Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 5th April 2014

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Episode starts with Ishu and Raman waiting for Raman as they cant see him who is sitting in the back seat.. Ruhi starts her speech titled meri papa.. Ruhi tells that she is a princess for her dad, who fights with the world for her and can do anything for her and she also can do anything for him.. Raman is teary eyed.. he tells people sitting nearby that he's her dad and she's his daughter.. teachers congratulate Ruhi when she tells her ishima helped her with the speech and that she loves her..Raman realises Ishita is behind the speech and decides to do something special for Ruhi to bring a smile on her face..

Raman goes out to plan for something for ruhi while ishu hugs Ruhi and tells she is proud of her.. Ishu thinks Raman missed everything.. Raman is talking to someone asking them to come to Gate 1 while ishu and Ruhi leave from Gate 2.. Raman asks some cartoon men to wait while he bring Ruhi.. ruhi asks ishima if papa didnt come when ishu lies to her that her papa came and that he was sitting in the backseat as he came late but he was proud of her as well and that he asked her to take Ruhi home as he's got some important meeting.. Ruhi gets happy while Raman comes to hall asking about Ruhi and gets to know that she left with Ishita and gets angry with Ishu..

Shagun Dead is thinking about Raman words that she was his love but now its Ishu who is much better than her and also about her's friends words.. Shagun wonders why she's thinking as she doesnt love Raman and so left him but isnt able to take the fact that Raman has moved on.. Shagun decides to find out what's brewing between the two and takes a file as a means of going to their house to check..

Mihir comes to iyer house to take trisha and trisha is about to leave when madhvi stops her saying that she's from london so raman asked them to keep her but she needs to follow the rules of this house and cant stay late night..trisha says she came to meet mihir only but madhvi says that she is their responsibility so she needs to follow the rules.. Mihir and trisha leave while amma tells mihika that trisha will soon leave their house.. Mihika gets a call from office and she tells amma and leaves..

mihika is shocked to know that ashok will be her new boss as he has taken over the company.. Ashok says he was impressed with holi event so he decided to expand his business.. Ashok tells mihika that she impressed him a lot and its gonna be fun working with her but mihika tells she cant work with him.. ashok instigates her asking to stay at home saying she is afraid of challenges and that girls should be at home only..  he asks her to think and tell.. mihika remembers ishu's words of ashok being egoistic and decides to show him..

Raman driving angrily thinking ishu did it purposely even after he told he's coming while ishu is sad that Raman didnt turn up..Ruhi asks again and ishu lies that he is gonna get a special gift for her as well..Ishu and Ruhi reach home and Ruhi goes to check if Raman reached or not.. Ishu waits near parking to tell Raman what story she's cooked up when she sees mihika coming and gets to know about Trisha being the PG.. Ishu feels Raman did this intentionally and says she will not spare him but mihika asks her not to fight because of her and asks her to come in as it'll rain but ishu says she needs to talk and asks mihika to leave..

Raman comes and they get angry and start arguing.. D'ohRaman argues with her for taking Ruhi away from school knowing that he's coming and that she might have also told her that her papa doesnt care for her while Ishita argues with him for keeping Trisha as PG in her house.. Raman says he will do as per his wishes while ishu says that he doesnt have feelings at all..  It starts Raining and Raman suddenly hugs her saying I Love You Ishita shocking her.. He keeps repeating while Ishu just stands affected by his words.. Shagun sees them hugging and gets jealous Dancing

Shagun asks for Raman when toshiji and simmi add fuel to the existing fire in Shagun saying they cant disturb new wedded couple at night and also that Raman might have got affected by the Rain.. Shagun gets double jealous
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Thanks for the Written Update
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thanks for the written update! Smile
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Done Updating!
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thanks a ton for the written update...Smile
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Thanks a ton for the detailed written update..
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thank u
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