Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update - 2nd April

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Posted: 5 years ago

Episode starts with Amma applying ointment for appa's bad back.. Raman comes asking for dosa batter.. Amma says she will make dosa for him if he wishes to eat but Raman says that its to manao ishu and its a surprise for her.. Raman asks appa what happened to his back and appa says he did heavy weight lifting as in a stunt to make amma happy for she feels lonely these days with ishita married and mihika getting a job.. Amma says she cant anyone to stay on rent when Raman remembers about mihir saying trisha stays in hotel and talks about keeping a paying guest.. amma agrees to it and Raman gives them the deposit money.. appa says she can shift today itself..

Raman tries to make dosa but fails while ruhi looks on.. Raman says that he has to make ishita happy.. Simmi comes and asks if he's treating his wife and teases saying punjabi men dont.. Raman says every man should do and that its a good habit but just that its not easy.. Raman decides to take help from the men of the house but Simmi tells him that neither parmeet nor romi is at home and so he will have to make it himself.. Raman ends up adding a whole lot of water in the batter making the dosas not come good and he throws them all into the dustbin.. simmi leaves..

Romi drops mihika to her office.. she thanks him and romi asks her to come over for lunch as a gift for helping in holi event.. Mihika agrees.. Romi calls his friend and asks him to keep a flat free and ready.. ruhi asks ishu to come with her to see magic.. everyone tease raman on making dosas and are surprised as well that he made it.. Ruhi tells ishu that raman made dosas for her while she cant believe it.. Raman says he did and asks her to taste it and asks if he made better dosas than amma.. ishu likes it.. Raman asks her to have more and feeds her.. Ruhi says she doesnt like dosas but idli's made by ishima and decides to have cornflakes.. Toshiji asks Ruhi to eat for raman made it with love but ruhi says no as its very oily.. toshiji also joins ruhi in having cornflakes..

Raman asks if he passed or not and ishu tells that they are good.. Mr bhalla asks raman if he knows how to make them and raman boasts that its not any rocket science and that he will learn to make idlis as well.. ishu sees the bill from hotel and questions about it to raman.. raman is about to reply back when he sees ruhi coming and puts the bill in his mouth.. Ruhi takes ishu away saying she has elecution competition.. Raman wonders why no one told him.. Ruhi tells that her topic is my papa which raman hears.. Ruhi sees him and closes the door on his face saying she wont talk to him until he says sorry to ishu for hurting her..

Ishu remembers bala's mom's words and gets upset.. ruhi says she loves her a lot and will be angry on papa if he gets angry on her..ishu tells that she will be strong as long as she has ruhi's love..Rumi brings mihika to the flat and convinces her.. he brings beer to which mihika refuses but romi says its fruit wine and spikes her drink somehow.. mihika doesnt drink.. finally when she's about to romi gets a call saying that college has decided on re exams as they got to know about papers being leaked and that the HOD has also changed.. Romi gets worried for they can get into problem..

Romi tells mihika lie that his friend needs his help and so has to go to college.. mihika says she will also go home then.. Ishita is having a laugh on Raman when amma scolds her and also tells about PG.. Ishu asks whose the girl and amma asks her to meet when she comes.. Mihika comes and tells about lunch with romi and asks if there's any problem in Romi's college?? ishu says she doesnt know as she was busy with ruhi practicing for elecution.. Ishu does a small enact of ruhi and says she is amazing.. ishita leaves.. parmeet in balcony with baby when he sees sarika and remembers warning her and thinks if she came to tell his truth

Ishu introduces Sarika as her new receptionist..
Here Raman has cleared half his cupboard for ishu..
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Posted: 5 years ago
Waiting and thank u advance
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Posted: 5 years ago
thanks for the update. finally the viewers expressing their displeasure on raman's behaviour is having an effect on raman. 
he is kind of rectifying his mistakes. 

disgusting he is acting in front of shagun pretending to love ishita. 

he is using her this way is deplorable.

using ishita for ruhi is at least not so bad
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Posted: 5 years ago
heart rending when ruhi gets worried ishita would leave her. 
I feel so sad for the kid. 

hold tight ishita ruhi needs you. 

you are an independant woman  having a career earning in  your own right. now you have the kid too. that you always wanted to adopt.

pay no heed to raman. concentrate on ruhi. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the WU...
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the Written Update
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the Written Update
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