PrAja SS-An Unknown feeling: something i never felt before

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Heloo friends,

                    This is my very first attempt to write any type of story.Seeing Fridays episode this is what came to my mind. Finally thought to pen it down. I know its very very bad. But plz give it a try. Please please please friends. And do give me the feedback and suggestions as its my very first attempt as I told you so please bear with me. I hope You will like it.(though you wont hehe)



Credit: LazilyAnonymous

Part 1

"Jo bhi  humari dharti ya humare maan sammaan par hath daalta hai, uska hath kaat dete hai hum"

"KUNWAR PRATAP!!" exclaimed the two princesses.

Yes, this time even phool was happy to see pratap there because she knew very well the he was their only saviour, though she was never confident that whether he could save all of them from 20 soldiers alone. Something is better than nothing. She was phool kanwar, how colud she trust her enemy kunwar pratap?

However, ajabde was very happy to see him there. She had a feeling that he would come. He would surely come. And there he was, ready to fight with them. She knew if kunwar pratap was there no one could ever harm them. She had heard many things about this brave warrior, how he defeated all those who tried to conquer his motherland. Watching him fighting in front of her eyes, she was so lucky. At the same time she was worried for him, what if he gets injured, what if...

A yell coming from their back startled the 2 princesses out of their thoughts.

"BAOJIRAJ!! Aap aa gaye. Ab hume kuch nahin ho sakta." His friends were too delighted to see their baojiraj at their rescue.

"E ladke! Teri itni jurrat? Tu hum se ladega? Acha yehi hoga kit u iss badtameez shehzaadi ko humare huwale kar dey. Iski itni jurrat isne humse behas ki," their leader was furious too see pratap saving phool "tu jaanta nahin hai hum kaun hai"

"parantu hume lagta hai ki tum nahin jaante ki hum kaun hai" said pratap sharply looking into his eyes which was his way to deal with his enemies "agar tum jaante ki hum kaun hai to yeh kehne ka dusahas nahin karte".

" Kyun kaun hai tu?"

"Mewar ke rajkumar Pratap Singh"

"Pratap!! Yeh to achha hai ki ab humare huzoor ko tumhe yahan aakar kahtm karne ki taklif nahin uthani paregi tumhara khel hum yahi khatm kar denge"

"Dekhte hai kaun kis ka khel samapt karta hai"

And the fight began. Very swiftly he started knocking out each of them with his sword. His fighting skills were no match to those afgaans. He fought bravely with them and in the meantime freed his friends. See their baojiraj in front of them their confidence was back. It reached a new level. They started helping pratap with the soldiers.

"Saubhagyawati bachiye!" screamed chakrapani while running towards her seeing a horrified Saubhagyawati realizing the fact that a soldier was going to hit her from her back. Chakrapani bravely fought with the soldiers to save her. Purohit jee and she was very impressed by him.

"Humari yojna puri tarha barbaad nahin hui" thought a happy Chakri.

Four of the soldier were approaching Ajabde. Pratap was every now and then glancing to see whether the girls were alright, Ajabde earning the maximum glances. As soon as he saw the two near her ready to attack her, he reached there in no time. Now he was in front of ajabde using is one hand to put ajabde behind him to guard her. The 4 were circling PraJa but it was of no use. In a short time he was finished with the 3. Now the 4th was going to hit Ajab when he pushed her aside to saver thus getting injured in his hand in the process. Soon the 4th was lying dead on the ground.

"Kunwar Pratap aap thik to hai na? Hey bhagwaan! Aapke ke haath se kitna khoon beh raha hai. Hume shama kijiye. Yeh sab humari galti hai. Hume bachane ke karan aapko ye chot aayi." Said a concerned ajabde hurriedly ready to burst into tears anytime. It was only for her that he got injured. She would never forgive herself for this

"Ajabde shant shant. Shant ho jaiye. Yeh to ek sadharan sic hot hai. Aur aapko bachana humara kartavya hai. Mahal mein jaake hum kya kehte Raoji ko ki hume rehte unke beti ko chot lag gayi. Aur aap humari mitra bhi to hai. Hume kuch nahin hoga. Aap yehi rahiye. Hum baakiyon ko dekhte hai aur ha roiga to bilkul nahin" Pratap was trying best to comfort ajabde. He could not see tears in those beautiful eyes. Never.

Will update if you all like it and please share your views pleaseee...


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Part 1- pg 1
Part 2- pg 3
Part 3- pg 4
Part 4- pg 6
Part 5- pg 8
Part 6- pg 9
Part 7- pg 12
Banner- pg 14
Part 8A and 8B- pg 17

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Posted: 6 years ago
Superb ss pls continue soon
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Shreya30456

Superb ss pls continue soon

thank you shreya. I'll surely update it tomorrow. I'm glad you liked it.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Wao Cel. Clap
Amazing startThumbs Up
Plz Continue.Embarrassed 
Really superbly written. 

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by _GC-AK-Fan_

Wao Cel. Clap
Amazing startThumbs Up
Plz Continue.Embarrassed 
Really superbly written. 

thank you khush.Big smileBig smile
will surely update tommorrow. Big smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
now this is very fantastic writing. . Clap  
i am happy not only for praja, but for the little things u wrote in ilke chakrapani  repuration back to positive with his sasur-to-be. . nice. . .Clap 

again the episode today was fantastic. . .but few mroe scenes like the praja scene u included wud be icing on the cake. . 

great writing. . lookin forward to next part. . Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
superp start. loved it
pls cont..nd pm me when u update
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