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OS : RangRasiya

Tried to write something over the weekend. Tagging it as 18+ just incase.
Its a two part OS depicting what happens after he names her..
Shrimati Parvati Rudra Kumar Ranawat.

Part 1

"No no no no and no way no !!" Rudra screamed in his mind.

--5 minutes ago--

Rudra had just left his bedroom, sleep deprived, cranky, and frowning. The reason for such a mood early morning you ask ? Off course who else but the 'Khubsurat aurat' that had taken up permanent resident in his bedroom. Shrimati Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat.

He had woken up to find his hand splayed across a soft smooth expanse of exposed belly. His face was nestled comfortably in the nook of a petite neck. The neck, which had found solace on the cushion, which was his strong outstretched left arm.

He opened his eyes only to stare at the distance between his parched lips and that moist neck. The neck which, all thanks to his drunken stupor two nights ago, belonged to his wife, Paro.

His mustache tickled the exposed skin below her ear, making her move in her sleep. Eyes closed, she turned to her side, now facing him. Which resulted in his hand moving slightly across her exposed belly towards her waist. His fingers stopping over the silver chain that hung low at her hip.

His mind alerted him to get up and walk away as soon as possible. But since when had Rudra listened to anyone. He glided his palm  from her hip to the dip in her waist at the back.

Holding his breath, he paused to check if she woke up. He was all ready to pretend he was sleeping just incase she opened her eyes. Who said he played by the rules ? Rudra Pratap Ranawat was a flawed man of the 21st century. His mind echoed words that differed from what his actions depicted.

His lips felt dry. What was he doing. But the temptation to touch that gorgeous back had taken root in his mind since haldi rasam, when he had helped her clean off the poisoned haldi from her back. God bless that Laila, who had given him a reason to do just that !

As his hand traveled north, unknowingly, Paro arched her body in her sleep & shifted closer to him. She smiled and mumbled something incoherently.

"Kya"? Rudra asked in a careful whisper. He was not yet ready to wake her up.

"RU--" She paused for a second, then continued " Shaitani nahi.. Kitni baar mana kiya na tumko. Chune ka haq kisne diya tumhe "?

In the morning light, her face glowed with radiance. Her lips were sending out silent invitation to be serenaded. Her silken stresses playing tag with his bold hand. Thats when he encountered the dori. It had come undone once again as she had slept peacefully in his embrace.

His mind played the scene where he had tied the dori in the kitchen a few days ago. How he had averted his eyes in the other direction while doing that.

Today he brazenly dared to look at her exposed shoulder in the morning hours. The loose blouse and undone dori was probably going to make Kaki-sa a higher order prophet. Even higher than.. Prem Jyotish !! Or Pallavi Chelavada !! Nirmal Baba ( take your pick ) Those mini dhua-Kumaris were getting ready to be born in near future as predicted by Kaki-sa..

"Ru.." He looked back at her face, when she whispered again. Somewhat with pride, Glad that in her subconscious mind she was calling out his name.

"Bola na nahi karo.. RU-- kmini... Bas bhi karo Rukmini. Gudgudee ho rahi hai.. Sone do" Paro scolded her friend, the butterfly, in her sleep.

WHAT ?? Rukmini ?? Shocked beyond imagination at the turn of events, Rudra pulled his hand away, accidentally pulling on the silver chain at her waist.

She opened her eyes at the sane time he shut his, pretending to sleep. Timing is THE key. He knew.

Picture This ! Sunsilk mane flopping on his closed eyes. Paro found herself sleeping on his outstretched arm. Her face, a mere breath away from his handsome features. Her petite body in his embrace. 

Her legs were trapped under the weight of his right leg. Once, in the near past, finding herself in a similar situation at the hospital, she had screamed for help and pushed him away off her. 

Today she was scared to wake him up with movement. But felt bold enough to lay there silently trapped under him. A stray thought wandering in her innocent mind. When would she get the chance to see her husband this close again ?

Paro did the only thing she probably would never be allowed to do in this lifetime. Lifting her left hand slowly towards his face, she slowly moved his silken mane away from his forehead. ( anyone out there reading this want to trade place with Paro this instance ? Raise a hand.. Lol )  A few strands refused to obey, playing hide and seek on his face.

So engrossed was she in staring at this handsome man, who was her husband, that she did not notice the outstretched arm which lay out under her neck, had fisted for self-control.

Rudra shifted his leg slightly and moved his body away from her legs, or she would have felt the betrayal of his body. He knew she was innocent and he was not ready to let her find out.. Yet.

His control on his body was lost when he felt her fingers on his nose traveling down to his lips. Thats when he opened his eyes.

"Kya kar rahi hai tu"? He raised himself on his 2 arms. " Aur mere kamre me kyu hai tu ? " he glared at the quivering Paro who was under him now between his hands. The length of his arms, the only distance between their bodies.

"Wo.. Aap-- me --" she pushed him & sat up abruptly. The blouse slid down one shoulder dangerously low.

"--- me ? Kya aap kya me lagaya hai? -- aur ye.. , ye..  Wo blouse upar kar tera.  Firse natak shuru kiya tune ? Rijhaana chahti hai mujhe ?  Nikal mere kamre se ! " he roared.

"Ji? " Paro was at a loss of words. She had been through this even the night before last night. Her first night after Rudra had married her in haste.

Last night too he had come in the room drunk & eventually 2nights in a row, she had helped him sleep on his bed in drunk stupor. The mouse that freely roamed around at night had made her share his bed.

Paro.. Jab tak me chai peekar aunga,  tum ye kamre me nahi dikhni chahiye. Kahi bhi jao, shakal nahi dikhana mujhe. Samajh me aayi baat ?" With that he walked out of his bedroom sleep deprived cranky and frowning. 

His beautiful wife of two nights was going to make his existence difficult. He hated her. Why did she ever cross his path. Sheer Durbhagya ! 

Standing lonesome in the empty kitchen he sipped the hot tea, while he cursed his destiny for playing a dirty trick on him. A trick named Paro. But the trick was.. Beautiful.. He was mumbling to himself, when he heard the commotion outside in the open courtyard...

"Aayiye aayiye, abhi bulate hai Rudra banna aur Parvati bindni ko" kaki-sa was addressing someone in loud tone.

"Maa-sa, ye kaun hai ?" standing behind the pillar hidden from the courtyard area, Rudra heard Sunehri ask.

"Arre Ye NGO se aayi hai. Wo BSD walon ki baji thi na-- mera matlab hai.. Ye dekhne aayi hai ki Parvati bindni kaisi hai. Rudra Banna usse thik se.. Pyar se rakh raha hai na.. Jao apne banna-sa ko bulake la." 

Just as Sunehri started walking away, a glint eyed Kaki-sa stopped her. "Arre rukh.. NGO bai-sa.. Aapko Sunehri unke kamre tak le jayegi. Aap khud hi dekh lijiye.."


No no no no and no way no !! 
Rudra RAN to his bedroom.. Paro better be in the room.. Was his only thought !

To Be Continued..

Liked it ? Did not like it ? 
Remembered past episodes ? 
Wanted to be in Paro's place ?
Do comment, it tells me, i can continue.

16 April 14 : UPDATED with Part 02/02 on Page 07

17April 14 : UPDATED with Bonus chapter on Page 10

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Rukhmini ROFL Oh god you had me there
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Posted: 2014-04-14T01:14:21Z
Wow. This is so good. Continue soon.
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Posted: 2014-04-14T01:30:37Z
this was so good
damn ru ru ru rukmani LOL
paro better be in room in same condition LOL
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Posted: 2014-04-14T01:32:28Z
Very HOT and extremely well written ...
Of course want to continue it !!!
Eagerly waiting for the next part
Update soon dear
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Wow! So good :D
And, Rukmini? :P
Continue soon :)
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Nice ! 
Heart to trade places with paro !!Blushing
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Ru..Ru..Rukmini...???!!...Confused...poor Rudra... LOL
loved the OS..both of them caressing each other but reluctant to accept...Smile

please update soon...
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