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Hello guys i think last part b of my os was nt properly written so here is most hot n romantic part
warning 18+

RAYA on small vacation to paris n they want to spend tym with each other their one year of marriage...

Ram-priya this vacation is only for us n i want to enjoy all the love moment with u...

Priya-so this is the reason u bought me here kk i ready to enjoy the love with u Ram...

With this ram came forward n gave full kiss to her one hand around her waist n other hand around her back...

Priyas one hand in his hair n other on his shoulder...both were having full mouth kiss n ram was puting his tongue in his mouth n creating havoc for priya...priya was also kissing him n now she wanted his man to making love to her...ram bite her lower lips n priya do not want ram to break the kiss bt due to breathing problem they both broke the kiss...

Priya-ram i ll make this night special for us then she gave small peck on his lips n went to change in washroom...

After 10mins priya came out of the washroom n saw Ram has change his clothes n was in track pants n he has nt wore his shirt now he was looking really handsome n sexy...

When ram saw priya in sexy short nighty till her thighs was surprise to see...his month was open to see his jaan like this...

Priya-rammm rammm she called him twice bt apne ramji was lost in priyas beauti...then she shake him rammm kaha koo gaye...

Ram-nothing wo wo tum bahut sexy dikh rahi ho...

Priya-so now shall we continue our work that we were doing 15mins before...

Ram-ya bt i want to gv u something...he remove a small box from his pocket n it was a beautiful ring carved prk on it...yeh a small gift from me to my jaan...

Priya-ram this is so beautiful...
Ram putted the ring in her finger n then kissed her hand...then he pulled her towards him n kept his right hand on her jaws n kissed her forhead...then her eyes.then cheeks,then on her nape n priyas hand were moving in his hair their lower body were touching each other...now both looked eachother in their eyes n now priya moved forward n kissed him very hard n now her both her arms were around ram bare body...both were enjoying their lovely kiss n now ram open the zip of her nighty...n removed the nighty from her body...then ram moved down n took one mould of her in his mouth n other he was pressing it n he was sucking it n tasting her mould n nipples of her then he sat on his knee n kissed her navel n maked it red with his love bites then priya pulled him up n kissed him again n they broke the kiss n both were breathing heavly...then priya removed his pant also now both were naked...

Then both headed towards the bed ram was lying down n priya was up n she was kissing him on head cheeks,nose neck n then bite his ear also

ram-ouchh priya kya kar rahi ho...

Then priya moved down n started kissing him on chest n took his nipple in his mouth n ram was enjoying it then she moved down on his manhood she took it in his hand n she was massaging it for 5 mins...

Ram-priya pls toture mat karo na pls n now its my turn n he tured her down n he was up n he kissed her lips then took the breast in his mouth n start to lick n suck it he was enjoying tasting her moulds...

Then he moved down to her private part n then open her legs more...then he start to kiss there then started move his tongue inside her then he kissed her legs her thighs n inner thighs n then he put his finger inside her vaginal part n started to massage it cos cos he wanted to her to cum for him when he felt that she was wet removed his hand or finger...n kissed her n through kiss she tasted her self then they broke the kiss...

Priya-rammm i need u pls come inside me pls pls...

Without wasting tym he entered her n while entering priya moaned al little n then he moved the rhtym slowly lil fast he was moving in n out till they reached the climax n then ram rested on her bloosom for 10 mins then he slept beside her...

Ram-priya thank u for making love to me...n took her in his arms...

Priya-thank u for completing me n for ur small vacation also n they both slept in eachother arms peacefully

the end

guys hope u like it n pls click on like button pls comment also
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Posted: 2014-04-06T04:09:14Z

 read  very  early .. but  sorry late to  reply ..  dhristi . I know u do   great job. I reserved to be first on ur  thread.. my  dear 

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Posted: 2014-04-06T04:39:50Z
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Posted: 2014-04-06T04:43:08Z
So Hottt and romantic
Raya became one soul again
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-04-06T04:58:32Z
Awww another passionate OS from you 
Romantic oone Clap
Priya teasing Ram...
Good one 
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Posted: 2014-04-06T05:07:08Z
Awesome n hot
Loved update
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Posted: 2014-04-06T05:37:14Z
wow awesm os n also hot hot hot
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Posted: 2014-04-06T05:53:10Z
romantic update
thanks for pm
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