Parud OS- Wet Embrace (Mature)

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Hello fellow RR lovers,

Here is another OS based on the idea someone posted on the forum about the interesting possibilities of having to share a bathroom now that Rudra and Paro are finally married and sharing a bedroom, So, here is that scenario since, I  highly doubt we ll get to see something like this in the show, anytime soon Embarrassed or at least, not at this rating. 

It is much shorter than my last OS- In the Night but I hope you all enjoy it! I tried to stick with the characterization of Paro and Rudra, and stay close to the story as possible (even the dialogues are in hindi to be authentic), just with the twist and situations that most of would like to see Embarrassedbut cannotAngry, and here we go, all to the power of imagination!EmbarrassedShocked

Forgive and ignore any grammar or spelling mistakes please.



Paro walked into the bedroom and walked to the closet where she placed her folded clothes. She took a set of fresh, washed set of clothes and decided to go take a shower. The phone on her bedside rang and she saw it was Rudra's phone ringing, but he was nowhere to be seen. The phone stopped ringing and she forgot about it and went about to getting her clothes.

She made sure that the bedroom door was closed and then proceeded to go to the bathroom. She had barely placed her hand on the knob of the bathroom door when it opened up, and suddenly, she smacked right into a hard, wet naked male chest! 

"Major Saab!" paro screamed in shock

Rudra caught paro as she slammed into him. He was coming out of the shower, just wrapped in a towel and the next thing he knew, his beautiful wife was plastered onto his wet, water dripping chest.

It took a second before Paro realized that she was in Rudra's arm, no wait, not just naked arms, but  naked chest and naked everything!! And then she screamed, "aaahhh!!!"

Rudra was schocked by her loud scream and surprised, he immediately placed his hand to cover her mouth and yelled, " Pagal ho gayi kya? Saari haveli ko kamray mein bulaana hai kya? Bewakoof ladki!!"

Paro was stunned, mortified, and just plain shocked! She could feel everything, every part of her husband's hard, chiseled body, all muscle and sinew as he was holding her so close and almost naked, a towel barely covering him there.

 Her heart was beating a million miles a minute, she was palpating, and she was going to faint, she was sure of that! "Hai Bholenaath", she thought to herself, "mhaari madad karo".

"Paro,... mein apna haath hata raha hoon,... per chup rehna, theek hai...Baath samjhi meri?" Rudra asked Paro

She slowly nodded her head and Rudra took away his hand slowly from her mouth. When he was sure she was not going to scream anymore, he asked her why had she screamed, so loudly?

Still embarrassed, Paro answered hesitantly, stammered,  "woh, aap nahaa kay...aap ke kapday nahi..." while looking away from Rudra's eyes trying to look elsewhere, which was a mistake as he was almost naked and she realized that she was still in his arms. She almost choked on her sentence!

Paro pushed herself out of Rudra's arms and staggered back, almost falling to the floor but Rudra caught her before she fell on her behind but now she was smack dab in his arms, yet once again!

Rudra realized at that moment that he was enjoying this immensely, but his joy was short-lived, when he became aware of the fact that his body was responding to having his wife's supple, and beautiful body molded,so close to his barely towel clad body, touching his every part.

 He was so hard and aroused that if he did not let her go in the next second, he would just pick her up in his arms, and throw her on the damn inviting bed, which seemed to be beckoning him, to make love to his wife until they were both completely satisfied!

Paro was shocked, yes, but it was the way Rudra was looking at her right now, with the nerve ticking in his cheek, his eyes burning through her and the change in his lower body that she felt through her ghaghra, that she even as an innocent now understood since, waking up in his arms with his body spooning hers a few days ago. He had the look of a predator, and she seemed to be the prey, and this thought was enough to push her into action.

Before he could make the move to push her out of his arms, or carry her in his arms to the bed for a session of lovemaking, Paro pushed out of his arms with all her might and ran towards the door, her clothes strewn on the floor, at Rudra's feet.

Rudra looked down to the telltale sign of the recent encounter with his wife, Paro, and with a guttural sound of frustration, cursing his body for being so aroused, went back to the bathroom, slammed the door shut so hard that it almost came of his hinges, and prepared to take another very long, and very cold shower! Damn that Paro, muttered an angry Rudra.


Ok, so how did you guys like it? Liked it? Loved it? hated it (hopefully not)?

Please dont forget to press the like button and once again, your feedback and comments will make me write more and more as the days go by and we see our Paro and Rudra share same space!Big smile

P.S. I already have the next idea, even more sizzling than this oneEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thank you for all your comments and love! I have had some buddy requests for updates, so please anyone who would like to receive messages about updates, send me a buddy request and I 'll add you guys and then you can stay in the loop Smile

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hot !! Embarrassed 

nxt one is gonna be hotter !omg !!!!!!!!BlushingBlushing
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Posted: 2014-04-13T14:27:59Z
Ohhh my goshhh that was just HOT HOT HOT Wink Embarrassed

So realistic, hot, sensual and so romantic...i have not seen rudra in just a towel yet so will go with ur imagination LOL

Ohhh paro u silly girl, you have such a hottie hubby and ur more interested in running a marathon rather than enjoying the closeness Embarrassed Wink LOL

Ohhh another one ey? bringt it on Big smile
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Posted: 2014-04-13T15:14:17Z
Liked it Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-04-13T15:19:18Z
Super hawtt...Blushing  
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Posted: 2014-04-13T15:40:27Z
very hot like a lot
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Posted: 2014-04-13T15:42:54Z
Very hot. Blushing
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