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1 | Darkness 

Hadn't he said to her that he never wanted to see her face? That he would never be 'hers' no matter how much he tried? And hadn't he proved that today? Such were the thoughts of Parvati Ranawat as she folded her skirts into her trunk. They had all tried to stop her, Sunehri, Jija, even Kaki-sa had tried but all attempts were futile what Parvati had seen today could never be unseen, what she had heard had affected her so that she could never imagine wanting to feed her beloved husband toffee ever again.  

Such was the personality of Parvati Ranawat, her environment played a big part in who she was and what she became. She was a simple woman with simple desires, don't be lead to believe I am demeaning her in any way but she had one simple wish: to spend the rest of her life with her husband in peace enveloped in love, her love. But she had been a fool, she had been a fool to believe that her love would be enough. She began chiding herself her actions becoming clumsier, her toes finding every corner of her room obstructive her hisses of pain following tears. 

"Careful" She heard his raspy voice from the entrance of their-- no his room.  

Parvati swallowed the ball that was caught in her throat, she didn't want to leave like this, she wanted to disappear into the darkness of the night before he got home from Laila. 

With sharp eyes Rudra saw the state of their room her clothes were strewn on the bed with her trunk just below it, in silence he saw her hands worked quick between furiously wiping the tears of her face and folding the clothes into her very small trunk.  

'Oh f**k* was his thought. 

- - - 

Hello my loves, I am back with a sorta darker-ish series of drabbles? I  saw the promo this morning and I was like what? Next thing you know Rudra is going to go ahead with the Suhaag Raat because Paro wants it ROFL  Anyway I hope you like this, I'm getting into the flow of writing again after an odd year and a half so lets do this LOL

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1 | Darkness - Above
3 | Warmth

I do have a sweeter version where everything will remain all happy purely because I want it to be here 

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How could he still go to Laila ! ?? Rudra u #*%#

Awesome Drabble by da way lol!
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reswa !LOL
delightful tiny update, but immensely satisfactory! Oh , I am talking like a sadist perhaps, but trust me, if there is any way, to get the fool back in his senses,it is exactly this.Leave him in his darkness and he will look about desperately for the light,he himself had put off  !
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Loved this!! <3
Paro knowing she wasn't going to receive love but thought her love would be enough, until she knows he still goes to Laila
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Let me get this out of my system: WHY did you stop where you did? Why?

Right. It was eventful, to say the least and bubble-bursting for Paro. This piece just made me realise that now that Paro is in love, things are so easy for Laila. That one sight of her with Rudra can ruin Paro. No poison, or dagger can hurt quite that much.

I loved the drabble! I do hope you write more.

P. S. Laila is one of my favourites on this show. I fervently pray that the CVs will maintain the dignity of villainy by making her do something smart, and not cliched. *runs for cover from IF brickbats* Edited by Exprimere - 2014-04-04T09:22:50Z
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Hw do u ppl do this?? By the time I process ki epi mein ho kya raha hai, u go ahead n make such awesome posts..what talent yaar! Brilliant! Soo looking fwd to read the update :):)
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Awww. Poor Paro. Loved it!
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