Jabaan pe laaga-laaga -re namak ishq ka ( Non-Bashers Zone-UPDATED)

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Posted: 7 years ago

Tez tha chhonka kya karoon? 

See see kartee main maroon 

Jabaan pe laaga re laaga re ...

Raat bhar chhaana , chhaana re... namak tere ishq ka...


And if you are planning to vent , rage and rant, don't wait for my post. LOLThe story and characters are clear to me, so i cannot contribute to the beauty of the forum.

Aate hain! Heart


The song that I have mentioned means - " The love of  my lover is like burning salt on my tongue. The love of my lover is like the fumes of the spices that burn my whole being with their heat once put on fire. Now, I am just running helter-skelter burned by the salt and spice of his love." 

Hmmm... tell me. What stood out for you from the entire Rudra-style wedding that Rudra carried out with Paro? The surface mockery of the institution of marriage? The silent and tearful resistance of Paro who had wanted a fairytale wedding and voices it with a ' aisse nahiin" to Rudra? The darker and cynical version of the seven vows that Rudra promised Paro? The sindoor and the laal mouli mangalsutra with which Rudra marked Paro as his own for seven lives or maybe more? I mean, of course, all this holds meaning only if you were not busy squirming in your seats hoping for a 'Kucch Kucch Hotaa Hai" and finding an intense and passionate " Bahot Kucch Hotaa Hai" instead. 

Anyway, sarcasm aside ( forum ittna negative ho saktaa hai, toh ek-do chatkhaare lenne ka chance to bantaa hai, yaar)... what stood out in today's episode is the EIGHTH VOW. 

" Rudra tera kabhi nahin hoga, Paro." ... Rudra promised this to Paro. How? By almost pasting  her body against his own , holding her as though he would suffocate her with his possessiveness , by looking into her eyes without batting an eyelid and completing that last pheraa TOGETHER. A verbal and emotional oxymoron where his words were in direct contrast with his visible actions. He committed emotional abandonment to Paro by holding her as close as his own breath. 

Now, turn around. This oxymoron logic applies to all the seven vows that he gave Paro. VERBALLY, he promised torture, tears, terror and all that jazz to Paro. The cynical and darker version of all of Paro's pure feelings and promises. But all these cynical vows that have sprung from his anger ( not hatred - he doesn't hate Paro and its oh-so-visible )  have a future too. From his anger will spring his calmness. From his disdain for her beauty will spring his lovestruck admiration for her inner and outer beauty. From his psychological cruelty will spring his own defencelessness against her perseverance and resolve. All the cynical vows, AFTER REACHING THEIR WORLDLY CRESCENDO, will turn divine and soulful. 

Why? Because this is the reason that Rudra's physical self promised Paro that he will never be hers while his soulful self made his muscles embrace Paro while making this promise. 

And its proven true within 10 minutes. Jo Rudra Paro ka kabhi nahin hogaa, that same Rudra does a U-Turn and comes running back to snatch Paro away from the world - gathers her up in his arms , VOICES his right over her and takes her away to his world- you cannot miss the possessive and territorial body language and voice modulation of Rudra here . Rudra's 'Shrimatee' in all his soul-cuteness is brought into his world , with utter care that nothing hurts her. 

This is the JUXTAPOSITION AND CONFLICT of what Rudra is thinking and what he is feeling. Rudra's mind abandoned Paro and Rudra's heart sent him running back to the dehleez to gather his Paro in his arms and bring her where he is. Now, place this image next to Rudra engulfing Paro while taking the 8th pheraa and the 8th vow. Its pretty transparent. 

Rudra Paro ka jab hogaa so hogaa, but as of now, Rudra only knows that Paro Rudra ki hai. Customized ownership, thank you very much. Contact any NGO you want. Yours truly, Rudra Pratap Ranaawat. 

Now, as we give Rudra a breather to make sense of his own physical, verbal and emotional reactions while taking the eighth vow , lets shift our focus  to Paro. 

I don't mind sounding rude because I am rude and in-your-face. Those who know me from before are well aware of my vamp-ish talents. So, keep that in mind when I tell you that i really don't bother or care how the forum perceives Paro. I am only going to write what has been shown and told beforehand. 

Paro is the whitest character in this story and she is your modern day Desdemona with some renovation. So, usski zaroorat se zyada acchaai aur zaroorat se zyaada mohabbat aapko bewakoofi dikhti hai. And since we are  modern, educated , urbanized women who have their own definitions of feminism and society-bred ideas of rights, freedom, liberty, am not surprised that everyday a zillion essays are written on Paro's characterization. 

Excuse Moi? What exactly is characteriZATION? Characterization is the  genesis, building, cementing , growth and evolution of a  CHARACTER. Paro is a character in her own right - she is perfectly fine within the parameters and frame of the story for which she has been created. So, your problem is not her characterization. Your problem is her CHARACTER simply because she is not a reflection of how you have been taught to be a or see a woman. 

I am sorry. Paro is not a vestigial organ of us " liberated" women and she is not an additional attachment / extension of our sense of  identity of women. If you start your day by " I cannot relate to Paro's character" , you are never going to fathom her as another entity who may not be from your world , BUT SHE IS STILL AN ENTITY. Her actions, reactions , feelings are HERS and why should she get a clearance certificate on that from us? 

Paro is Paro. An individual. Maybe from another world, another era , yet AN INDIVIDUAL. 

Keeping that in our minds, lets travel to her take on this marriage. Do a little flashback here. Do you remember her little conversation with her doll? Do you remember her promise to herself and to Dilshoo? 

Paro had COMMITTED to Lord Shiva that she will do anything for Rudra's forgiveness. She had promised her doll that come what may, she will find that lovely boy in Rudra and teach him to live, love  and laugh. She had promised Rudra and Dilshoo that she will never let this relationship break and no matter what happens, she will never leave Rudra. 

She had challenged Rudra that just like Maa Parwati , she will clear all tests and she will win him , just like Maa Parwati had won Lord Shiva's heart and his companionship as HIS Wife. 

Today, she is pained by what Rudra is doing, the way he is marrying her  ( her tears, her feeble " aise nahiin", her physical resistance that is just as confused as her bruised heart  ) ...but HOW can that change the way she feels about Rudra? If Rudra's act of anger , thoughtless temper and pseudo-hatred riles up Paro, makes her voice the dialogues of all naari-emancipation and storm off , then, the work that the writers have done on her on making her this virginal and this white , on making her believe in the Lord Shiva and Maa Parwati soulmate saga stands like a brick wall in this style of storytelling.

Paro's deal with Rudra was always of PASSING ALL TESTS OF FIRE and never of turning around and asking him HOW DARE YOU PUT ME IN THIS TEST? 

Paro is upset about the way Rudra has married her and not the fact that Rudra has married her. She is still staunch in her faith that her nurturing will evolve Rudra into the man that he really is and that she can save him from himself. That is why her first thought is not " ye mere saath kya ho gayaa" when he plops her on the bed and collapses on the floor. Her first thought is still Rudra...

Its as simple as that. 

And if you are waiting for Paro's breakdown and her vulnerable sobs... don't wait. Her destruction will come very very slowly... in small measures... as she puts Rudra back to life brick by brick...

Baat nikli hai toh bahot door tak jaayegi...Wink
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Posted: 7 years ago
Rashan ki line mei lage hai hum! 

Maine padh lia. Ab mai aaraam se so sakti hu!

Aapko pata hai, mujhe aaj ka epi actual mei cute laga.. Especially Rudra.

Kya oont hai by god. The 8th vow. Seriously, Sab ko BLATANTLY dikh raha tha... Ki kya hone wala hai uske inn vachano ka!

And the thing that stood out for me was, "Itna bhi nashe mei nahi hu.. ki tujhe giraa du.. zameen par.." And then he plops her on the bed, and settles down on the floor himself. It was so heartwarming to watch, Jeeja.

Ab ninni aa rahi hai aur kal office hai aur meri tabiyat thik nai chal rahi. 

Chalo Khamma Ghani Jeeja-sa. Hug
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Posted: 7 years ago
You are the one person who I can rely on, 

Who understands the characters so well. 

And can analyse the show with so much beauty. 

I love your posts and I can always rely on you for being the one person who understands the show so well. 
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Posted: 7 years ago
was waiting for ur post
thanks for this beautiful post n Agree with u.
U put those words so beautifully...
I don't know what is wrong with others may be it's their opinion but yesterday epi was no where negative..it's fully human emotion n fully positive.
Rudra may be drunk but in drunk way he never want to hurt paro..he came back to take her back where she belongs.
he said he will not make her fall ...he was drunk still...his first  priority will be forever is Paro's security..
if paro is born to love n care Rudra nurture him then Rudra is born to protect Paro first then nurture then love her..yes love will come openly later yes Rudra loves paro but he is fighting a battle between his brain n heart 
his own predugidice make him do it...n this is paro's work will heal him from his past. may be so called feminist mind will say y paro has the duty to clear n clear rudra's mind...then so what, there is no Rule paro can't do...in love there is no rule...love him like the way he...Paro will discover n take care of That Rudra.
may be this wedding needed for paro n Rudra for their future...we don't know y it's happen we can't judge from now...
kehete hain jo hota hain Acche ke liye hota hain...jo hoga acche ke liye hoga...

yesterday's epi was not negative at all it's some where funny also some where showing positive some where deep emotion of Human n the reality...

Pyaar koi Roses se bhara nehi hota it's has thorn also but we have to walk n remove the thorn so in our future there will Rose...
Rudra took 7 vows but he only the person will contradict  this 
are wait wait lolll I forgot to say he already contradict  his vows  
are oh Rudra kya kare it's in his vein now to protect Paro...
Rudra will roar Rudra will shout but he is the one who will protect Paro ...
Paro took care of Rudra so what , what she should do again forum as shouting I'm clueless..
forget anything..what should person do. if he or she has in this condition drunk way..shout or cry...
or hit or sat back n see the drama...
Paro was upset but not with the marriage but with the way it's happen
any one can be..are everyone has dream about their marriage so like paro bai sa but situation make the thing go wrong...
it's not about Paro it's not About Rudra...it's about PaRud...Both r destined to be Together ...may be they had to met this way...their journey start from that day when they met first time when Paro throw the doll that time it's destined Paro will take care of Rudra...
it's not about  self respect it's not about being door mat or what, it's about caring it's about humanity it's about love it's about respect it's about understanding...
y we always forget Rudra also took care of Paro...
like Paro is taking care of Rudra...
7 Vows by Rudra was his own fear own prejudiced  which he said ...Paro know she was in pain not cause of the situation cause of the event turn out cause how Rudra was in pain cause how he is destroying himself...where she want to hold him n try to protect n save her...
yes she will burn but she want this
if one is not fine then it's natural to make the not fine part fine...
yes Rudra said he don't love paro but is it true ...everyone know how big lie is that Rudra keep saying...
Paro know it..

Paro will treat Rudra like she wants 
Hope I didn't make it bore or make u confuse...but I'm enjoying the show n each epi 
thanks again for this positivity 
I loved to read ur post 

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Posted: 7 years ago
Nice post as always and you said it all, I personally loved the episode and was surprise to see the negative reaction here the thing I learn is this is a daily soap and we can't have everything in one episode maybe later on Paro character will make more sense to others.

I thought she was fine today and she's sensible enough to see Rudra isn't himself in the drunken stage, how she reacts when he return back to his sense? Well that I can't predict it's going to be a surprise.

Paro is just not your typical type of character what she does is fine in her own will. At the end of the day it's all fictions & entertainment.

I liked enjoyed Paro & Rudra together today they were entertaining to watch especially the phere it will sexy & passionate and the actors have good chemistry in that scene, Rudra carrying Paro was also a nice sequence.      Edited by PhoenixRising - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Was so waiting for your post .you have no idea how much LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Loved today's episode..ishq vishq pyar vyaar ..will write more a little laterEdited by Lizzy2012 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Waiting for your post...will sleep only after that.

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