||I love her?||-a two-shot![Fully updated]

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Hi guys!  For a while I have stopped writing one-shots as I was damn busy with my studies since o-levels are near. Now I am too bored so I am writing this two-shot.
Please ignore my mistakes since I am online via my I-pad.

||I love her?||

After all the drastic turn of events, Rudra held Paro responsible for everything that happened to Dilsher according to Mohini's shrewd planning. Before all this Rudra started to have attraction towards Paro but he ignored it and after all this he totally side lined his feelings for her.

On the other hand Paro stated to have genuine feelings for Rudra after knowing everything ftom Tejawat. Later she found her doll with Rudra which proved that Rudra was the same young boy whom she has given that doll in her childhood.  It's not like Paro loved him. Its just that she saw a protector in him since he had protected her for such a long span of time. 

Paro's preence in the house was irking Rudra a lot. He just wanted to get rid of her.  But what does she want instead?
His forgiveness. But alas! Rudra wouldn't forgive her since she tried to kill his dad, according to him at least. Thus to get rid of her he planned something. 

"You want my forgiveness? " Rudra asked while beads of sweat formed on his palm. "Yes!" Paro said with a hope that he'll forgive her. "Then get married... to Sumer!" Rudra said while he looked everywhere but not her eyes. He knew once he saw those doe like eyes of hers he'll repent on what he just said and it'll ruin his so-called plan of his to get rid of her. 

What will be Paro's answer? Will she agree to it or leave without his forgiveness. 


Part 2 [Last!]

Paro couldn't believe it. He asked her to marry Sumer? The person whom she dislikes? Now Rudra thought that saying this will scare Paro and she'll leave his house and let him live in peace but then something unexpected happened. "Fine then. If this will earn me your forgiveness then I'll... marry him." Paro said with full determination, not regretting her words at all. Rudra stood there dumbfounded hearing her. His plan just got back fired by Paro and this decision will just ruin her life at once, knowing what kind of a person Sumer actually is.

"Fine then. You'll get married to him by this evening and leave by tomorrow... with my forgiveness!" Saying this Rudra stormed out of the room leaving a shattered Paro.

"Yes yes. I'll marry her." Sumer beamed with happiness when he saw a bag loaded with 13 lakhs which can fulfill his ultimate dream of settling down in Jaipur. Mohini's useless arguments went in vain cuz her own son got sold in 13 lakhs and there was no way that Rudra would back out of his words. "Remember the deal?" Rudra asked. "Yeah yeah, I will take care of her. But make sure that you keep your words." Sumer said with a smirk. "You'll get the rest money after your marriage. Right now be happy with these 5 lakhs." Rudra said and left the room.

Paro was getting ready for her marriage with Sumer. She still had the doll in her hand and said, "You're probably thinking that I have gone nuts right? But you see he has done a lot for me. He's been protecting me for a long time not caring about the world. And me? I was so stupid that I went against him by supporting Thakur sa in his wrong doings. So right now, I'll do whatever he wants me to do even though it'll be against my wish. If marrying Sumer proves that I didn't try to kill his father then I will marry him." Paro said while sobbing a little bit.

There Aman heard all this. Aman came to meet Rudra due to some work and while going to Rudra's room he had to pass by her room and there she heard all she said. Aman was determined to stop this marriage now. He had to make sure nothing happens to Paro's life since he considered Paro as his young sister. Aman quickly left for Rudra's room but to his dismay Rudra wasn't there. He knew to stop this marriage he needed some solid proof. Only then he can succeed. 

There Maithli was pacing around in her room thinking about the two identical stoles. One which belonged to Paro and the other one to one who probably burnt the room. On the other hand she found the whole lehenga even. Though she shared it with Samrat but he seemed least bothered. But finally Maithl built up courage and went to show this to the wrong person which was Mohini. On her way to Mohini's room she bumped on to Aman for which the clothes fell down. Now it struck Maithli. Going to Mohini will be the dumbest thing she could ever do and Rudra won't listen to her. So why not seek Aman's help. He is a BSD officer as well and he can help her out for sure. 

"Sorry, Maithli bhabi." Aman said and was about to leave when Maithli stopped him saying, "Aman, bhaisa listen I've something important to discuss with you." "Me?" Aman raised his brow thinking what can the matter be about. "Yes." Then she narrated the whole story of these two pair of suites. "Hmm... I know Paro didn't do anything, but Sir won't believe without any solid proof. Let's ask the security guard as he keeps a tab on every outsiders coming in and going out. They both went there but in the cloth drying place they saw Mohini and Devyani [The girl who actually created the mess on Mohini's instructions]. They heard there whole conversation and Aman recorded it all while he asked Maithli to stay mum about all this ad he went to inform Rudra about it.

The marriage rituals had started! Maithli's hands were tied as she couldn't convince Paro for not marrying Sumer where else it took forever for Aman to reach BSD HQ and once he reached there he said everything to Rudra along with the proof he collected. Rudra cursed himself for not believing her and both rushed to Ranawat Mansion to stop the marriage. Paro's eyes were searching for Rudra everywhere but alas! He wasn't there. Sumer was least bothered in Paro and all he could think about was his dream of settling down in Jaipur which would get fulfilled once he marries Paro. 

Rudra was driving like a maniac. He didn't bother about how fast he was driving his car. All he could think about was Paro right now. Because of his foolish way to make her leave the house pushed her into this mess that he never wanted her to be in. The exchange of garlands were done and they they about to start to take their sacred vows when Rudra entered the premises and screamed, "Stop this marriage right now!" followed by a gun-shot which gained everyone's attention. 

His eyes met Paro's teary eyes who had given up hope of escaping from this marriage. "But Rudra you said.." "Yeah Sumer, I said this marriage will happne now I am saying it won't. Though you can keep the 5 lakhs as a consolation prize." Saying this he dragged Paro out of the mandap and took her to his room.

Paro stood there dumbstruck not knowing what to say. " I am sorry for misunderstanding you. If I would've known that it was set up I would've never ever done all this. I really..." Rudra was stopped by Paro, "No, I am sorry for not believing you. I deserved this. It's not.." Paro choked on her words since she was crying by now. Rudra didn't know why but he just hugged her instantly not knowing why and surprisingly Paro didn't back out. 

For the first time in this entire life he felt a new feeling, a new emotion which he wasn't familiar of. May be it was love? The question in his mind remained unanswered since he himself didn't know the answer. It was such a feeling which made him feel blissful and he cherished it.

Updated fully!  Till then leave your likes and comments.  For PMs like the post.
I'm off to sleep now.
Peace! :)
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Update soon!  Exciting story. Make it longer next time too, lol.
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that is nice update
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Update soon and break the suspense :)
Nicely written :)
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Waiting for next update dear !!!
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thanks for the pm
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Wow I loved the two shot, it was a brilliant read.

The updates were awesome and superb,

I'm loving Aman for making Rudra see the truth and not let Paro marry Sumer,

Awww love the way he stopped the wedding, a perfect ending. 

Thanks for the PM xx 
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Amazing part...thanks for the PM
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