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Hi friends,
here is another os of mine. The following piece of work is way different from the ongoing track. In fact, here Rudra is not a BSD official . I had done this in my previous OS as well and if anyone has any issue on grounds of the liberties am taking with the character, plz  feel free to post your views regarding the same. As always, I'll take that gracefully and stop right there.


here is the link for the sequel
OS: Appointment-A sequel


"AAah...aaahhha its hurting again" paro shrieked, with her palm firmly plastered to her left cheek and eyes glinting with unshed tears.

Mamisa was by her side in no time, her features scrunched up in concern.

"how many times will I have to repeat this baisa. This pain wont go anywhere miraculously. That wretched tooth has been troubling you since days. Please , I am begging you for the umpteenth time now , go and see the dentist."

The word stirred multiple emotions in paro's mind, the top most being fear and nervousness. Her eyes were bulging out wide, trying their level best to give sauce pans a fair level of competitions and her lips formed a perfect O before shaking her head almost violently in denial. Even at 22 years of age, paro still associated the word dentist with dark brooded images of the guillotine.

"no mamisa, not a dentist. I won't go to a dentist. And I am completely fine see?" saying that paro smiled a toothy grin putting extra effort in stretching her sore features, in order to convince her aunt in distress. Almost every other relative or acquaintance had complimented this one particular majestic smile of Paro, but today it failed to influence her mami sa. Soon enough paro to succumbed to the pain, and brought back the neatly placed palm back to her cheeks.

" I am not convinced baisa. I hate to see you in pain and believe me when I say that your mother wouldn't have liked it either. "

And just like that Paro knew that her aunt would leave no stone unturned in order to emotionally black mail her. Her mother's well intentioned reminder made Paro flinch and just for a second the sturdy barriers of her conscience threatened to fall apart in pieces. But the distant memory of a dentist's drill brought it right back up.

"Please don't start again mamisa. Why don't you understand? I can't go to the dentist. i just don't like being there"

"Do you think you can hide this from me baisa? What exactly are you scared of paro? You know I can't see you in pain right?"

Paro was in a dilemma now. There was no option but to confide in.she hugged the lady sitting in front of her and spoke in a soft tone" haan mamisa. I am scared ,of those needles and drills that those doctors push inside my mouth, of those people who try to make me believe that it won't hurt. But it does mamisa. It hurts too much. "

" baisa, doesn't it hurt now? Would all this help? "

Paro pulled back with a small smile on her face. She had an idea of course, after all she has one for every problem which dare enter her life.

" why don't you prepare that special medicine with neem leaves and bottle guard juice. I would drink it them time for sure. It will whisk the pain away isn't it?"

" baisa it is for joint pain or arthritis at the most, not for tooth ache of course. And this time I won't let you suffer. You are going to the dentist and that's my final decision" But mamisa wouldn't finish here for she knew her niece too well " ...and if you refuse baisa then you will have to stop burning the midnight oil, preparing that kadha for my joints as well. I won't even allow you to massage my legs at night"

Paro gulped. Was she really seeing this? Before those darn frozen features could muster up the strength to react mamisa was already on her way to the kitchen. After minutes, she called out from inside" I expect you to change within the next 10 minutes paro. Bindi can accompany you to the clinic or if you choose to think otherwise..." but paro had rushed to the bathroom to change before the sentence ever got the chance to be completed.


It was a 45 minutes ride to the clinic. The driver seemed to be making an extra effort to prolong the journey on paro's request but he knew he couldn't let her be late. They had an appointment after all. Paro and bindi reached the massive building , and made their way inside , the former's hands shaking with anxiety and the latter jumping up with excitement.

They were told to wait for another hour owing to the fact that they were late. The receptionist managed to give her dirtiest smile to them for their late arrival but Paro seemed to be too happy to notice that.

The waiting room was brimming with patients. Apparently Rudra pratap ranawat was among the best doctors in jaipur.  And as usual, the sight of the patients dissolved all the confidence she had mustered till now.

"bindi, I think I am not well. I wont be able to last long In front of the doctor if I have high fever you see. Lets go back home"

"paro, you and your stupid excuses . what would I ever do without you? Just chill. He wont kill you no? just a few needles, and their instruments' and a few muffled screams and trust me, everything will be fine once again."

Paro gaped at her." Muffled screams?" she asked

"of course! That's all one can manage with his mouth wide open right?"

And then the shuddering and shivering just won't stop. Bindi managed to giggle silently, turning her face to the other sides. After 10 minutes, paro spoke up once again

"bindi I have a problem. Lets go home"

"and what is it this time" bindi asked grinning

" you see, whenever I am in pain, I well, I chant madhumakhee right?"

"hmm yes, that mantra of your never worked with me though. But go on"

" but today, I will be in pain for sure, but how will I scream madhumakhee with my mouth open?"

Bindi broke out laughing. The other patients glanced at her with confused expression, trying to figure out what made that chubby young lady laugh this way like this in the most serious of places'

The receptionist was by their side once again, asking her to shut up in an exceptionally polite tone. And the silence that followed was torturous.

Every 10 or 20 minutes the patient who had walked grim faced inside would come out to take the next appointment. It was a pretty lady this time, with a little too much to display with her bright red top and black tights. "28th may, 5 o clock he says. Every time I make up an excuse to meet this handsome man, wishing for an 8 o clock appointment and this is what he gives me. did anyone tell you that life was too unfair?' the receptionist nodded politely but paro was gazing at her with disgust. Who would want to visit the dentist again, she thought.

Bindi as if sensing her reaction, whispered near her ears

"every one is not like you , you know. What if he gives you an 8 o clock appointment" and the next 30 minutes were spent shivering and shuddering again.


"Miss Parvati?" the reception called out , not even looking up from her paperwork

"Miss Parvati, you are next"

"Miss Parvati? She looked up finally trying to find the same girl who had raised the doctor's temper by two notches and still refused to answer.

"yahan hai, Parvati " Bindi spoke up at last trying her level best to usher her friend inside who seemed to have sunk deeper into the sofa.

"Bindi , what do you think you are doing. We can wait for another hour and then I swear on Rukmini,  I would get the treatment done"

 "Get inside now Paro or I'll end up on the receiving end of your mami sa's wrath. I have got strict orders to escort you inside you know?"

"Please?" Paro pleaded, her hands folded before her chest.


"Miss Parvati, are you going inside?" the receptionist called out once more, the warning in her tone shining brightly upon the two friends scaring them eventually.



The room was white, bright white in fact, in semblance to the snow covered peaks in the far north bathing in the glorious sunshine.  For almost two seconds paro's eyes remain scrunched up in an attempt to adjust to the sudden change. She spotted the recliner first and her stubborn heart just wont stop hammering inside her chest. A young woman, almost 5 years older than her made her sit down and prepared the instruments, and at the same time informed her that the doctor will be here in a minute.

The room reeked of spirit and phenyl which gave it a feel of an operation theater, not that parvati had ever been to one. But she hated all this.

"Will this hurt" she asked In a small voice though she knew the answer. It's just that sometimes a little reassurance can mollify the pain by a few decibels.

The lady smiled in return. Was she being polite or hinting at the impending disaster, Paro had no such idea.

She perched herself on the chair before her, and asked her to open her mouth.  When Paro hesitated before complying, that young pretty lady spoke up

"I wont do anything now miss Parvati. I am just checking the level of damage the cavity has done to your tooth and will inform doctor Rudra regarding the same. The rest will be his business"

She had completed her inspection in almost 10 minutes when the doctor sauntered in.  Parvati had her eyes firmly shut to even notice his presence. But his gruff masculine voice announced his arrival pretty soon.

"Is the inspection complete?"

"Yes doctor. Upper left 6 has cavity and there may be a need for RCT"

While Parvati didn't understand a word she said, she carefully noted the doctor's expression. He did not flinch, nor appear sullen, not even an ounce of smile on his face' he nodded straight faced and that deadpan look gave Paro, Goosebumps.

He was fairly handsome in a masculine way. His dark brown eyes seemed to carrying a wide sea of emotions yet none managed to claw its way out to his handsome face. His moustache plastered proudly on his face, gave him an aura of professionalism and maturity. Paro's gaze riveted to the scar on his forehead, which promised a myriad of hushed stories it carried and suddenly Paro had an urge to touch it. He had draped a long white coat, which blended perfectly with the white walls but which failed to cover the deep shade of brown shirt inside. He looked very very handsome, she concluded. For almost 5 minutes those self created anxieties rested peacefully in one corner of her brain, the other part busy processing the well built man before her. He should have been in army, she thought.

He was by her side in no time and when Paro came back to her senses, to notice the pliers like object in his hand, she reacted immediately. Her palms were sweaty again and her eyes firmly shut. She won't even open her mouth for him to have a look.

When Rudra noticed that the reason for her sudden reaction was lying comfortably in his palms he immediately kept it aside.

"that is not for you " he said. She let out the fated breath she didn't know she was holding.

Her hazel eyes registered the amused features and fury raged inside. how can he make fun of her like this?


"What?" she said, looking for the answer in his brown caramel eyes.

"Mouth, what else?"

"Will this hurt?"


And with that, Paro gulped. He was fairly blunt. Was he like this with all his patients, she thought. Then how come he became Jaipur's best doctor?

"Open, now" he spoke in an impatient tone.

But Paro shook her head in return. Appalled Rudra stared at her as if she had grown two heads in the last 5 seconds.

" I don't have time for all this miss. I have patients waiting outside.

"I won't show you my tooth until and unless you say that this won't hurt"

"What?" he looked seriously furious now

"When you said open I said that I won't show you my tooth until and unless you say that this won't hurt."

"AND WHY DO YOU THINK I WILL LIE? His voice barely controlling his anger " in the next 10 seconds if you don't open your mouth I will stop this treatment right here,  and the next time you visit any doctor please allow her to take out that valuable tooth of yours"

Paro mouth gaped open and wouldn't shut even making desperate attempts to do so.

"Good" he said, satisfied by the impact.

He went to work almost immediately, and as soon as the needle like object made contact with her sore tooth she screamed loud enough for all the patients outside, bindi included bite their nails in fear.

"madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee madhumakhee...she went on chanting when he had removed the needle like object from her mouth. "

"Yeh kya kar rahi hai? Shant shant.  Kahan hai madhumakhee( what are you doing? Where the hell is the honey bee?)

It took 10 minutes for her to be quiet , and when she finally did her eyes opened to find the doctor staring at her, concerned.

"Where is the honey bee?'

" woh... madhumakhee nahi hai. Jab mujhe dard hota hai naa, masa ne kaha that isse chala jayega (there is no honey bee. Actually whenever I am in pain, my mother told me to chant this and the pain would be wiped off.)

" gaya dard? (has the pain gone away now) he asked in a menacing voice

And she smiled back, the same majestic smile of hers." Haan gaya.(yes it has gone now)

"This is the second time I am tolerating this. The next time this happens, you won't be here in the clinic. Understood?"

"Yes jallad" she muttered under her breath.

"kya  kaha?"

"Nothing." She quickly answered.

And she indeed did keep her promise. He went on with his treatment, bending low over her trying to fix her tooth and she would stare into his caramel eyes. His hot breath, even from the mask, caressed her delicate skin and she soon forgot about the pain. And when it did pain, she would silently hold the rudraksh in his hand  around his wrist and he would try to be extremely gentle in return. Often he would bend lower, trying to treat that cavity and his moustache would brush her cheeks. She would try her level best to control the urge to giggle due to the tingling sensation but fail miserably. And he would immediately pull back, slightly embarrassed, slightly annoyed.

After 30 minutes of screaming, giggling, flinching and complaining, rudra was finally done with his job. It would take just one more sitting to completely treat that tooth. He turned to his secretary and spoke up, "we won't need an RCT but a permanent cap is required.  Get me her card.

"Is it done" Paro asked

"Yes. You took too much of my time Paro. I'll see you in the next appointment."

"And when will that be? Please keep it as early as possible. "

He narrowed his eyes in response. "Early?"

"Yes, I mean I wouldn't be able to bear the pain any longer, you know."

He didn't reply just got up from the chair and started moving towards his desk.

"help me first doctor . How am I ever going to get out of these wires ?"

He seemed mildly irritated at her secretary's absence but came back to her .rudra  Removed the wires from the seat, brushing his hands against her arm in the process.  Paro fiddled with the wired tissue around her neck and his hands were immediately on hers , stopping her.

"let me do that. You'll hurt yourself"

He unfastened the tissue as carefully as possible and seated himself behind his desk. He furiously scribbled something on her card and offered it to her when he finished.

"I'll tell the receptionist regarding your next appointment."

She took the cue to leave only to find bindi biting her nails outside. Upon seeing paro she came running to her side

"paro , tu theek hai? If you want we can go straight to the hospital now!" she spoke in an urgent voice.

"Hospital kyun?"

" I think you are in mental trauma paro. After all, who screams and laughs like that ? and that too at the same time. I promise you, it won't take time"

"chup kar bindi, " Paro admonished, smiling to herself .

"When is my next appointment?"she asked the receptionist.

"20th April 8 o clock" and Paro heard bindi fall with a thud to the ground!


Still confused about the 8O clock mystery? Here's a small conversation with the pretty young lady in red top and black tights you saw at the reception with one of the patients. Lets hear it out from her in a hushed tone!

Patient( whispering):  so what is this 8 o clock business? Don't tell me its related to drugs or something!

Lady (laughs out loud) : drugs? Are you serious? When there is doctor rudra then why will I need drugs to satiate my temptations huh? Have you noticed his silky curls? His broad nose? And his...

Patient (agitated at her foolishness): cut it out lady! I am a man for god's sake! Come straight to the point!

Lady: fine! Doctor rudra is a very handsome man but he seems to be always surrounded by doctors and nurses and those staff people.  So how will I be able to spend some time alone with the man of my dreams. A lady has her fantasies afterall!. And 8 o clock is the time for the last appointment when he works alone you know!! Without his secretary. And trust me one day he will have to give me an 8 o clock appointment and when that happens I will be able to feel his breath upon my face, caress his silken locks and touch his face..'CENSORED"


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Paro is hilarious ROFL
Awesome how she was scared but one look of rudra and all the giggling started ROFL

ROFL she can't wait for the next appointment LOL

Bindi fainted ROFL

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Very interesting story
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paro is so hilarious. pls continue the storySmile
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Paro is too cute; want to know abt follow-up appt; hope u continue.

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Posted: 2014-04-12T07:46:36Z
Very well written hilarious story
Loved it thoroughly !!
Pls do write more !!
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awesome and very cute Paro..:)
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Awesome one shot. Clap Clap
Wow Rudra as a dentist, great but he was still the jallad and paro was very cute and hilarious.
I like the alternative settings of their meeting a lot.
The end was very funny and superb
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