10th April - Written Update - RangRasiya

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Part 1

Rudra breaks chair and Paro is scared..! Mohini screams on Rudra...! All are shocked..! Rudra tells Paro ..as such u need Pandit for wedding but in this wedding .. groom is enouf..! He says what more u need? Fire..! He puts a dupatta around his neck and sets its edge on fire...! He pulls it to Paro..! He says.. Rudra and Paros wedding...! He rotates the dupatta edge thats on fire..! Paro is shocked..! He puts the broken chair pieces on fire..! Rudra tells Paro ..wanted to get married... wanted to unite ...Rudra & Parvati? Paro says not like this..! Rudra says repeat..! Paro says .. not like this..! Rudra says. .have a problem with this too? Well no .. not like everytime .. this time.. it will be like i want.. no more drama.. straightforward wedding..! Rudra tells Paro want to do this.. lets take the pheras..! He ties another dupatta to Paros saree edge and puts around his neck and says we will get married traditionally .. u wanted this right? Paro says leave me..! Rudra grabs her hand and says we have to take pheras..! 

Rudra says ... first phera .. first promise ... that in return of ur blind love.. u will want nothing from me ever..! Second promise.. that like u never trusted me.. u will not get my trust .. ! Third promise ... i will stay away from ur beauty ...! Fourth promise .. The way i was being insulted.. my reputation ruined.. the same way. .u will scream for life.. but i wont listen to u ... ! Fifth promise ... our togetherness will be such that u wuldnt have imagined in ur scariest dreams! Sixth promise.. ur  stubbornness.. will be answered by my stubbornness! Seventh phera ... seventh promise. ... wont give u any happiness in life and wont let u stay happy ...! Everyone watches appalled..! Rudra says.. eight phera.. just for u Paro ..! He pulls her towards himself..! 

Part 2

He pulls Paro with him and completes the phera and says.. Rudra .. Paro ka kabhi nahi hoga..! He leaves her ... and walks towards the temple ...takes sindoor dibbi and takes sindoor in his hand and says.. sindoor u wanted to fill it in ur mang.. ! He applies sindoor in her mang..! Paro is in tears..! Rudra throws the sindoor dibbi ..! He takes a holy thread and ties it around Paros neck and says Mangalsutra..! Rudra tells Paro .. 'Jugad ki shadi mubarak ho .. Shrimati Rudrapratap Ranawat' ..! He claps and says thanks all for coming to the wedding ...! He walks off ..! Paro faints and falls but Maithli holds her in time and Sunehri gets water..! They splash water on her face.. n ask if she is fine? Danveer says.. Rudra in his fury does crazy things.. n even Dilsher is not here! Mohini says .. how wuld he be here.. this girl came here to get her part in this property ..! Mohini says.. seeing an oppurtunity Rudra got married..! He doesnt listen to anyone ..! Ur bro will come back and say what all happened. .but then will say let it be..and accept it..! Mohini says.. in one year there will be choti dhua kumari.. or chota angar kumar running around..! Danveer says ..what crap u saying? Mohini says ur bro said that his son will get married and his kids will play here and we will be servants to them n today the foundation has been laid..! She orders all to go inside..! All walk in ..! Paro is sitting alone.. in tears..! 

Danveer comes and says.. what happened ..the way it happened was not good. .but truth is.. ur the bride of this house.. and part of my family and now .. u will be welcomed in this house like a bride should be..! Dont worry..! Paro is moved..! Maithli .. Sunehri bring the kalash with rice in it...for Paro ...! Maithli asks Paro to get up and start to do the rituals with her..! Paro takes their blessings ...! Maithli says dun have anything to give u .. but May Shivji grant u all ..! Sunehri hugs her..! 

Part 3

Paro touches the Kalash with her feet .. then puts her feet in the red color water.. and is about to put her feet down when Rudra says .. i made u the bride of this house.. n fulfilling rituals alone? Nope.. ! What will happen .. will happen with me... Shrimati.. RudraPratap Ranawat..! He picks her up ..! All are shocked! Danveer asks where are u taking her? Rudra says she is my wife.. made her my bride... so Suhagraat is meant to happen..! He brings her to the room and Paro screams when he waivers..! Rudra says.. am not that drunk that i will drop u .. Shrimati ji ..! He puts her down on the bed.. locks the room from inside...! Paro is scared..!

 Rudra takes out bottle of drinks and sits on the floor and makes a drink ..! Rudra says.. this shot in the name of Shrimati and Shri RudraPratap Ranawat! Paro says enouf ... u drank enouf.. ! Rudra says.. just got married and ur already imposing urself .. what will u take to keep quiet? Rudra says.. this drink in name of my BSD job ..! Paro goes out and gets back jug of milk and pours in glass..! Rudra asks u will drink? Paro says drink milk and sleep! Rudra makes Paro sit down and says lets drink together...! Rudra says if u drink milk .. i wont drink ...! 

Precap -- Rudra says till the milk goes down ur throat.. this drink wont go down my throat..  u stop and i start..! Paro is stunned..! 

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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:18:03Z
vedi yahi, mandap yahi, yahi hai ghar aangan..
yahi sindur laga du... mujhe haq hai
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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:32:31Z
Thank you...The episode was brillant ...only the last part was cruel i guess..Dont know what will happen to our poor paro baisa ...But it was good that paro was strong and was out of the shock within a moment...I think paro baisa will give tough time to egoist rudra banna...Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:39:50Z
Excellent update...felt like watching it live! thank u!Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:41:32Z
last part was 100% funny... drinking games on suhaag raat LOL

excellent update, great job!
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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:49:51Z
Precap is funny.. But it sounds like a power packed episode..
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Posted: 2014-04-10T10:56:33Z
Thanks for the written update
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Posted: 2014-04-10T11:12:43Z
Thank u so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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