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Hello everyone, I am doing the update today.

At Bhallah House: Episode starts with Parmeet seeing Sarika , and he gets scared. He wants to go down but Ishita nor Simmi lets him go. He is worried. Ishita opens the door and see introduces everyone to her as Sarika her new receptionist. She came for the clinic keys. Sarika thanks Ishu for the job. Ishita also tells everyone about the mishap that happened with Sarika. Both Ishu and Simmi get hyper hearing the story saying that thye will beat the hell out of him. Parmeet comes in and stop it. He cooks up a story and is scared that Sarika will tell on him. Ishita explains to Parmeet that it is wrong and Sarika is not a victim she needs to stand up for herself or else the dirty guy will scare her more. Sarika says its late, she has to go. Ishita say she will drop him off. Parmeet thinks of throwing her out. But Simmi wants to go out, she said Ishita will take care of the baby. Parmeet cooks up an excuse and Simmi is disappointed.
At Iyer House:
Trisha comes and tells Mihika she is the new PG. Mihika feels bad that Raman does this. Trisha is happy. Mihika says Raman did wrong and why did he have to let her stay at her place. He is very unfair.

At Bhallahs: Raman tries to play with Ruhi, but she continues to ignore him. Raman feels frustrated. Raman says she has gone off her Papa totally,she is very stubborn. He doesnt know how to manofy her.

He leaves and makes space in the cupboard telling Ruhi lets put Ishu clothes in the cupboard.He says i told Ishu to put her clothes in wardrobe 100 times, but she doesn't listen. Ishu enters, they have a nokh johk, Ruhi goes to her Dadi. He says put the clothes or leave..Ishu is annoyed. 
Ruhi is playing with Dadi. Raman tries and tries to talk to Ruhi, he even uses an icecream plan, but nothing happens. Ruhi says only bring Ishu fav flavor, but he doesn't know and leaves. Ruhi is happy with her papa but doesnt show it.
Raman at the ice-cream place. He calls Ishita but she doesnt answe as she is talking to Ruhi and phone is on silenbt. Raman miss calls 7 times. Parmeet and Sarika ae behind talking.  She finally answer the phone call, he ask for favorite color. He says message her and makes sure Ruhi says. Blackcurrent is her fav ice-cream and he says yuck. He buys 2 tubs black current and sees Parmeet and wants to know with a girl at this time. 

Scene shits to Vandu at a board meeting. She says bribing is happening and no way people can do so well in exams. She changes the examiner from Mr. Jaffer to someone else. She doesn't recommend anyone and let the board recommend. Mr. Bala is chosen and not because he is her husband but because of his honesty. She suggests Mr. Jaffer for a long holiday. Vadhu is so happy that her husband got the place. She is happy and hugs him  Romi meets Mr. Jaffer and he tells them everything. Romi says this time itself he will take the money himself and convince him anyhow.

At the Bhallahs: Raman takes out ice-cream for everyone and calls everyone. HE serves Ishu first and she tastes and says YUM. Ruhi eats also. Raman is happy. Toshi cracks jokes about weight and Ruhi also. All have family fun together. Raman serves Parmeet and said he saw him earlier by icecream shop with a girl.She was going by scooter. Simmi saves him unknowingly. Raman tries to talk to Ruhi but still all in vain. He says to manofy Ruhi he doesnt know far he will have to go. Episode finishes on Raman's face.

Precap: Raman is talking on the phone, Ruhi and Ishita are present. He said you wanted my wife details? Her name is Ishita Raman Kumar Bhallah. I for Intelligent, S for Smart and Ruhi and Ishu shocked.  Ishu takes the phone and says my husband's name is Raman Kumar Bhallah. R for rowdy, A for arrogant. Raman is shocked. They fight for the phone and he says write I for idiot for my wife..lol

Good Epi, i liked it.Clap 
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Thanks for the update Hug Wink  LOL
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thanks for the written update!Big smile
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thankuu for d wu...precap is so hilarious LOL
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no problem ..enjoyed writing it ;)
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Thanks for the WU!Smile
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awesome episode...
thank u...
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Thanks for the Written Update
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