TaaRey Two Shot :: The hidden secret of my Heart (Completed)

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" Dont you understand Taani i dont want to talk to you , you are the reason of my break up , i dont even want to see your damn face , dont know why i had given so much importance to a girl like you " saying this rey storm out of FE leaving teary taani behind

TaaRey were best friend from 5 years but there is a distance between them now , rey's girlfriend Kriya broke up with him because she think rey gives more time to taani ,taani is more important to him and taani is coming between them , Rey too started believe that and broke his friendship with taani blaming her that because of her kriya broke up with him

" its okay rey if you dont want to see my face , yahi hoga i will not show you my face ever , today i lost everything now i dont have anyone to call mine but i never intend to come between you an kriya " taani thought , sitting on FE stairs crying after hearing his harsh words

Rey was on the way of his house , he was feeling guilty for rudely talking to her but his break up with kriya made him believe that taani is bad and she deserve all this .


Taani entered in college , her eyes were red and puffy anyone could tell her that she had cried alot , she directly goes in her class , she was avoid going in canteen and facing him

After her parents death rey was her only support n loved one now that support is also gone

After some time students also start coming , Rey and D3 gang come there and took their seats , one seat was empty beside taani and one behind her , rey always sat beside her but today he goes and sit on seat behind her , taani was getting hurt by his ignorance

Whole gang was confuse and shock also seeing rey ignoring taani , both were insaprable now what happen between them

Three months passed , college has ended , rey still ignore taani but missed her also , taani got job in pune she decided to shift there , she is also deeply hurt by reys behaviour


Rey opened his own acedemy and handle his dads business also , still miss taani like hell but didnt want to accept it , he dont know where she is now

Here in pune taani also settled herself in new surroundings , missing him badly always cherish the moments they both spend together

Now taani is in mumbai for few days beacuse of her meeting with her team , after meeting clients have throw a party and the company is reys company but taani didnt know it

- At Party Vanue -

Rey was talking with some of his friends when his gaze fall on entrance , a girl clad in black saari entered in party , she was looking beautiful and classy, rey was shock to see her after whole one year , he was lost in her beauty , she is still the same

(Taani's Saree and her look)
Rey take his step toward her , seeing him coming toward her first taani was happy then his harsh and rude words replay in her mind , one year back he said to her , taani ignore him and goes toward her team , her this move angered him

" what does she think of herself ? Ingoring me ? huh " Rey thought , he goes back to his friends but his eyes remain on her

Party was going on , one by one everyone was moving on dance floor , rey was approached by one of his friend ayesha , he accepted , they move toward dance floor hand in hand , taani saw them dancing closely , didnt like this at all , " how can he dance with her so closely " taani thought , her chain of thoughts broken by her friend and team mate prithvi

" may i have the pleasure of dancing with the most beautifull girl " prithvi said , he is a big time flirt and her friend

Her eyes were on aayesha and rey , she accepted , and they both goes on dance floor

Prithvi and Taani was dancing happily , he was telling her some joke and she was laughing

The sight infront of him wasnt pleasant at all , rey was burning in jealousy , he remembered the time when he was the only reason of her laughter , her happiness was in him and now everything is change between them because of him only

Rey excused himself from aayesha and directly goes to bar counter , after gulping four drinks his anger and jealousy increased , taani was standing with her cleagues , prithvi was standing beside her , as usual doing flirting with her , she never take his flirting seriously

He was gulping drink after drink , he cant stop himself , his , HIS taani is enjoying with someone else , he himself dont know when he got up from his chair and walk toward her

Taani look at him coming toward her , when he come closer she can smell alcohal , she tried to question him but he didnt gave her a chance , he hold her wrist tightly

" i want to talk to you , come with me " rey said he drag her with him, her friends look at them , prithvi come forward to stop him but taani stop him

Rey drag her out with him , they were standing in parking area

" rey what is wrong with you , why you bring me with you " taani said , she tried to free her hand from his but his grip was tight

" sit in the car " rey ordered her , ignoring her question he opened the door of passenger seat for her

" but rey " she started to say but cut off by rey , he angrily pinned her to the car , his finger was on her soft lips

" chup , bilkul chup " rey said , leaning forward , his hot breath was falling on her lips , his closeness was making her nervous

" we ll talk later , right now sit in the car , dont make me do something which you ll regret later " rey said in angry tone , he himself dont know why he is angry with her , their lips were inches apart

Rey get more angry when she again tried to free herself ,this time he pushed her inside the car and lock the door , he sat on driver seat , and start the engine

" rey what the hell are you doing and where are you taking me , i said stop the car damn it " taani shouted on top of her voice , rey gave her a deadly glare

" shut up taani " he was hell irritated with her questions , after half an hour of drive , Rey stopped his car infront of his house  , he come out 

" rey aapka ghar , aap mujhe yaha kyun lekar aaye hai , ab toh hum dost bhi nahi hai " now taani was angry , she is not understanding him for the first time in life , what he wants from her now when he himself end their every relation , taani come out of her thoughts when she foung herself in air , he had carried her in his arms and take her inside his mansion

Taani struggle in his arms but rey was holding her tight , he was drunk but not fully , he knows what he is doing , rey take her in his bedroom and put her down , in next moment she was pinned to the wall , his face was very close to her 

" rey aap yeh kya " her voice didnt come out because of nervousness , rey was looking at her , his intense gaze was making her more nervous, taani tried to say something but his next move shocked her to the core.

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Rey take her in his embrace , hugging her tightly , taani was shock with his sudden gesture 

"where were you , i missed u so much , kahan chali gayi thi mujhe chodkar , you didnt even bothered to tell me " rey said , crying llike a child , taani was shock after hearing his words

" you didnt even wanted to see my face , now you are saying why i didnt tell you " taani said to him , rey broke the hug , she wipe away his tears , rey held her palm and kissed it

"I was jerk that time , I know I hurts you alot with my words and actions , am sorry , only i know that how much I missed you in this one year " rey said , she can feel the honesty in his voice

"so hows kriya and everyone here ? " she ask , trying to make enviourment comfortable

"everyone is good , kriya is happily married " rey said cutt off by taani

"what she is married , but i thought you and kriya patch up " taani said

"we realise that we were not meant to be , my happiness was not with her and she was also not happy with me " rey explain her , by each word he was coming close to her , their lips were inches apart

" taani today i want share a secret with you ? " rey said , both were lost in each others eyes

"huh" taani was completely lost in his chocolate brown eyes

"The hidden secret of my heart is I LOVE YOU, I was in love you , i am in love with you , i wll love you forever , i was not happy with kriya because i didnt love her , when you left me I realised that there was something more than friendship between us , i used to spend sleepless night just remembering you and the moments we share together " rey confessed his love , Both were crying

Rey come closer , their lips met in sweet kiss which turn into passionate one by each passing seconds , both had each other wildly , both were craving for each others love , her hands were roaming in his messy hair while his hands were tracing her body curves , they broke the kiss when they felt need of oxygen 

Rey scoop her in his arms and take her to his bed , he made her lay on bed come top of her , he kissed her forehead , eyes , cheeks , placing wet kisses from her shoulder till neck , he unpinned her pallu and remove it , thats when taani into her sense 

"This is not right, he is drunk right now, what if he regret all this in morning" taani thought , she place her hand on his chest and gently push me away from her

Rey look into her eyes, understanding her, he bend down little 

"I know what am doing, am not that drunk, I'll not regret anything, let me love you, I need you badly" Rey whispered in her ear, Taani look at him, his eyes were showing only love for her, She couldn't control herself, She kissed his cheek giving him permission to make her HIS, Rey get her approval, he bend down a little taking her lips in his, he nibbled her lower lips for response, taani grab his hairs in her fist for support, she too responded to his kiss with equal passion and aggression, Rey broke the kiss

He removed her saree pallu from her stomach, Rey touched her belly and massaged it passing sensation to her. Taani closed her eyes and clutched the bed sheet in her fist, A soft moan escap from her mouth when Rey bite her near navel then he lick the area with his tongue to sooth her pain

" reyy " a moan escaped from her mouth , he kissed her belly , dipped his tongue into her belly button to tease her . His one hand went to her chest and pressed her breast. She was moaning his name, her nails were digging in his back but he was not feeling pain, h

With one hand rey open his Shirt's button and with other he removed her saree, He again took her lips in an aggressive kiss, their clothes were lying on floor, Finally the moment they waited come , they both become one , two bodies one soul, Rey entered in her making her moan in pain, Rey pulled her into gentle sweet kiss to calm her and divert her mind from pain.

They drifted into deep slumber after their wild love making session, his arms around her protectively and her head on his chest.

- In Morning

Weather was bad and cloudy, It was raining heavily in morning, Sky was dark, with a loud thunder taani woke up from her sleep, She found herself in cosy embrace, his arms were around her, taani tried to get up but his grip was tight, her attempt disturb his sleep,he open his eyes saw most beautiful face, Taani was feeling shy infront of him, Only a blanket was covering their naked body, Rey smiled at her, he knows what happened last night and happy that finally he got her back in his life that too for forever

"Are you okay?" Rey asked her, concern was visible in his voice, Taani shyly nodded

"Why your cheeks are so red?" Rey questioned her, he tighten his grip on her waist and pulled her cose to him, Taani feel more shy under his intense nad teasing gaze, she hide her face in his chest, Rey smiled and place a kiss on her head

"I love you taani" Rey said, lovingly caressing her hair

"I love you too Rey" she confessed, placing a kiss on his chest near his heart, Both were feeling complete after so long, Finding solace in each others arms.

-After 4 Years -

 "aisha baby please stop, mumma is tired now" taani was running after her three year old daughter, with glass of milk in her hand but little aisha everytime escape from her mumma

Aisha ran in TaaRey's bedroom and directly jump in rey's arms, Only her papa can save her from taani's anger

"Rey aapke hi laad pyaar ne ise bigaada hai" Taani said entering in room, both father daughter duo roll their eyes on her comment, This is her fav. Line nowdays whenever aisha do something mischievous taani used to scold rey for spoiling their daughter. 

"Aisha go and drink your milk" Rey said, aisha like an obedient child walk upto taani and drank milk, Taani's jaw dropped seeing her daughter, a while ago she was not ready to even touch the glass now when rey said her to drink with out any aguement. 

Rey laugh seeing his wife's expression. 

"well Mrs .Singhania now I made your work easy, So where is my reward" Rey said naughtily, he grab her waist and pulled her close to him by that time aisha was also out of room  after finishing her milk, Rey leaned forward but taani pushed him away 

"Rey leave me, I've lots of work to do" Taani said diverting the topic, but he was smart enough to understand her intension

Without waiting he placed his lips on her, taani too responded, even after so many days of togetherness their love was increasing by each passing days.


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superb start
rey & taani were bffs
that was nice
but seriously rey was very rude
party scene was awesome

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nice start
rey is so rude
taani's sarry awesome
party part nice
continue soon
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nice one
i loved this
update this soon
m waiting
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omg a two shot story
lovely concept
story is going lyk roller coster ride fast fast
rey blame taani for his break up n broke friendship with her how can he do this
taani is so badly hurt by this
now all of sudden after a year he wanted to talk with her dont want anyone close to her
omg he drink too much
n take taani with him to his home forcefully
whats going to happen next
update it soonEdited by princess_tara - 2014-04-07T01:39:28Z
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kya hoga uska next move...
obviously Taani would be rey's...

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Awsm start 
loved itSmile
continue soon 

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