Rangrasiya Written Update 9th April *Rudra drags Paro to get married*

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Major's boss asked Rudra what the hell was he upto and other questioned him that what about those promises he made to paro to marry her. Rudra told everything was false to her and to him. His boss further questioned him then what was paro doing in his house when he doesnot have any relationship with her. Why did he ask her to stand in the rain? Rudra tried to convince them that what they were seeing was not true and that female forcefully started staying with them. But big boss ordered rudra to keep everything that belongs to Rudra as BSD in the table till he accepts Paro as his wife and justify her life. His boss told him whatever it was either the female or someone from the house posted the picture in the news paper.

Here he was forced to sacrified his position and their paro was dressing up for him in bridal attire. The stars, his belt and other things were snatched from him.

Unable to take the insult Rudra started drinking alcohol and recapitulating Paro's sugar coated words about her love confession and simultaneously he thought about his senior's words to make things fine between him and paro to continue staying in BSD with his head held up high.

Mohini was telling her daughter and son about the chair gifted by her mother when they heard Rudra scream at the top of his voice. Paro flinched and broke the mirror in which she seeing and admiring her looks. He kept on calling her until Mohini came and interrupted him.

Hearing Rudra's scream paro arrived unable to understand what was the reason behind his scraming. Mohini told Rudra that Paro was wearing his mother's saree.

Rudra held paro's hand and asked her to come along with him. When she asked him why he told her where was her promises that she would be with him for the rest of the life no matter what then why so many questions.

He told her that now that she won she should have different spark in her eyes and her attitude. Unable to understand what Rudra was implying paro innocently asked her what has she done now. Rudra handed her the newspaper. Paro was stunned to see the allegation printed in the newspaper. Rudra narrated that how she potrayed herself as abla nari and how Rudra after promising her to marry now showed his back to her and played with her emotions. He continued to insult her hurting her even more. Paro told Rudra that it was not her fault at all. Kakasa tired to stop Rudra but he did not listen to him and said in BSD did not stop doing what they intended to tell him so why would he stop? He told everyone how humiliated he felt sacrificing her medels and how they told him that he was inappropriate for BSD only for this sly woman.

Paro felt very said and promised him that she did not do that. Rudra told her that she was the only reason for his pain, his downfall and that he was in distress since the time she came into her life. And despite of doing these she is one innocent and he is proven to be stone-hearted man.

Rudra narrated their childhood and about her desh drohi husband and what did he get out of saving her life, he was dismissed from his work.

Paro kept on pleading and telling him that it was not her. She only asked him to fill her maang in front of those people.

Rudra too said that he also wants to do the same. He was totally uncontrollable and moved everyone who came into his path and announced that he was going to marry.

He arranged everything that, was required to get married and accumulated in front of paro. He took few old clothes and lit fire to it and called her to get married. He promised to fill her mang instantly and wished his father was there.

Rudra broke Mohini's favourite chair to finally lit fire then he took a dupatta and with the help of the Deepak he lit the virtual havan kund.

Precap : Rudra forcefully marries Paro.


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Thank you for WU.

I no wish to watch the episode again with the subtitle.This was enough.Was terrible!Cry

Poor Paro! 

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Thank u so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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Mohini's favorite chair broke haha
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Thanks for the WU! Smile
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Posted: 2014-04-09T22:08:12Z
thanks for written update dear...
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@appy_indy-KD: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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