Rangarasiya Written update 8TH April 2014,Rudra TC of Paro

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Rangrasiya  8th April , 2014


PARO HAS FAINTED AND Rudra picks her up and takes her inside.He stumbles but then controls himself and  puts her on the bed and Paro says do you trust me now.He says shant and as he goes she catches hold of his hand he says I am not going anywhere  RR song in the BG . She leaves his hand  and he takes a dry cloth comes and tries to wipe her head she feels shivery and he puts the blanket  and he tells her you have to change he runs out and knocks on Mythali' s door and asks her help to change Paro's clothes  and as she picks Paro's legs  she moans he stops her and asks her to do carefully and Mythali says she will do and asks him also to change. He goes to his father's room and tries to think this girl  has gone mad and Dilsher says true don't know what he sees in you  and loves you as you are rough and she is soft and he says when I saw her on the cupboard  I thought both of you are made for each other. Rudra gets mad and madder Dilsher asks do you want to marry her and says he will sleep but tells Rudra should see how the time is changing and she loves you a lot.

Rudra   goes and knocks and Mythali asks him to come in and tells him Paro has fever and she will look after her Rudra says he will look after Paro Mythali says you want to look after her  you should have left her alone  and klet her  there Rudra says he did it for humanity sake and done for anyone after she tried to burn his father  and Mythaili says no at was someone else and tells him  the details saying you  also know It is not true  and you are just  using it as a excuse  to maintain distance between you . Mythali says  you feel for her I have seen it in your eyes  and you don't want to acknowledge it . I saw how worried you were for her . Rudra indifferently says thank you and Mythaili goes. Rudra looks at Paro and says you are nothing for me just then  her head falls and he quickly holds it and inka sang song  in the BG he takes a chair and sits beside her  and Paro turns catching his hand and he sits there  and slowly he also sleeps..

Sumer comes back drunk and wet and Mohini comes and mocks him  where he went  that he wants to go to Jaipur.Asks what happened tell me  and what you did otherwise I will spoil your weather. He says wait for tomorrow and see whose weather  will be spoiled and she thinks what will he do.

Paro gets up and sees Rudra he also gets up touches her forehead and says no fever. She asks how I am here and he says I brought you. She asked how about your clothes who changed them .He does not answer. Mythali comes and says  she changed her clothes there was a storm and she asks Paro how she is  Paro says ok and says  Major saab looked after you  the whole night without sleeping  and says he was so worried and TC of you the whole night . Paro asks he was worried and again their female song and Mythali says yes you should have seen your Major Saab's face he was so worried

Sumer is hurrying outside for the paper Rudra comes and snatches it and just then he gets a call from Aman  who asks to come to office and also Col Singh  says to come immediately He asks I will come but what happened.

Sumer takes the paper and goes and Mohini snatches the paper and reads the news about a stone hearted BSD who used a innocent girl made her fall in him and tortures her in his house..Mohini scolds Sumer for waking up a sleeping tiger and as usual the dumb Sumer is not bothered. Mohini thinks now what will happen.

Dilsher comes to Paro and says he does not believe she put fire in his room and if Rudra believes is donkey  if he believes you put  fire and says  he trusts her as he saw  her  love for him as a father in her eyes. He says he will go on a pilgrimage and leave Rudra to her he tells her to look after Rudra as he has faced lot of troubles her and says don't think bad of him he is good at heart all these days there was no one to leave him to her as his mother left him he gives her his wife's marriage  saree and says he thinks of her as his bahu.  Paro promises and takes a oath saying she will look after Rudra and keep Dilsher's faith in her


PRECAP  The marriage pheres  promo.



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Great update. Thanks a lot.
I cant wait to see the episode tonight.  Love Sanayas acting
and love the guy who plays Rudra.  Thanks again.
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Thank u so much 4 WUSmilexxx
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Thanks for the update.
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Thanks for the update
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Thanks for the update. Thumbs Up
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Thanks 4 the WU Smile
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