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Posted: 7 years ago

P r e s e n t s

A big round of applause for all the new and the old Maharathies of the Team. We would also like to congratulate the entire Newsletter Team for their tremendous dedication and contribution towards the Newsletter, with their commitment, efforts and time !
Kudos to the entire NL Team !!

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Let the Edition begin
[01.03.2014 to 31.03.2014]

Maharathies of this Edtion
NL Heads : appy_indy-KD & Sukanya_Datta

Summery Of the Month: Shyam09
Scene of the Month : Amor.
Krishna's teaching of the month : ...sandhureet...

Satyanash story track of the month : warriorbrishti
Kahani mein twist of the month : Sukanya_Datta
Best Cinematographic moment of the month  :  Sukanya_Datta

Emo scene of the month : ...sandhureet...
Irritating Scene of the month : warriorbrishti
Dialogue of the month  :  Abhishek_King

Character of the Month : deboleena.manna
Satyanash character of the month : Abhishek_King
Actor/Actress of the Month : Shyam09

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Posted: 7 years ago

Hi everybody, it's me!! Now I know you're all excited for this month's newsletter and you're probably on your tippy-toes and biting your nails, so let's get started. There will be eight parts to this summary to stay tuned and enjoy (I suggest some popcorn with butter ... mmm butter ... because this month's collection of episodes will have you jumping with joy, trembling with tears, and slapping someone so many times.)

Parte 1: \Khandavprasth becomes Indraprasth/

Khandavprasth + Pandavas + Mr. Toad-faced Takshak who is not very happy. Pandavas + villagers from HP + Vrushali watch Draupadi pour water on the ground and flying snakes begin to appear. The Pandavas grab their weapons and begin to fight, heck, Draupadi grabs a sword to save the loony Vrushali who's holding a snake and having a panic attack. After all things come to a rest, Vrushali has jumped off a cliff, all the villagers that came have been bitten by snakes, Arjun shoots one arrow at Takshak (who was in the form of a many headed large snake - think Kaliya Naag) and the latter runs away, and Draupadi is extremely upset because of all the dead people. Bhim tries to consol her, but it's Yuddhi who sets her straight by telling them the reason behind Takshak's stray from the proper path. Takshak, injured by Arjun's arrow, calls upon Indra to take his son (Arjun) down. Indra fights with Arjun, Krishna interferes and ends it. Indraprasth is built, and Arjun receives his Gandhiva from Agnidev.



Parte 2: \Vrushali and her future in HP/

Adirath finds Vrushali; Dhritarastra blocks moving from HP to IP and Karna is placed in charge. Vrushali protests and almost gets arrested, but Kunti saves her. She commands him to release Vrushali and Karna obliges and tells Dushashan that it's a mother's order. Kunti then tells Karna that adharma doesn't reside in the mukut but in the greed of having the mukut. Karna decides to give up Anga and ask that Kunti also be allowed to leave and when he tells Duryodhan about this, Duryodhana calls him a traitor and SUTA PUTRA and refuses to talk to him. Karna decides to go to IP with Vrushali and Kunti gives a message for her sons and when they reach IP, Karna delivers his message, Vrushali realizes her love, Krishna gives her permission to go, and Vrushali runs off chasing Karna through a field of yellow flowers. DDLJ's flower scene happens over and Karna accepts Vrushali. As they walk back home, he clears the path of flowers ahead of his new soon-to-be-wife. How sweet.


Parte 3: \Arjun in Dwarka/

Arjun successfully rescues the cows stolen by Takshak, punishes Takshak, and departs from IP with a heavy heart because he entered Draupadi's chambers (to get his Gandheeva). It was exile time. He finally lands in the Somnath Temple near Dwarka as per Krishna's orders. Arjun is convinced to get eloped by Subhadra. They go back and get married, but Balaram forces Arjun to choose between being a ghar-jamai or to take Subhadra to IP. Arjun chooses option 2.


Parte 4: \Arjun and Subhadra are back home in Indraprasth/

Draupadi, meanwhile, has been surviving on one meal a day like her Arjun (since it's his year). She accepts the laddoo Bhim sends for her to taste and laughs when the dasi begins to tell her the recipe. She's angry that Arjun brought Subhadra to IP, but Subhadra goes to Draupadi and after much convincing tells her that her goal is to be the queen of the High-Queen of IP (PanchaalI). She claims Arjun said it was possible, but Draupadi catches her lies and tells her that surely it was Govind who told her that. Subhadra agrees and Draupadi's anger is calmed.


Parte 5: \The Kauravas take a trip to Magadha/

The Kauravas take a trip to Magadha to convince him to be an ally, but end up getting arrested. Shakuni calls out Shukra to send a message to Karna. It is revealed that Vrushali is pregnant. As Jarasandha prepares to have the Kauravas and Mamashree beheaded, Karna appears and fights and defeats Jarasandha; he accepts both Malini and Anga. Bhim, Arjun, and Krishna disguise themselves as Brahmins and challenge Jarasandh to a wrestling match. Bhim wins with Krishna's guidance and they return home. Draupadi announces that Subhadra is pregnant and Bhim declares him to be the heir. Vrushali sees the mukut on Karna's head and is disappointed. But Karna assures her that he will never commit an incorrect deed.

Parte 6: \Rajsuya Yagna/

Duryodhana, Karna, Shakuni, and Dushashana make their way to IP and enter the maya sabha where they meet talking flowers, mystical butterflies and Sisupala, who uses his favorite word "Napunsak" and throws the peacock feathers from his waist. Sisupal's goal is the thwart the yagna, and he gets the chance when Krishna is being honored as the primary guest. Sisupal insults and finally Krishna kills him with his Sudharshan Chakra when he raises the question of Draupadi and Krishna's sakha/sakhi relationship. Duryodhan doesn't like this and raises his weapons. Draupadi suggests to take away his weapons. Duryodhana is insulted by this and returns home in a rage of emotions and lights a palace on fire, after getting drenched in a pool and laughed at. He is finally convinced to get out of the fire. They plan their revenge.  

Parte 7: \The Invitation/

Krishna is flying the kite, and cuts his finger. Draupadi sees this and tears her sari as a bandage. He promises her that he will protect her. In HP, Vidura is summoned to send an invitation of dice to the Pandavas. In IP, Subhadra flirts with Arjun and listens to him talk about the chakravyuh, but falls asleep before he gets to the part of exiting the vyuha. Vidura tells the message and the court is dismissed and Vidura (as the beloved Kaka of the Pandavas) tells his opinion of the dice game and tries to persuade Yuddhistir to decline. The younger Pandavas and Draupadi also jump in to dissuade Yuddhistir. The Pandavas make their way to HP and are welcomed. The dice game begins.

Parte 8: \The Dice Game/

Rules are set by Bhishma (equal stakes only), and it is revealed that Shakuni will be tossing the dice. The first stake is a bunch of wealth, but the second stake becomes Vikarna from Duryodhan. Nakul himself declares that Yuddhi stake him first, but Draupadi's symbolic message hidden in a flower shows Yuddhi the light and he stands up and declares the end of the dice game. But Shakuni stops him by asking if they were brothers before the marriage. Nakul is lost and forced to sit in the slave's section without his crown. Cry not friends, the worst is finally over. I will share the tragedy of the Dice Game in next month's NL. Until then, be strong, be brave, be just. 


Posted: 7 years ago

People of Hastinapur are travelling towards the main gate to leave. Vrushali is also with them. Karna and Dushasan arrive on horseback and announce that nobody is allowed to leave. They order the gates to be closed and people start panicking and try to quickly leave before the gates are closed.Dushasan tells Karna to imprison the people but Karna says that he has decided to follow orders and he will decide which way to complete them. Lots of people get crushed in the crowd and seeing this Karna is unhappy. He tries to convince the citizens to return to their homes.

Vrushali recognises Karna from when he lived in her village and calls him Kumar Radheya. She asks him to allow them to leave Hastinapur, but Karna says he is bound by his promise to Duryodhan and he orders the solidiers to imprison Vrushali. Suddenly Kunti arrives there and stops him. She asks Karna if he has forgotten the teachings of his parents. Vrushali says that after getting the throne of Anga he has become arrogant.

Kunti orders Karna to release Vrushali and she takes her away with her.


Bhishm ask Krishna if he's gonna decide which parampara need to be changed, krishna says no, time will decide it, time will bring the change, In this war between Dharm and Adharm, which side will he support that depends on him, Adharm will start this war and Dharm will establish a new era and this is certain, nobody can stop this, bhishm is speechless.


At Indraprastha a dasi comes to Draupadi and says Prince Arjun is about to arrive and king has asked you to come ready with arti. Draupadi is very happy . She starts to go. The maid says he has also asked to do Aarati of the new bride. Draupadi says new bride??? She is shocked

Arjun and subhadra arrive at the City Gate. Draupadi is so angry that fire forms from her eyes and envelops the gate blocking the path of Arjun. She says you have broken my faith . If you want to stay with your second wife you can't come inside. She goes angrily

Yudhishthir comes there and Arjun does Pranav to him. He says Panchali's anger is justified. We did promise her. Arjun tells him about what Balram had said

The four brothers tell Arjun to stay there while they go and try to pacify panchali. They tell her that Kingdom is incomplete without Arjun. Draupadi says my life is incomplete without him but my tapasya is very important to me. Yudhishtir says how we will accomplish rajsurya yagya without Arjun ... .? Draupadi says is it all about kingdom to you??? Then why don't you attack hastinapur. A little soil erosion is enough to make great rocks fall. Same is true for dharma and tapasya. So Arjun will not be allowed entry.

Krishna says..when Father wins, by that time son learns from his father's victory...but when son wins ,then its a matter of pride for simply in both ways Father is the credit of son's victory will also go to father and he will be proud of his sonSmile

He says...that traditions are like first it tastes bitter..then sour..after some time when it gets ripen fully it tastes sweet..and finally gets the same way one tradition cant last for a long time...they must b broken and recreated whenever required ...before they become burden over the society and people start hating them or start getting dumped under these traditions,we should change them according the time,as we can't decide our fate instead fate decides our future.

 Krishna says...Word difference has two is distance..second is heart(feelings)...One cant measure the distance among two persons by miles but by the feelings of one person...Time never goes according to human beings but human beings follow the path shown by Time...this is called Niyati...As one can see shadow only in static the same way one has to keep his mind calm to follow someone or to hit a target.
(Antar shabd ke do arth hain ek toh doori aur doosra manushyon ke beech ka antar koso mein nai naapa jaata mann ki bhavnaon se naapa jaata hai...Samay manushya ke banaye maargon pe nai chalta manushya ko samay ke dikaye maargon par chalna padta hai issi ko niyati kehete hain...Jaise sthir jhal mein chavi dikhai deti hai...Vaise hi mann ki sthirta hamein vo hr marg..hav bhaav dikhati hai jo hm dekhna chahte hain...)

Krishna says humans are like kites, with a string of desires. If the desires become out of control then people can lose control. ...He says other people's actions can cause us to lose control, but at these times it is best to stay unflaappable and be in control of our own emotions.  

Vichaar awashya kijiyega...LOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago

The twist of this month is the major turning point of the gigantic epic Mahabharat itself. This one triggered the irreversible chain reaction which needed up in the Kurukshetra war. The first step to the downfall of Dharmraj Yudhistira.

 Despite the opposition from all, including the elder, Mahamanthri Vidhur, Samrat accepted the invitation for Dyuth by stating that Duryodhan can only take away his wealth but not his Garv.

Duryodhan driven by his own ego and jealousy tries to committee agnisnan upon which his love blinded father Maharaj Dhritarastra convinces him that he will be there to feed him his vengeance. Maharaj oraganises a giant feast to honour the new Chakravarthi Samrat , Samrat Yudhirtira and Samraggi Draupadi of Aryavarth. Everyone at Indraprasth smells a rat on this sudden shower of love and acceptance by the Hasthinapur Royal Family and was even more convinced that some wicked prapanch is waiting at Hastinapur when Vidur informed them about the dyuth sabha.  But the pure hearted Dharmaraj knowing the danger accepted the invitation for dyuth and left for Hastinapur.But wat lied at Hastinapur for the Samrat was the horror of his life.

The second twist threw all the Mahabharat  fans in horror. An unexpected track which actually gave a black mark to Duryodhan and Angraj Karn's divine friendship.

Angraj Karn overwhelmed by the weight of Adharm over him could'nt stand against his conscience when his childhood friend Vrushali straighten him by throwing light to his deeds. Rajmata Kunti too added to his guilt by giving him the realization from his own life's losses. Angraj karn broke and quitted as his postion as Angaraj. This gave fire to yuvraj Duryodhan who ended up lashing Maharathi Karn and to the  shock of all called him "SUTHPUTHR"!!!!

Initially shocked by this out of world act of Yuvraj Duryodhan, Maharathi Karn promised he will always be duryodhan's friend and will always keep the whole hearted friendship despite the fact that he broke Duryodhan's trust!!!

There were some great cinematic moments this month. Now, to come to a conclusion, some of them are selected as the cinematic moments of the month. The introduction of  Naagraj Takshak was greatly potrayed. First Mayasura informs Takshak that the Pandavas have arrived in Khandavprastha. Then we see a slithery snake, olive green crawling out of those mayavi trees inside the mayavi forest. After that, though full of evilness and enemity, Takshak rises in front of Mayasura. Excellent VFX and extravagant gestures by Takshak makes it one of the cinematic moments of this month.


A son fighting with a father is a common ingredient in Bollywood films. Thus, the war between demigod Arjuna (umm..yes he is a demigod) and his father Indra was a very glorious scene. A shocking one too! Especially the way Indra Dev appears in the sky and Arjuna hits his arrow with great courage and efficiency. Indra Dev too is not a very easy person to fight a war with. The war between Arjuna and Indra Dev goes on in a great way with many "Oh-God!" and facepalm moments until Krishna comes in rescue.


We all love to watch tragic scenes in movies. Even if it is the villian crying. This month had a cinematic tragic scene! Yes, the scene where Duryodhan decided to do agnisnan. A real targic scene indeed. Must say, Duryodhana was in his best in the scene. All the Kaurava characters did good jobs that day, including Dusshashana. The highly improved fire sequence was greatly shot, with Duryodhan in the middle of it, bringing out the tragic shade of his character. So lets have a big clap clap for this cinematic moment of the month!
Posted: 7 years ago

Five warriors who were ready to leave all for their mother and for the well being of all, suddenly brought up by the destiny to choose their fate.

They had to go to Hastinapur back to ask for their Kingdom which was ruled by their uncle as a saviour,as they all got married to a single woman so that they can follow the path of Dharama and can rule the kingdom with righteousness,so that Adharma gets vanished from the society.

But where they landed...they got half of the property,,a barren land,although by their own wish,Khandav Prastha to which they named as Indraprastha after the name of  Lord Indra after much struggle and established their Kingdom,,but to get independence, needed a lakh cows which were captured by Takshak,Arjuna went to save those cows n succeeded too...but what he got in return of that...12 years exile because he has broken the vow given to Panchali at the time of marriage ,,he entred her get his bow he fulfilled his duty but broke his vow...just to save the cows so that their Rajya can do Rajsuya Yajna..This was the most emotional moment for all brothers n Arjuna's wife to send him for exile .Where all got emotional,Draupadi too..and so she provided protection to her Arya's feet with her that he never faces any problem while walking, if she always fulfilled her duties towards him with purity.

..the same Panchali who gave protection to her beloved husband ,after 12 years of exile restricted his entry in Indraprstah..the reason was Arjuna again broke his vow by marrying Subhadra 

and bringing her to Indraprasth...which Draupadi dint accept...for both the time Arjuna did break his vows but not for his selfishness but fulfilling his duties towards Dharama...he had to enter Panchali's kaksh..he had to bring Subhadra to Indraprastha.

..the reason was they had to get their kindom independent as these were their mother's orders,without Arjuna nothing was possible.

There were not many that "irritating" scenes this month, but I have two irritating scenes.

Firstly, Subhadra calling Arjun "aarya, aarya, aarya" so many times like an alliteration. It was not nice to hear and in addition, her grins were also not nice. Subhadra had grown up, and she should not still be like a teenage girl.

 And the second one came from the famous Shishupal! I wonder if he has pet peacocks.. How does he get so many peacock feathers! The way he pulled out peacock feather one at a time and threw in randomly at everyone from Duryodhan to Yudhishtir. (And I have a riddle for Shishupal here..according to him..who is not a napunsak in this wide world??) The peacock feather scene as a headache as a scene. Shishupal is the star of irritation!

Posted: 7 years ago
This was a month of dialogues.There were fabulous dialogues in between.I am giving some of the golden dialogues:

 Krishna to Draupadi
Samay Manushya Ke Hisaab se Nahi Chalta h Draupadi!Balki Manushya ko Samay Ke Hisaab s dhalna parta h!

[Time doesn't adapt itself  for man,Draupadi!A man has to adapt according to the time!]

It shows the righteous path that a man should always follow in his life.

Shakuni to Krishna
Aakash ka woh astar jaha garur urte hai,waha cheel nhi ur skte h,Vasudev!

[The stage of sky where hawks fly,eagles cannot fly,Vasudev!]

It shows the cleverness of a cunning man.But it is true just like that a crow cannot be compared to a swan.

Draupadi to Yudhishthir
Hamari Tapasya Ka Karan Rajya ki lalasa h ya rajya ki lalasa hi hamari tapasya ka karan h,Arya!

[Is Throne's desire the reason of our tapasya or tapasya is the reason of our throne's desire,Arya!]

It shows the anger and sacrifice of Draupadi and when her husbands too say about throne,then she tells that we have to do tapasya because of throne only.

Arjuna to Sahadeva
Kartavya se jeevan banta h jeevan se kartavya nhi...

[Life is made by duties,not duties are made by life!]

It has a deep meaning.What a beautiful quote said by Arjuna!

Krishna to Bheeshma

Puraane Samrajya dafan honge,naye samrajye janma lenge...purani paramparaye khatm hongi,nayi paramparaye banengi...Aur ye samay hi nischit karega ki samay ke kalantar m aap kiska paksha lenge...

[Old Kingdoms will vanish,new kingdoms will be created,all old rituals will abolish and new ones will be made...And it will also be decided by time that in whose part will u be there!]

It has a deep meaning.Krishna,who can see future tells Bheeshma that we don't decide our fate instead fate decides our life.

Subhadra to Draupadi

Bhrata Krishna kehte hai jaha sudarshan nahi chalta,waha bansuri chalti hai...

[ Brother Krishna says,where Sudarshan doesn't work,flute always works.]

It shows that a man can be won by love.

Vrishali to Karna

Jab tak ashwa ke pith par bhaar ho aur uspe lagaam lagi ho,tab tak wah ashwa mukta nhi hota!

[As long as there is load on horse's back and it has lagaam,it is not free.]

It shows that a man should always be independent because enslavement is the worst thing.

Arjuna to Bheem

Patthar ka karagar ho ya mann ka,Madhaav jaan hi jaate h,bandi kaun bana hai!

[Whether the prison is of stone or our inner solitude,Madhaav knows who is prisoner!]

It shows that Krishna is a true person and full of Dharma.So,he is trikaldarshi and we should always follow the path of Dharma and justice.

Hello...main aa gayi aur apne sath layi hu in Month ka Character of the any guess who is this months COTM?socho socho..Wink...nehi pata..?..Thik hai main batati hu...this month's COTM is the guy who wore Mourpankh Mukut..jiske hath o main hota hai Basuri...Wohi jiske icha par chalta hai Sudarshan Chakra..jiske ek hath main hota hai Kaumodi Gada..Jise koi bulata hai Leeladhar to koi Vasudev...jise jag janta hai Yashoda nandan ke name se aur uska sakhi bulaye Govind ke name se...Jo hai Nandlal par Madhav ke nam se bhi hai parichay...Embarrassed...ab to samajh gaye na ke kaun hai..WinkWink...ha ha..

He is none other then our own very respectable Vasudev Krishna...Who else can be this month's Character of the Month other then him..He help Subhadra to elope with Arjun,He Help Pandav to build Indraprastha,He help Bheem to kill Jarasandh,He helped Raja Yudhishtir to become Samrat,He helped Shisupal to find peace after death by punishing him for his sins..he is the one and only deserve to be the Character of the Month..don't you think..Big smile...

So now I'm going..will be back next month with new COTM..till then keep watching Mahabharata..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by Sukanya_Datta - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago

This month,the satyanaash characters were two jaani-maani hastisStar :

Takshak and Dhritrashtra

Both had suffered from the virus of 'Silliness'.SillyBecause when Pandavas were in Rajsabha,siliness virus attack him.Don't you know when and how? Not my problem,swayam vichaar kijiye.LOLFirstly,when Arjuna picked up the bow[that came from nowhere],Dhritrashtra *Virus Attaaack* orders mrityu-dand to him.Then,Yudhi reminds him that Maharaj!You can only challange him for a face-off.Then Dhritrashtra [Ya,oops;I forgot!!]ClapClapIn the meanwhile,Gandhaari must be thinking [Jab se Bhrata Shakuni yaha aaye h,tab se inhone medicine lena bhi band kr diya h!!]ROFLROFLThen,one more attack when Yudhi reminds him that Draupadi is his Kulvadhu and how can he tolerate his humiliation!Also,when Subhadra harans Arjuna,Dhritrashtra orders his army for battle with Krishna-Balarama!Don't he knows that only Balaram can single-handedly defeat all the soldiers at once!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Coming to our masked-man TakshakTongue,[I think his face is Darawnaa,so to prevent himself from being scared on seeing his reflection,he wore that maskStern Smile]He is once defeated by Arjuna and see his silliness,he,dumbo again comes to meddle with Arjuna!StarDon't he knows that my superman also has a 'Shabdbhedi Baan' by which Arjuna can hurt him even under the ground too!!Cool


This month has shown so many actors and actresses come to the stage and perform spectacularly. It was impossible for me to pick just two people, especially since I wanted everyone to win.

Although Pooja Sharma is the star of the serial, and her performance has been fresh as ever - it would be unfair to the other actresses if I choose Pooja again for this award. I feel that Pooja's acting is beyond comparison and she has done a stellar job, and I think that there is no one who would disagree that Pooja Sharma has revolutionized this particular character of StarDraupadi. 

That being said, I am honored to announce the actress of March ~~ Veebha Anand ~~ the darling wife of the mayanayak Arjun!! She plays the role of Subhadra. While her acting was stale in the beginning, especially during the times where she had to play a sad role, her acting has shown the most improvement. She acts much better when she is playing someone who is happy (which she is for the most part of the month). Congratulations Veebha, you are one of a kind Smile




The king of the word "napunsak"; he who carries peacock feathers around his waist; and he who is the son of the king of Chedi  -- Sisupala -- played by Joy Mathur! 

This fellow has brought comedy to the serial. Each moment he was shown, I was in laughter at either his stupidity, his expression, his dialogue, his looks, and his actions. He uses the word Napunsak with such force that it's become a favorite in these forums. Joy Sisupala Joy Sisupala. Congratulations Joy for winning ACTOR OF THE MONTH!



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Posted: 7 years ago


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Congo Shongo Yaaras!! Here is your prize !!A siggy by Viz! Flaunt it! !!

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