Rangrasiya Written Update 2nd April *Paro's confession to Rudra*

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Posted: 5 years ago

Paro realized her unconditional love for Rudra, from childhood to her prayer to shivji that she and Rudra were meant for each other since childhood. And now that she knows she cannot stay without him. She took the doll ran to meet Rudra and tell him everything. In the process she met Kakisa and when Kakisa told her that she will not accept her as her bahu Paro told her that she cannot marry him and that she is going to meet her destiny. Like a pagal she ran out of the house spilling everything which came in her way.

When sumer told Rudra that he would take paro to Jaipur tonight Rudra was sad and asked halfheartedly that whether she had agreed to get married or not. Then sumer asked for the money and assured him that he will convince her soon.

Rudra was suffering from inner turmoil thinking about his past days with paro, how they were about to get married, how she saved him from the bullet. Then she remembered his mistress' words that Rudra unknowingly given Paro every right on him and that she has seen that in his eyes the way he looked at paro. Rudra was frustrated beyond everything and tried to convince him that he doesn't care whether she lives or dies, whether she remains widowed or get married to any random man.

Paro reached BSD quarters to meet Rudra but he already left for the award ceremony. She stood in front of his name plate and gazed at it lovingly.

Maithili saw another marriage joda which belong to paro. She showed it to her husband and explained that there cannot be two dupattas of one lehenga. They suspected that there was something more to it and that the other dupatta belonged to someone else.

In the award ceremony Rudra was appreciated for his chivalry and how he caught a false marriage which was a medium of exporting illegal guns. When they called him upon the stage he was still lost in his thoughts about Paro and how her husband betrayed her. He was then awarded with the medal then he gave his winning speech. He appreciated Aman who stood by him when he needed him the most when there was no chances of winning a lost case and made it happen. He thanked all his colleges and lastly his father.

Paro reached at the award ceremony called him. Rudra was overwhelmed to see her and Paro blushed furiously seeing him coming towards her. Paro remembered Rani Sahiba's words and then how she threw the doll to him and him filling her mang with her own blood.

Rudra tried to scare her off and said she should have left for Jaipur to which she told him that she is not going anywhere. When asked she showed him the doll and told him that she wanted to talk to him about it. Paro told her that she was the one whom the doll belongs. She told whether he ever asked himself why that little girl gave him the doll. She told him that it was not only him who was suffering who was in pain and just to share that pain that little girl wanted to share that pain with him and she did not have anything with her so by giving away something that was dear to her and belong to her was a gesture of sharing the pain. She told him that whatever happened 15 years ago as he remembers each and everything similarly she remembers everything that happened on that day. Just like he thinks that the doll belongs to him when it actually belongs to her...she belongs to him as well. Rudra was so overwhelmed that he wanted to touch the doll and so did he want to touch Paro but he resisted. Paro made him realize that they belong to each other and it was their destiny. He was not her destruction but her protector and that she needs to be there with him forever and let their difference away and be together. She also said she belongs to a society where a girl doesnot confess her feelings in front of everyone. But she had to come to him and tell him that in this whole world Paro can only be rudras forver and ever. She held the sindoor in front of him and told him that bhoolenath not only written his name in his mendi but also in her fate. She wanted to get married to him and she is waiting for his approval. Parvati can only belong to Rudra.

He tossed the sindoor in the air and accidently it dropped in her mang but no one of them came to know about it.

Rudra almost tried to convince her that what she was doing was wrong but she was in no way convinced. She finally confessed that she was in love with him hearing which Rudra was shocked.

Paro saw the traces of sindoor in her maag and felt happy.

Rudra felt humiliated in front of the whole force for what paro did and lashed out in front of his uncle. But his uncle tried to convince him. Paro came and told him that the destiny has proven it yet again that they are meant to be because the sindoor feel on her maag. Rudra told it was by mistake and she cannot think according to her vims and fancies to which she told him that it was not the first time it happen. He did marked her as Mrs Rudra Pratap Singh, his dharam pati on the day when he filled her maag with her blood and designated her as his wife. Rudra was spellbound hearing and remembering it. Paro promised her that neither she nor he could throw her out of the house. Rudra took her hand and dragged her out of the house.

Precap : Rudra's uncle trying to convince Rudra that feelings can change overnight when backed with truth

P.S : Sorry for the delay... was unable to do it yesterday for some personal reasons

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Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you so much for WUSmilexxx
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks ... was waiting Big smile
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Posted: 5 years ago
@appy_indy-KD: TFS the WU of the epi!!!!Smile
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the wu Big smile
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Posted: 5 years ago
OMG fantastic n mind blowing MAHA EPISODE Smile
Each n every scenes r superbbb.
Aspecially the comedy scene inbetween sumiar and mohini.
No words to describe about PARUD ( Paro n Rudra) acting.
Such a wonderful expressions and good chemistry. Clap
HATS OFF to Rudra Dev Smile
n LOVE U Parp Doll Wink
waiting 4 today's episode..
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks much for the WU, Appy! :D 
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