is a part of it...and if anyone is playing loud music anywhere in the house, then her feet are surely thumping on it.

Faisal Rashid as Suresh
Suresh is a senior professor at the same college where Pragya teaches. Suresh walks with a limp and holds major anguish in his heart against all the authorities. ..he is a war-veteran and a frequent visitor to the Aroras residence.

Credit: Zee TV's Official Website.
Posted: 6 years ago
Forum Fun.

This post will include all the activities and GOTWs/MOTWs/DOTWs and NLs that will happen.


Sign Up for Game of the Week[GOTW] *May 2014 [DONE]
GOTW :: Telly Shows Trivia/Tellywood
GOTW- Smack That- 12th May 2014
GOTW - Scramble the TV Show Name

Sign Up for Game of the Week[GOTW] *June 2014
 GOTW: Telly Antakshari
GOTW: Keep Adding & Counting 5

July's Sign Up for Game of the Week [GOTW] DONE CLOSE
GOTW: E-mail Address

August & September *Sign Up* for Game of the Week [GOTW]
~~GOTW~~ Colour Connection 18-08-14
|GOTW| Connectivity KKB Style|
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::Game Of The Week:: Funny Email Address

October and November *Sign Up* for Game of the Week [GOTW]

~*||Game Of The Week- Skip 5||*~
GOTW : Four Letter Word
||Game Of the Week~ Antakshari||
GOTW: Counting Backward

December&January Sign Up for GOTW
Lets Pic Spam ~GOTW~ KKB Forum
|GOTW: Give Funny Advice to the Person above you|
//GOTW :Tell what is the time in your watch/
GOTW:Pick A Word

Feb and Mar Sign Up for GOTW
GOTW:Movie names in alphabetical order
|-| Game Of The Week - Instant Reaction |-|

April and May Sign Up for GOTW
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June/July *Sign Up* for GOTW
GOTW: Atlas
GOTW : celebrity name in alphabetical order

Aug-Sept *Sign Up* for GOTW
#GOTW ~ Spit Or Swallow
GOTW: Three letter words alphabetically
GOTW ! Movie Names :') *JOIN IN*

GOTW! Movie Names #2


DOTW-Comparison between siblings


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llAbhiGya/TiSha AT#110 - "I WillBringYouBack"
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llAbhiGya/TiSha AT#112ll Mujhe Maaf Kar Doh Fuggy!
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llAbhiGya/TiSha AT#114ll
llAbhiGya/TiSha AT#115- "ACCHI (Sexy) Lag rahi Ho"ll
llAbhiGya/TiSha AT#116 ll
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ll AbhiGya/TiSha AT#123-Woh Kiss.. Kiss Vajay se Kiss ll
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 ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#125:
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#126- Sau Naam Sochiye Na..Apke Samne Rak Doonga ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#127- Kuch Nahi Karna, Bas Khud Pe Bharosa Karna ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #128- Mere Pyar Ne Aapko Dur Nahi Jane Diya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #129- Mujhe Iska Rona Kyun Nahi Dekha Ja Raha ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #130- Fuggy Has Do Na ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #131
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #132- Pyar Aapki Himmat Hai, Abhi Aapki Manzil ll
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ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #135ll
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ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #138- Hold My Hand, I Will Never Let You Go ll
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ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #140- Yes, I'm In Love, I Love Fuggy ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #141- Hamara Ek Hi Rishta Hoga- Nafrat Ka ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #142- Kyon Kiya Tumne Mere Saath Aisa ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #143
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #144- Jhoot Bol Rahi Ho, Tumhe Farak Padta Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #145- Har Pal Har Jagah Tum Mujhe Feel Karogi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #146- Tumhe Chod Doonga Toh Kaise Feel Karogi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #147-Mujhse Dur Jaogi Har Pal Mujhe Miss Karogi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #148ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #149ll

ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #150-Celebration Posts Pgs 1 & 2 (UPDATED) ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #151- Koi Farak Nahi Padta, Aapke Paas Aane Se ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #152- Unki Yaadein Hamesha Mere Saath Rahengi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#153-Yeh Wohi Batha Sakte Hain Jo Pyar Karte Hai ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#155- Aap Acche Lagne Lage ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#156- Yehi Raasta Hai Jispe Humko Chalna Hai ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#157- Kya Main Tumhare Dosti Ke Layak Nahi Hoon ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#158- Ya Toh Tum Meri Dushman Ho Ya Ajnabi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#159-Chehra Tera Beauty, Baatein Teri Fruity ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #160- Kainchi Ki Tarah Zubaan Chala Rahi Ho ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#161- Isme Likha Hai Ki Pragya Pregnant Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#162- Pregnant Kaise, Aapne Kiss Bhi Nahi Kiya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#164-Na Main Bachche Ko Chod Sakta Hoon Na Tumhe ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#165- Mujhe Unki Fiqar Hai Jo Mera Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#166- Ek Dost Se Dusre Dost Ke Liye Ek Tohfa ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#167-Apko Batana Padega Aap Kitne Bahanebaaz Hain ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#168- Aise Kyun Dekh Rahe Hain? Beauty! ll

llAbhigya/TiSha AT#169- Tum Meri Patni Ho, Yeh Haq Sirf Tumhara Hai ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#170- Promise Karo Ki Tum Peeche Nahi Hatogi ll
llAbhiGya AT#171 - "Tension Mat Lo aur So Jao"ll
ll AbhiGya AT#172 - Jo mazaa cheenne mein hai maangne mein kahan? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #173- Tum Nahi, Kya Lagta Hoon Main Tumhara? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #174- Aapke Birthday Ka Tofha, Apki Azadi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #175 ||
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #176 ||
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#177-Chalogi Na Mere Saath,Thamogi Na Mera Haath ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #178- Kyun Itni Der Laga Di, Kyun? ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#179-Tumhari Godh Me Sar Rakhkar Sona Chahta Hoon ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #180- Kyun Mujhe Usse Alag Kar Diya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #181- Jab Uski Ek Jhalak Ke Liye Taras Jaye Toh ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #182- Aaya Tere Dar Par Deewana ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #183- I Miss you Fuggy, Please Wapas Aa Jao ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#184-Allah Waariyan is Back, Just Like Pragya is ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #185 ||
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#186- Please Wapas Aa Jayiye, Please ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#187-Tum Wohi Pragya Ho Jisse Main Pyar Karta Hoonll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT #188- Aapki Biwi Nahi, Boss Hoon Main ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #189- Yeh Bees Din Na Bees Saal Ki Tarah Guzre ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #190- Tumhare Bina Kaise Jiyunga Fuggy ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #191- Tumne Aur Kya Kya Kiya Mere Saath? ll 
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#192-Iss Route Ki Sabhi Line Vyasth Nahi Mast Hainll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #193- Tumhari Kamzori Main Hoon ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#194-Yeh Toh Mere Saath Rehkar Bhi Kar Sakti Thi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#195- Tum Dono Ek Dusre Ke Liye Bane Ho ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#196- Main Hamesha Aapki Fuggy Rahungi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#197- Main Behek Gay Toh? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#198- Kyunki Tum Hi Ho..Mogambo ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#199- Main Aapko Udhaas Nahin Dekh Sakti ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#200- Let the Celebrations Begin!!! ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#201- Itne Logon Ke Beech Tum Bilkul Akeli Ho ll
 ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#202- Kyun Main Tumse Nafrat Nahi Kar Paata? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#203-Main Unka Gussa Seh Sakti Hoon, Nafrat Nahi ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#204- Aap Dono Ke Beech Pyar Kum Aur MU Zyada Hainll
lAbhigya/TiSha AT#205- Maine Apna Boyfriend Dhoondh Liya Hai Naya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#206-Bebbe Pyar Karke Dekhlo Hate Nahi Kar Paogi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#207- Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#208- Sunn Sathiya..Janam Janam..To Be Continued ll
ll AbhiGya/TiSha AT 210- Aap Akele Nahi Hain Apne Yaadon Ke Sahare ll
llAbhiGya/TiSha AT 211-Santa Banta Ka Jokes Competition Karte Hainll
ll AbhiGya/TiSha AT 212- Sanam Re, Sanam Re, Tu Mera Sanam Hua Re ll
ll AbhiGya/TiSha AT 213-Unke Dil Se Nikal Chuki, Kya Fark Padta Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT 214- Kam Gussa Karogi Toh Kam Buddi Lagogi ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT 215-Husband Wife Ke Beech Jo Hota Hai,Woh Karungall
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT# 216- I Am So Sorry ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #217- Raaton Ko Jagaye Tera Naughty Love ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#218-Tumhe Dekha Toh Jaana Duniya Mein Kyun Aaya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#219-Yeh Fitoor Mera Laya Hai Mujhko Tere Kareeb ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#220-Main Tujhko Kitna Chahta Hoon Tu Soch Na Sakell
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #221- Main Unki Ho Chuki Wife Hoon ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#222-NOTE PG30 Pragya Ko Upar Bhejo,Bore Ho Jaungall
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #223- Aise Nahi Ji Sakta Iss Bhoj Ke Saath ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #224-Hamari Kahani Ab Milan Par Khatam Hogi ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #225- Main World Ka Sabse Best Husband Hoon! ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #226- Aur Kya Kaha Meri Fuggy Ne ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #227- Lagti Kya Hoon Main Aapki? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#228-2 Years & Counting, Here's To Many More ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#229- Pragya Mera Pyaar Hai Aur Hamesha Rahega ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#230- Aankhon Mein Koi Tha Jo Chala Gaya ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #231- Kissing Motivation & Pillow Fights! ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #232- Saare Chhad Jaayen Maahi,Tu Na Chhodna ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #233- Abhi Tera Hai, Tera Hi Rahega ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #234- Pragya, I Need You ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #235- Bolo Ki Tum Mere Bina Nahi Reh Sakti ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #236- You Have To Help Me Get Ma Fuggy Back! ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #237- Itni Si Baat Hai, Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #238- Main Aapko Sundar Dikhti Hoon? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #239 ll
Abhigya/TiSha AT #240-Itne Kareeb Se Toh Kaatil Lag Rahi Ho
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #241
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #242- Akele Kya Karunga Main
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #243-Mere Jadoo Toh Aap Hi Hai Na(Poll Pg 93,94)ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #244- Jai Baba Rockstar & Mogambo Kahin Ki ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #245- Abhi Mere Paas Hai, Mere Pati ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #246- Mera Naam Lo Na, Pyaar Se ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#247-Khoobsurat Lag Rahi Ho,Handsome Lag Rahe Hainll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT#248- Har B'day Ki Pehli Wish Banna Chahta Hoon ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#249-Doosro Ki Baaton Me Aake Sawaal Nahi Karta ll

ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #250 - Kya Tujhe Ab Yeh Dil Bataye ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#251-Koi Mujhe Haath Bhi Nahi Laga Sakta
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #252- Yes I Love Her, I Love Her A Lot! ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #253
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#254-Feel Kar Sakta Hoon Pragya Sach Bol Rahi Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #255- Fuggy I Miss You, Please Come Back ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #256- Yami and Antaryami, True Lovers ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #257
:Abhigya/TiSha AT#258-Sach Ka Bhoj Sambhalte Rishta Nahi Sambhal Payi:
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #259- Sirf Ek Baar Meri Baat Sun Lijiye ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #260- Tum Meri Zindagi Ho, I Love You Fuggy ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #261- Chasmish, Rockstar & Forgotten Pyaar ll
llAbhigya/TiSha AT#262-We Meet Again..Saath Choote Na..Allah Wariyanll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #263-Tum Ek Rockstar Ke Godh Mein Aa Rahi Ho ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #264-Karam Khudaya Hai, Tujhe Mujhse Milaya Hai ll
lAbhigya/TiSha AT#265-Koi Dor Hai Jo Unhe Mere Paas Kheech Laata Hai l
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #266- I Am Sorry ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #267- Top To Bottom Special Hi Special Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #268- Yeh Bilkul Meri Tarah Hai ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #269- Andar Se Kitni Romantic Ho? ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #270- Dulhan Toh Tum Lag Rahi Ho ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #271- Tere Bina Guzara, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ll
ll Abhigya/TiSha AT #272- Humein Hi Dekh Lo, Hai Toh Best Friends ll
Abhigya/TiSha AT #273
 Abhigya/TiSha AT #274


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ArNal/RaBul AT #14#andekhi anjani kya yeh mohabbat hai
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ArNal/RaBul AT #16 Aadhi kahani aadhi baat aadhi batai hai
ArNal/RaBul AT #17# Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri
ArNal/RaBul AT #18# Lagata Hain Tumhara Peecha Karana Padaga
ArNal/RaBul AT #19# "Jab Pyar Mein Kisiko Alag Hona Pharta Hai,To
ArNal/RaBul AT #20# "Mere Liye Tumhara Pyaar Kaafi Hai"
ArNal/RaBul AT #21# "Mere saansa tumsa juad chuki hain"
ArNal/RaBul AT #22#
ArNal/RaBul AT #23 "the soulmates mr.& mrs.khanna"
ArNal/RaBul AT #24#"Aur mera kya hoga bulbul"
ArNal/RaBul AT #25 Don't bash any couple or character
Arnal/Rabul AT #26
Arnal/Rabul AT #27 Purab Mujhse Kabhi Alag Mat Hona
Arnal/Rabul AT #28 Kuch To Hai Tujhse Raabta
Arnal/Rabul AT #29 Seedha Kaho Na Miss Kar Rahi Thi
Arnal/Rabul AT #30 BB Aur Main Ek Dusre Ke Liye Bane Hai
Arnal/Rabul AT #31 Itne Time Se Mera Love Dose Nahin Mila Toh
Arnal/Rabul AT #32 Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein Saari Baatein Ho Jati Hain
Arnal/Rabul AT #33 Main BB Kho Nahin Sakta
Arnal/Rabul AT #34 Main Bhi Tumhare Bina Nahin Jee Pahunghi Purab
Arnal/Rabul AT #35 Ab Yeh Dilwala Dulhania Lekar Jayega
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Rabul/Arnal AT#38

Mrunal-Faisal(Bulbul-Suresh) ATs

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SuBul/FaiNal|AT#2|Jisse Pyaar Karte Hai Usse Door Rehna Chahiye

Shikha Singh(Aliya) ATs

||Aaliya Mehra/Shikha Singh AT #1|| ~Now open, please join :)~

Vin Rana (New Purab) ATs

Vin Rana / Purab Khanna - AT - 1
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