SS: Let us play the hate game Paro.. PART 1

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Hey all, Smile

here is something for all RR-deprived souls out there.Embarrassed It may not be that good.Ouch i had some kinda writers' block. Confused

Please Read and Comment. Tongue

Lets play the hate game Paro..'

He was walking real fast into the haveli, engrossed in his own thoughts.

why the hell am I incapable of forgetting her? Even though I have given her those 8-damn-promises of hatred, I am still incapable of issuing those. It is time I started playing. Yha. I know what I have to do..I am going to avoid ...' The trail of thoughts was interrupted as he took another turn. The door to her room was slightly ajar. He leaned slightly to the left and had a quick peek into her room. The broken mirror pieces were still on the floor and the bed was empty. where the hell has she gone?'

"Par.." He almost shouted. Shit. What the hell is this? It was only moments ago I took up the Mission Snub and now am here ,standing in front of her room and calling her name?

"Damn you Rudra" he cursed under his breath and left for his own room's shelter. Fortunate that Bapusa is not here yet. Otherwise he would have made me do terrible things.' A tiny-winy smirk glittered above his moustache as he thought of his Bapusa's tactics. He pushed open the door and went straight towards the cupboard in his room. He took out one of the white kurtas. this place is so damn hot. May be I should take a showe...r..'  He couldn't think of anything for another 2 minutes. His eyes were glowing and he stood there, beside the bed , motionless.


            She laid there, peacefully, cuddling to his pillow. She dreamt of camels and blue butterflies. She was smiling in her sleep. Rudra stood there, wonderstruck. His eyes loitered over the 6-feet length of wheat colored epitome of serenity. She was wearing a pale blue ghagra. She looked beautiful in it, as usual.  Rudra no more thought of his shower, bapusa or Mission Snub. His eyes were plastered on the sleeping beauty. The slender legs, flat tummy, the perfect navel like a drop of dew in the morning sun, that perfectly carved bosom, the long fingers, and top it all the lustrous waves of hair-dark and long. He fancied hiding his face in those waves of mystery and of smelling her, of planting innumerous pecks on those desirous shoulders. Her nose ring glistened. He was being drawn towards her, literally. He felt like loosing control over his limps. His hands no longer obeyed him. Those legs of his led him on, to the bedpost. She turned a bit, in her sleep, to his side. He had a better view of the thin, leaf like navel , thanks to the thin duppatta, which was never of much use. His eyes fell on the tight silver waist chain that clung to her belly so lavishly. What would have he done to be that little piece of metal? He let out a sigh. There was a strong desire inside of him just to touch it once. The metallic color against the wheat-ish tone of her belly looked so glossy to him. He could feel his hands moving. His long fingers touched the smooth skin. He ran his fingers through the sides of that waist chain, as if those were feathers. She moved a little bit . He remained still for a moment. The tiny rounded metallic balls on the end of the chain seemed to be so gorgeous that his fingers played with them, while his eyes ran over the peacefully-innocent face.

            The next thing he noticed was his own fingers trailing on her lips. He could see a finger tracking the entire path from upper lip to her lower lip. The slightly open, strawberry colored lips appeared to be inviting him in. He leaned in a bit towards her . A soft breeze came in and a tuft of open hair fell on her eyebrow. With atmost care he blew on it, very slowly and smoothly. There was the trace of a blush on her cheeks. His hands found it is way down to the cheeks, creating Goosebumps all over her body. He trailed the shape of her jaws and chin, and he saw a 1000 rainbows on that sweet face.

  will my moustache tickle her if I kiss her?' he smirked on the thought and left his hands to explore more. As his fingers danced down, something tangled on them. A red thread. He looked at it, unbelievingly. He touched it again, just to be sure. He looked back at her, defeated, betrayed. The picture of an amateur  havan-kund , saath pheras and a round of waltz came back to his mind. The thread, the red thread of hatred and of power. He looked at it once again. His face lost all it is tenderness and the look was daring. he twirled his mustache and looked around. He found himself sitting beside Paro on the bed. He jumped on his feet when the hell did I sit down' he asked himself and walked to the door.

" Arrey Banna.. Were you tilling in the grounds?" Maamisa crossed his away, smiling mischievously.  

"What do you mean?" he was a little taken aback. What if she saw something?

"Na.. you are sweating.. and you are panting if am not mistaken." She giggled and continued... " I think those pants are a bit tight for you, Banna.." she trailed off giggling...

... He looked at himself. She was right. He sprang to his room without much ado.. " May be I should take a shower..". he grabbed a towel as he ran to the bathroom.


She dreamt of butterflies and giggled in her sleep.


So??? How was it? ConfusedShocked

Leave a comment. Each of your comments helps me to write more and more hot stories. Your feedback turns me on.. Wink

Give me 100 likes  if you want a second part to this SS.

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Posted: 2014-04-13T09:08:24Z
It was very very hot... and hysterically funny at the end! ROFL
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Posted: 2014-04-13T09:16:47Z
Nicely written.  Loved how he he just didn't want to stop.  Plz continue. 
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Posted: 2014-04-13T12:51:40Z
3 hours. 184 views, 11 likes and only 2 comments??????? ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchOuchDeadDeadDead

Great supports
Am never gonna write anything again in this forum.

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Posted: 2014-04-13T13:18:13Z
Cute as well as hot one ...
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Posted: 2014-04-13T13:29:31Z
nice one . Smile
write more , ignore the silent readers , theyll strt commenting soon 
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Posted: 2014-04-13T20:21:43Z
Lovely...please continue
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Posted: 2014-04-13T20:28:41Z
Nice one. Pls update soon.
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